Is PaidViewPoint a Scam or An Oasis in The Desert?

PaidViewPoints Review

  • Product Name: PaidViewPoints
  • Website:
  • Price: Free 
  • Money Making Strategy: Online Surveys
  • Owner: Umongous, Inc (co-founder – David Handel)
  • Recommended? For pocket money, yes! 
  • Score: 8.3/10

What is PaidViewPoints?

PaidViewPoints is a survey website operated by an innovative market research company called Umongous, Inc. The site has been growing significantly in popularity since 2011, and I am pretty sure it’s because of what I am about to say in the next section.

Umongous also operates AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) and another great survey platform I reviewed in February 2016 called Instant Cash Sweepstakes. I really like the quick and easy surveys of that website, but the downside is that you are rewarded mostly with entries for a daily lottery.

Different from InstantCashSweepstakes, PaidViewPoints will reward you in cash for every survey you take.

Big companies are paying this platform to collect your opinions, demographics, and perform marketing studies. So, it’s fair that you get paid every time and not just with your entries for prizes that may never come.


Pros & Cons


  • Easy and quick surveys
  • It won’t screen you out
  • Get paid for every survey
  • Cash out with Paypal
  • High reputation
  • High transparency
  • Awesome user-experience
  • High referral commission (20%)


  • Low-income potential
  • There is a maximum number of surveys a member can take each month
  • Cap of $25 per referral
  • You can only receive 20% from referrals when they cash out (unless you have 100+ active referrals)


Why is It Different From Most Survey Websites?

I have lost count of how many times I was screened out trying to complete surveys.

Come on. It’s so annoying and frustrating to waste 5-10 minutes only to hear you are not a good match. I understand that they want the perfect candidate for their specific studies, but don’t you think it’s disrespectful when all you earn is a big “THANK YOU”? Not a single penny as a compliment? That’s one of the reasons I have given a mediocre score for all survey websites so far… PaidViewPoint is different!

  • Once invited, you will get paid for every questionnaire

  • They will never screen you out

It will match your interests and demographics beforehand, and provide you with the correct survey.

Let’s say they want opinions from a parent. But they know you don’t have a kid because you already answered that question in another survey.

They will not ask that again unless you are answering trait surveys, which are questions used to better know you, and to make sure you are consistent with your answers.

Trait surveys are used to pre-qualify you to the surveys ordered by the clients. The different from another survey website is that you will always get paid to answer them, and they are not extensive.

  • Surveys are quick and friendly

A challenge for every marketing research company is to gather reliable information to improve their products and services effectively. But many people just want to tick the boxes as quickly as possible, they don’t care, right?

Long and boring surveys will always get people to lose interest and jump reading. That’s why you will hardly ever see an exhausting survey at PaidViewPoint.

According to the FAQ, surveys usually take 5-6 minutes or even less, and there are limits to the number of characters in questions and answers.

Check out this example:

My room

This is a common question you will find, straight to the point! Below, you will find a realistic estimation of how much time you have left to end the survey, which is nice because you know what to expect.

I really like the way they care about people taking the surveys. It seems like they are really interested in making the experience as pleasing as possible.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how it works, from the sign-up to the cashout process, shall we?


How Does it Work? 

Signing up – making money from the beginning 

The registration is simple and will earn you $1 upon completion.

Answer a couple of simple questions, provide your email address and confirm it using the code sent to your inbox.

Getting paid for the registration questions

You will also need to confirm your phone number, but don’t worry because they will not use it for marketing purposes. It’s just requirement to prevent people from creating multiple accounts and exploiting the system.

Taking Surveys 

A couple of traits and personality surveys will be available from the start. Every new survey opportunity will be notified in your dashboard and you can also choose to be notified by email and SMS.



I highly encourage you to activate the email and the SMS notification because there is a limit to the number of panellists they accept for each survey. Once the quota is filled, the opportunity is closed. So, you need to be fast!

There is a maximum number of surveys a member is permitted to take each month, but they don’t specify how many. Although this will put a limit on your income potential, I believe it helps spread opportunities evenly for everybody.

Surveys are around 10 questions long and as easy as pie. It’s not uncommon to get 3 minute surveys, and usually, the longer it takes, the higher the payout. Fair enough!

Now, let’s talk about an interesting feature.

The TraitScore

TraitScore is an assessment system that gives you points for being consistent answering questions about your demographics, traits and opinions.

Being consistent means you are giving similar answers to similar questions, which is a strong indication you are honest in you responses.

Therefore, you will increase your TraitScore every time you answer surveys in a consistent manner. Any survey will increase your points, but trait surveys are used specifically for that, and will get you more points as a result.

If you contradict yourself a lot, you will be considered an evil survey taker 

Traitscore bar
The TraitScore Bar

What do you get from a higher TraitScore? Basically more survey opportunities and higher payouts for each answer.

But here is my advice, don’t just give positive answers to every question to simplify your life. The will get suspicious and place you on the black list.


How Much Can you Earn? 

It depends on every survey and the level of your TraitScore. You can get anywhere from 3 cents to a little bit over $1 with this platform, although the majority of surveys will pay around 10 cents.


Cashing Out

Paypal is the only payment method and you need to have a minimum balance of $15  in order to cashout. Payments will be processed within 72 hours.

I haven’t reached the minimum payout yet, but I promise to come back and print my Paypal balance for you.


Referral Program 

Referring someone is basically inviting people to join PaidViewPoint through your referral link. Everyone has their own referral link upon joining the website, and you just have to copy this link and share it wherever you like (social media, website, blog, email etc.)

In case you are sharing via social media and email, they have automated options for that.

Share PaidViewPoint on social media
Share PaidViewPoint on social media
Share PaidViewPoint via email
Share via email
Share you link anywhere
Share your link anywhere


When people click on this link and start earning money, you will get 20% from them. 20% is awesome!

However, a big drawback is that there is a cap of $25 per referral. Besides, you have to wait for people cash out before you can get your 20%.

There is a way around it for TOP referrals-getter, though. If you have 100+ active referrals, you will be able to collect your 20% before they cash out.

Being able to refer so many people is the key to making a substantial income online. An online business allows you to refer thousands of people not only to one product or platform but to hundreds or thousands! The income potential is huge, and that’s how many people are making a living online right now!


Bottom Line

When it comes to online surveys, PaitViewPoint is the icing on the cake. Although it won’t make you lots of money, it’s still a good opportunity to earn easy cash. Different from other companies, you won’t waste your time for being screened out. They will pay you for every survey!

Verdict: Legitimate – Great Survey Website! 



So, have you tried PaidViewPoint? What do you think about it? Feel free to share your experience with us!


By the way, don’t forget to check out my #1 recommendation if you are serious about making money online. This is the same platform that helps me grow an online business and earn over $700 per month in affiliate commissions.

See you next time!



9 thoughts on “Is PaidViewPoint a Scam or An Oasis in The Desert?”

  1. Hello Stefan 🙂
    First of all thank you for a great review.
    I want to subscribe but I have some questions.
    What do you mean that the number of surveys per person is limited? That after having done a specific amount of surveys you will not be able to do more? Or that the frequency has to be the same with all members? I mean that you cannot have 10 offers and another member just 2?
    lol, I hope my question is clear.
    One more question.
    Are you anonymous when you take part in a survey?
    Does this program have the authority to share your personal information?

    1. Hi Athanasia. Great questions! I revised this post following your question about the limited number of surveys. Indeed, it was not completely clear… Unfortunately, but for a good reason, there is a maximum number of surveys one member can take per month. They don’t tell us the limit, and I guess it varies according to demand. However, a panellist can receive more surveys than another because they can be a good match for more opportunities. As for your last questions, absolutely! You will never be required to show your identity. Their clients cannot ask for it because it’s against their policy. You can check their privacy page here.You will provide demographics like age, income level, occupation, etc. but they will never know who you are. There will share your opinions and demographics only with the clients who are sponsoring the data.Thanks for your comment and I hope that helps! :)All the bestStefan

  2. It’s always nice running into websites and posts filled with new information like the one I have stumbled across here. Very unfamiliar with online surveys and how they generate money for the average person. You did a very good job explaining yourself and why paidviewpoint is different from the competition, and yes it very much helped me better understand online surveying and their benefits. So thank you for that! Kudos to the structure of your post and overall website! Was very easy to follow. I enjoyed the time I got to review it!Thank you and keep up the good work!-Daniel

    1. Thanks for you comment Daniel. I am glad this review helped you understand about online surveys. I am always reviewing new ones, so please come back for more. All the bestStefan

  3. Hi there,
    I have joined this program since 2 years ago. Paidviewpoint is a legit online work program and it is suitable for all beginner and professional. However, the only drawback with this program is the slow earn. The only way to make a decent income with this program is to referring other people and not only depend on the survey itself.

    1. Hi Rendall, thanks for your comment! PaidViewPoint is good as a survey platform, much better than the average. However, I’ve not received much survey opportunities lately. I am a UK resident so that may be one reason. I suppose the platform is focused on US residents. Another good reason may be due to my profile. In any case, I am better off dedicating all the tie and effort into my current online business. It pays much more in the form.of residual income… An online business is definitely my top recommendation for anyone willing to make a significant income online.All the bestStefan

  4. I couldn’t agree more, and yes, the ste rewards in money straight away. So you don’t have to transform points to cash.Over time I realised the site doesn’t give much opportunities, at least for me. The payout is so low, that I don’t bother completing surveys wishesstefan

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