1. I would agree with you that you won’t make a full time income out of GPT, but if you just want to supplement your income with a little extra cash, then this is okay.

    Even then it’s not without it’s hassles as you try to get accepted for surveys because you have to go through pre-qualification questions which I think is ridiculous.

    As you have found, it’s a better strategy to do affiliate marketing with WA, where you build your own website, promote products of other companies and earn commissions.

    You will be much more successful with this than any GPT programs or for that matter any MLM schemes.

    1. Hi Adrian, it’s ok to supplement one’s income, I agree much.Affiliate marketing is way more lucrative. But people lack the knowledge and patience to commit themselves for at least one year. It’s not common to work without gratification, but in affiliate marketing, you have to work for many months without a single penny only to attract an audience.Once they have an audience and start making money, though, the sky is the limit. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate’s step by step training for those interested in building their business from scratch.

  2. Stefan, thanks for the great reviews on PrizeRebel and other ways to make some extra money. I often wondered if these were worth it; I guess if you have extra time (and determination) you can earn some income, although not enough to live on. And, also thanks for the heads up on Wealth Affiliate. I just joined and couldn’t agree with you more!

    1. Thanks for your message, Karen. Definitely, you need to have determination to make money online. There is no quick method out there as proposed by fraudsters of all sorts. You can follow the easy and more immediate eay as online surveys. Or you can follow a long term strategy like affiliate marketing that has the potential to earn you thousands per month. I prefer the last one, and I am glad I follow Wealthy Affiliate’s training as well. All the best and good luck with your online business

  3. Hi Stefan,
    I joined WA recently and totally agree agree with your review as to the benefits of membership, I am still at that learning curve, but as you say everything I need is within the WA community. I have looked at your site and think that it is very well laid out, very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. I will take away some ideas from your site to use on my own. I like your honest reviews as I have seen so many scam reviews online that are nothing more than a come on to join some scheme or other, over the years I have been the victim of cons I am ashamed to say, but at last I have found within WA a genuine community so willing to help.
    Wishing you every success,

    1. Hi Kenneth, thanks for dropping by and giving your testimonial about WA. I believe anyone who’s able to take online surveys is capable of applying WA’s training and succeeding online. It’s a matter of motivation and hard work. If you are just starting out with wealthy affiliate, recommend taking all the lessons without skipping and researching what other people in your niche are doing. You will learn a lot by studying how they interact with their audience. all the beststefan

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      The minimum payout is $5 and you can withdraw as soon as you reach the minimum threshold. I withdraw 2 or 3 times a week and they never missed any payment.
      I hope that helps.

      All the best

  4. Hello Friend, I am from south america, I would like to earn a few dollars a week, but in order to get access to the Surveys I need to have a Residential IP from USA, Can You tell me How I can a get an Ip from USA that doesn’t change over time like with cheaps Vpn programs??? thank you.

      1. Hi Stefan, I was reading your honest review of a done for you free website and just kept reading & followed your link to this site;however, after reading these comments you might have already caught it but if not the gentleman above Daniel said he was from South America and you’re comment to him was you thought Prizerebel worked in South Africa not South America where he stated he lived. Anyway it’s 3:10 AM and I was scrolling and just happened to catch that and thought I’d bring it to your attention.

        1. Hi Julian, yes, that was a mistake, thanks for pointing out.
          The surveys and offers you will get depend on your country. I think using a VPN won’t work because they may have the technology to detect.

  5. Sorry to say that I could not follow the WA lessons and could not get any benefits after two years.I had to quit. I lost my time in reading the advice of others. About 20/50 daily. Every time I was asked to upgrade. There is nothing to get for free. Kyle and Carson could not help me were I was stucked. You GET 10 FREE WEBSITE, BUT i HAD TO PAY EVERY MONTH TO maintain them. Every year I had to pay £394 or something around that to get benefits which I was not able to get. And I was not able to get a DIME. If kyle and Carson were devoted to follow my weakness they could find out where I am getting difficulty and would be able to help me. How all the people at WA are successful whereas me alone could not cope, paying big sum every year. WEALTHY AFFILIATE is not FREE. We have to pay, pay and pay to make Kyle and Carson millionaires.WA is not FREE.

    1. Hi Mohun,

      Sorry to hear you haven’t achieved the results you expected with Wealthy Affiliate. Not everyone reaches positive results as creating a profitable site depend on many factors. That doesn’t mean the training is bad and doesn’t work. On the contrary. If you search the internet you will see many successful websites that attract visitors from Google and generate revenue using the same WA’s strategy.

      WA has a starter membership where members can watch the first 10 lessons for free. Those 10 lessons are not enough to learn all you need to know to start making money. The starter membership is mainly an entry point so that people understand the business model and what is expected from you as an affiliate marketer.

      The benefits are many such as 24/7 support, hosting, weekly webinars and lots of training on search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and so much more. It’s not as cheap as buying just a domain name with another hosting provider, but one can’t deny the amount of value offered through hundreds of hours of training and the helpful community.

      The fact you haven’t achieved the results you were after doesn’t detract the merit of WA in helping lots of members who did achieve great results.
      I can speak for myself as I learned a lot from WA and benefited incredibly from its program. Every week I see success stories, valuable advice from successful members and the whole experience helps me grow my business and discover new opportunities.

      I also see many people who leave without making any profits, that’s true. However, if they followed the lessons seriously, they know how the business works, and they can use the knowledge to keep growing their business or start another one outside WA.

      When you leave WA, your business can grow outside of it if you transfer your site to another hosting provider. You can also start another site and take advantage of the knowledge you got from WA.

    1. Passive income in the sense that the work you have put in the past keeps paying you for months and years. Yes, there is continuous work involved to grow the business, but if you stop working for a couple of months, you will still make money for a long time. That’s what I mean by passive income.

  6. I installed this and the first two surveys asked me which Chase card I use. I don’t have a Chase card. With no “None” option, I just had to exit the survey. I sent a support ticket asking if you need a Chase card to use the program. The beginning of the survey didn’t specify Chase customers only. 🙁

    1. Hi Cathy,

      It’s weird that they they assume you have this type of card.
      Unfortunately, some surveys are flawed but that is the responsability of the survey provider. It’s very annoying when we try to take a survey and we get disqualified or something wrong happens. It’s a complete waste of time, and I am sorry that this has happened to you.

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