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Surveys4Moms Review – Scam or Legit?

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Surveys4Moms reviewI have decided to sign up with surveys4Moms and see if someone could make a little bit of extra cash.

After creating my account, I realized the layout was exactly the same as a survey platform I reviewed a while ago called Survey Downline. Therefore, I had a strong feeling it was owned by the same company.

You will find the results of my research in this brief review. Is Surveys4moms a scam or a legit platform?

Let’s find out!


Surveys4Moms Review

  • Product Name: Surveys4Moms
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Money Making Strategy: Online Surveys
  • Recommended? No

Score: 3.5 out of 10

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What is Survey4Moms?

Survey4Moms is a website that connects people with marketing research companies so they can take surveys for cash. If you have never completed surveys before, I can tell you this a simple job but offers a very disappointing reward.

If you are lucky, you may spend 20 minutes answering boring questions just to get $1.50. Not to mention you have to pass a pre-qualification questionnaire to get accepted for a particular survey.

These questions are usually unpaid, so this is a waste of time that you may want to consider. For a panel that rewards you for every questionnaire, check PaidViewPoint.


Pros and Cons


  • Accepts Paypal


  • Low-income potential
  • Few surveys available
  • It can be hard to qualify, depending on your profile.
  • High minimum cashout requirement for Paypal (£20)


Signing up  

Creating an account is easy. After you insert your basic details and click “Submit” you will see a few survey websites that you can join. You will find legitimate platforms such as InboxPounds, i-Say and Vindale Research.

Trustworthy survey websites

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Sor far so good.

Following this page, they will show you a few offers that you can accept or not. At the time of this review, I stumbled across Paid Offers and Paid Surveys at Home. Honestly, I don’t recommend both websites.

At you have to complete a list of 26 offers in order to cash out a lump sum of over £1000. There were many complaints on the internet about this platform and not many people could cash out for various reasons.

As for Paid Survey at Home, this is a site that charges $34 for a list of survey panels that you can easily find for free on the internet.


Exactly the Same as Survey Downline

When I landed on the next page, I noticed the layout was very similar to a platform called Survey Downline. So, after reading the “about page”, I discovered it’s actually owned by the same company called Precision Sample, LLC.

There are many people complaining about Survey Downline on the internet. Here are some common issues that I found on review sites and forums:

  • Payment delays
  • Account cancellation
  • Limited surveys when approaching the cashing out value
  • Money simply disappearing from the balance account


35% is Not Much Money! 

Both websites state that every time you complete a survey they will pay 35% of their profit. Does that mean you will earn good money then? Not at all!

35% means you will not earn more than $2 for a 20-30min survey. Companies simply cannot afford to spend so much for hundreds or thousands of participants.


Not Many Surveys Anyway

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I have tried to complete surveys for the last 3 days and I only received one opportunity. It was paying $1 for a 15-minute survey.

one survey available

I don’t know, maybe you have a different experience, but overall, I think there are not a decent number of opportunities on this platform.

Cashing out

The minimum is £10 if you want to get paid in gift cards or £20 if you want to redeem via Paypal. There are many donation options as well such as Clean Water Fund, World Of Children and Johns Hopkins.


Final Thoughts

I believe Surveys4Moms is not a scam, but there are better alternatives out there if you want to take surveys for cash.  I would say PrizerebelSwagbucks, CashCrate, PaidViewPoint and Opinion Outpost are more worthwhile alternatives.

It’s difficult to know whether they are messing up with payments or not, but the sheer number of complaints it’s a big red flag for me.


My Verdict: Not recommended


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I hope this review was able to answer your questions regarding this survey platform. Please, drop me a message if you have more questions or need a hand making serious income from home.

Your friend



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