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Review Policy

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We constantly publish reviews of products and services on My Room is My Office (‘us’, ‘our’, ‘we’).

The purpose of this Review Disclaimer is to address important aspects regarding the creation, purpose, and limitations of such reviews.


Why Do We Create Product Reviews?

The aim of a review is to explain how a particular product or service works, what you can expect to receive in return for your time, effort and money, as well as the likely outcomes.

By providing our insights and findings, we hope to help you make better decisions.

However, all the reviews on this website are based on opinions and should not be considered as absolute facts.

Our views and opinions are not, in any way, intended to be defamatory towards any individual, company, organization, ethnic group or religion.

You should acknowledge that any information that you read can unintentionally be erroneous and incomplete.

Therefore, before buying or using the reviewed product or service, we highly advise you do your due diligence and further research if you feel something might be inaccurate.

All the information and opinions presented on belongs to Warriorbits Ltd. and doesn’t represent any person, institutions or organizations that the company may or may not be associated with.


How Do We Create Our Reviews?

We put in a lot of time and effort into crafting a highly accurate and complete review.

To achieve this, we take into account our personal experiences, reputable sources, and user reviews published on the internet.


1. Personal Experience

Most of our reviews are based on our personal experience.

We strongly believe that the most accurate conclusions are drawn by having direct contact with the product or service.

Therefore, we aim to buy the product or sign up to the free services whenever possible.

However, sometimes we may think that it’s unnecessary or impractical to buy or use the product due to the following reasons:

  • The business model is proven to be a scam.
  • The “money-making” strategy is well-known by the author of the review. In that case, the review will focus on the practical aspects and possible outcomes of the product.
  • The cost of the product is prohibitively high.


2. User Reviews and Testimonials on the Internet

Usually, we take into account other people’s opinions and testimonials on the internet, which help with our conclusions.

However, we acknowledge that there is a limit to this approach because, most of the times, it’s impossible to prove the claims of others.

We often link to the external review sources, take screenshots or tell readers where they can find user reviews.


3. Reputable Sources

We make a thorough research on reputable sources such as the FCA and the FTC to investigate the strategies and software proposed by a certain product or service.

Also, authoritative sites in the industry are consulted to get more information and insights.


How Do We Reach Our Conclusions?

We make a serious effort into drawing our conclusions based on facts and our honest insights.

At the same time, we take extra care not to misrepresent or defame a product, individual or company.

The aim of each review is to provide information whilst not bashing the product in question.

We strive for full transparency by linking to external sources that substantiate our findings.

Also, we provide as much evidence as possible to support our argument.


Review Limitations

Even though our reviews are designed to be accurate and helpful, they are limitations.

When we recommend a product and show you what other people have achieved, that doesn’t mean you will have a positive experience and achieve the same level of success.

Please refer to our Earning Disclaimer for more information.

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Also, a review may be inaccurate due to both our mistake or a product update.

We try our best to update the previous review, but because there are over 500 reviews on this website, it’s impossible to keep up with all the product changes.

You should not rely upon reviews published on our website to make decisions or determine courses of action, and you should conduct your own research before making a decision or embarking upon a course of action.

If you identify an inaccuracy or you don’t agree with anything, please contact us here.


Affiliate Links  

Some of our reviews contain affiliate links.

If you click on this link and make a purchase or use the third-party services, we may earn commissions at no extra cost to you.

The reason we provide such links is so that we can earn money, cover costs and hence, operate as a business.

There are many costs involved such as website hosting, tools, freelance services, products that are purchased solely for reviews, and more.

As importantly, creating articles and reviews takes a significant amount of time and effort.