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Is Survey Downline a Scam – Will They Pay You?

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survey downline reviewIn this review, I would like to show all you need to know about Survey Downline and give you my honest opinion about it. Also, I will be answering the important question: Is it a scam or legit?

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Survey Downline Review

  • Product Name: Survey Downline
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Business Type: Online Survey
  • Overall Rating: 2.8/5

What is Survey Downline?

Survey Downline is a survey platform created in 2009 and owned by Precision Sample, LLC. This company also operates another similar survey platform called Surveys4Moms.

The website allows you to earn cash by taking surveys with marketing research companies like Toluna, Ipsos, and Nielsen.

These companies are hired to perform marketing research by gathering and analyzing personal information, behavior, and opinions of a group of people.

Such data analysis is useful in deciding what aspects of a product can be improved or even come up with a brand new launch.

Marketing research is precious for businesses, but unfortunately, the pay rate is too small for survey takers.


Pros and Cons


  • Second tier referral program


  • Low-income potential
  • Very few surveys
  • High cash out threshold

How Does it Work?

Taking Surveys

After you create your account, you will see some profile questionnaires in the right column.

These questions are used to classify you into specific demographics and send specific surveys that match your profile. So, you are encouraged to complete them to increase your chances of getting more surveys.


On the left-hand side, you will hopefully see available surveys.

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You won’t be taking the paid survey straight away. Most of the times you will have to answer unpaid pre-qualification questions.

For example, if the study is about sinusitis, it makes sense picking up only those who have the condition, right? So, if you answered that you don’t have sinus, you will be rejected for this one.

I used to take surveys last year, and I lost count of how many times I got rejected and how many hours I wasted in this process.

Once accepted, you can complete surveys that usually take from 5 to 30 minutes.

The pay rate is not very encouraging. You will hardly ever see an online survey paying more than $2, which is why so many people, including myself, have given up online surveys.


Build your Downline

Commission structure
Commission structure

When you refer (invite) people to join Survey Downline, you will earn 10% commission on everything they earn. Also, when your referral refers another person, you will get 5% from them as well. Those are all your downline, which explains the name of the website.

You can refer other people by placing your affiliate links on social media and blogs, for example.


35% Doesn’t Mean Anything! 

1 survey available - reward $1.50

Survey Downline boasts of being different from other websites by offering 35% of commissions from their profits. In their own words, this is a real partnership.

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Well, the reality is that you will get paid less than $2 per survey as any other survey site.

It’s impossible for survey panels to pay much more than this because companies are always looking for the cheapest marketing research solutions.

Besides, although time-consuming, surveys are easy and you have total flexibility to make money whenever and wherever you want, as long as there are surveys available of course.


Cashing Out

The minimum threshold is $20 if you want to get paid in cash via Paypal or $15 in case you want Facebook credits.

You can also redeem via Amazon and other gift cards, but the minimum threshold for this method is not clearly stated. Payments are said to be processed on the 1st and 16th of each month.


Botton Line – Is Survey Downline a Scam?

Survey Downline is a legit survey panel, there is no doubt about it.

Another legit platform that you can use to take surveys, complete offers, and many different tasks is Prizerebel. In my opinion, it’s one of the best GPT sites out there.

Personally, I am not a fan of online surveys, and that’s why I am not using any panel or GPT platform. I just focus on my blog, and that’s how I’ve been making a consistent income that is paying all my bills.

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Verdict: Legit


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Thanks for reading! I hope you have found this article useful. If you have questions or have any ideas to add, you are very welcome to leave a comment below.

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