InboxPounds Review – Is it Worth Your Time?

inbox pounds reviewIn my InboxPounds Review, I will show you all the main features of the website and give you my honest opinion about it.

There are many ways to make money online. However, you can choose to earn from pennies to 1000s a month, it all depends on how much effort you are willing to put in.


InboxPounds Review

  • Product Name: InboxPounds
  • Website:
  • Business Type: GPT (get paid to)
  • Price: Free to join
  •  [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”] 4.1/5


What is InboxPounds?

InboxPounds is the UK version of InboxDollars, a website that rewards members for completing a variety of simple activities.

The American version was founded by Daren Cotter in 2000 and is used as a powerful marketing tool for advertisers. It has grown considerably since then, achieving the remarkable mark of $35 million paid to its members. These are the activities offered by the English version:

  • Filling up surveys
  • Completing offers
  • Reading  offers (PaidEmail)
  • Searching the web
  • Playing games
  • Referring it to other people


Pros and Cons of InboxPounds


  • Free to Join
  • Easy layout
  • Offers a referral program
  • £1 Sign up bonus


  • Low-income potential
  • It pays only by cheque
  • You must have £20 to cash out – It can take ages!
  • It is hard to get accepted for the surveys
  • The search engine doesn’t offer as many good results as Google or Yahoo


An Initial Motivation – Earn £1.00 as a Sign Up Bonus

You get an incentive of £1.00 just for signing up. You only have to fill up the form with your name, address, and email.

A confirmation email will be sent and you just have to confirm it. That’s it, easier than bending down for a coin on the floor!

Next, you can get another bonus of £0.50 by completing the following list:

The bonus list

Earning 1p Per Day With PaidEmail

Every day, InboxPounds sends 1, 2 or 3 emails (called PaidEmail) with offers in them. These offers are available inside InboxPounds or sent to you via email.

You don’t have to click on offer or accept it. You just have to click on the confirmation link to earn £0.01.

PaidEmail system

As I open InboxPounds just to take these cents, I wait for a few days and I log in, there are approximately 10 PaidEmails to see. I click on all of them and earn 10 cents and in less than a minute without any effort.


Online Surveys – Do You Think Your Hour is Worth Less Than £1?

Filling up surveys is the most popular way to earn money online. I always expect to earn very little from online surveys, but after taking a look at the rewards inside Inbox Pounds, I was very disappointed.

Take a look at these surveys from a company called Peanut Labs:

A list of surveys

If you decide to go for online surveys, my advice is that you always look for the time it will take you to complete and calculate your hourly pay rate.

From the above, you can see that your time is extremely undervalued for Inbox Pounds. For example, if you spent one hour with the first survey, you would make just  £0.76.

Furthermore, you will have to fill up some pre-qualification questions before you actually start the survey. As they are searching for a particular group of people, depending on your answers, you may waste your time and end up with £0.


Make Money Searching The Web 

Making money from searches is an interesting concept because you can earn doing what you already do on a daily basis.

You have to perform four qualified searches to earn as little as £0.02, and if you engage with the search results, you will earn more.

However, you can’t earn more than £0.15 per day with searches. You also get a £0.05 weekly bonus if you perform at least four searches per day.

Inbox pounds' search bar

The problem is that the search engine won’t give you the best results on the internet because they are not the same as doing a Google, Yahoo or Bing search.

Besides, you will also find way more ads on your results. If you want to earn and still get good results for your searches (powered by Yahoo), try out or

Earn By Completing Offers

Offers usually have a higher income potential. There are both free and paid offers to choose from, and my advice here is to be very cautious.

Free Offers

Most of them are online survey companies that you have to sign up to. There are also other options such as subscribing to try out products and services such as magazines, casino games, expert advice, among others.

Some offers are subscriptions with a free trial included. Be cautious because if you don’t cancel the subscription within the free trial period, they will charge you for the service.

They are paying you because it is a way to make their product/company known and also a chance to get people to buy them.

It is a clever marketing tool. Instead of paying for a simple ad, companies pay a commission to Inbox Pounds, that in turn reward their members for trying out the products.

Offers that require a payment

There are many types of offers in this category, but casinos and bingo offers are everywhere!

Usually, you will get ZERO from those casino offers because InboxPounds will pay you £10 only if you make a £10 deposit to play. Some offers will give you less than your deposit.

Well, they know your chances of winning are slim, so it seems a good deal for them to get people addicted to gambling. My advice is to stay well away from gambling.

For more offers and survey opportunities, both Prizerebel and InstaGC are good options as well.


Simple Tasks With CrowdFlower 

This option redirects you to another website called CrowdFlower, which is a company dedicated to data mining and crowdsourcing.

Some examples include answering simple questions, evaluating sentences, providing feedback, help with categorizing Youtube channels among many others.

Yes, they can be simple, but the pay rate is lower than online surveys. It all starts with a qualification exam, and it is so time-consuming!

The payment turns out to be completely disproportionate compared to the amount of work you do.

When you do the maths, sometimes you can get less than £1 per hour worked. I consider it even worse than online surveys because it requires more thinking and dedication.

Not even 1 pence per task


The Best Way to Earn Money With InboxPounds?

When you refer people to InboxPounds, you get 10% of their earnings. You can refer using email, social media or your affiliate link placed on your website/blog. A

Although this method won’t make you rich,  it can be your best way to earn money with InboxPounds. I will tell you why.

People will take ages to save with Inbox Pounds, but if they stick with it, they can earn £ 7-10 pounds per month.

Let’s suppose you have a website which attracts many visitors. In one year you could realistically get a total of 50 active users earning at least £7 per month.

Well, 10% of  350 equals to £35 pounds in commissions that are FREE money every month. Forget about boring surveys or whatever! By doing that, you are using the principles of internet marketing to earn money online and this is a wise thing to do!


Final Thoughts 

Overall, InboxPounds is a great GPT platform to make money online. You have the advantage of getting paid in the comfort of your home and it is true that it adds up.

However, there are much better ways to make money online if you are willing to put in the time and effort. If you are interested in learning how you can turn your passions into a profitable online business, keep reading.

Verdict: Legit


My Advice to You

If you are searching for an effective strategy to make money online, then I highly encourage you to check out my #1 recommended program.

It will give you in-depth tutorials, expert support, and all the essential tool grow a successful affiliate website around your passions and interests.

No, you don’t need any experience as the training starts from the very basics! By the way, there is a free trial available to help with your decision.

I have made amazing progress thanks to the solid training and awesome support from the community.

Here is a screenshot of my last month’s earnings:


proof revenue
*These results are not typical. Like any real business, your results will depend on your personal efforts.


Thanks for taking your time to read this article. I hope it was helpful! If you have any questions about InboxPounds and its methods to earn money online, please leave a comment below.

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28 thoughts on “InboxPounds Review – Is it Worth Your Time?”

  1. Inbox Pounds seems to pay you pennies, I think it’s better to go out and get a job rather than making money online if it’s this inefficient.

    Thanks for the review, Stefan. I have developed the habit of checking reviews before deciding to purchase anything and it helps a lot.


    1. Hi Anh. I hope people can see the great potential of the internet marketing compared to online surveys! The internet marketing can provide you a full-time income with residual/passive income after the first year of hard work! That’s how you could find unprecedented freedom… Thanks for your comment

  2. I love what you have done with your website. If i was to go on before visiting WA. I would have undoubtedly subscribed and made an account through your website marketing. You seriously are doing a great job Stefan, i am similar to you…want to travel and experience life to the full instead of being held down by a job. It looks awesome,Well done!

    1. Thank you very much Matthew. I have received some positive feedback lately and I believe this really rewarding end encouraging. We should never give up our dream! Take care and good luck with your website! If you need any help with it, please get in touch!

  3. Hi! I am sorry, but didn’t read your online money making opportunity list to the end. I tried many of like your listed shit so many times so not believe any of them. You correctly mentioned only Wealthy Affiliate is one of real Internet Marketing platform. Hard work, but at least Real Hope to success.

    1. Hi Andres! There are other legitimate and good training out there apart from Wealthy Affiliate. However, WA offers so much inside and for such a low price (I pay $1 a day because of the annual subscription) that going for other places to find better value for money is hopeless. I think people who dedicate so much time with online surveys should definitely consider building their websites to create a serious source of income. Everyone have the potential to write good stuff and succeed! It is only a matter of practice and dedication. Many thanks

  4. Ok, I like this site, especially the header. There is a lot of content on there to read into. I’m not sure if you are for or against the inboxpounds site or not? If not I’m not sure why it takes up so much of your space. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong. The content/posts on the sidebar are very engaging and well thought out. I love posts! Good information and well placed!

    1. Hi Rachel I am not against inbox pounds. They pay you according to the kind of effort you make. As your effort is minimal because you just have to click, search or even fill up surveys, your cash out will be minimal as well. The reason I gave such a low score is because I truly believe everyone have the potential to earn way more online. I really encourage people to make the best use of their time. In my honest opinion, filling up online surveys or doing other time consuming activities just to earn pennies is a waste of our most precious resource – time. Thanks for your compliments on my website! </p

  5. I think Inbox Pounds is a good choice if you know what to expect from the program. Making some extra cash is not bad and it’s better than getting scammed. The only way to make a full time income from it is getting many referrals which is possible through a proper education. I think if Inbox Pounds is used in combination with Wealthy Affiliate training you can turn it into a full time business.

    1. Hi RufatExactly! You know what to expect and that is the reason It scored 5.2 even though you earn very little. At least they don’t give you false expectations as tons of other websites out there. It is definitely not a scam! So, you can rest assured that when you reach the £20 threshold, you will get request and earn your cheque. You are completely right about using wealthy affiliate to take advantage of the referral system. You can create a website and talk about many similar programs. If you have a high traffic website, many people will sign up for programs like inbox pounds or Swagbucks and you will earn a percentage of their earnings! This is passive income! 10% commission may seem too little especially considering the low earning potential, but when added to many referrals and many similar programs, the result can be considerable. Thanks for your valuable comment Rufat

  6. Hey Stefan, I’m always looking for programs like these so thank you for taking the time to review it. I’m in the US so I will look into Inbox Dollars, but I assume that I will arrive at the same assessment that you have with it.

    With programs such as these, I’ve found that you are usually much better off doing gigs on fiverr or mechanical turk, especially when it comes to surveys. It is extremely frustrating when you spend time filling out a survey only to get disqualified when you get close to the end. It feels dishonest to me.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Christian, Inbox dollars offers almost the same options as inbox pounds in the UK. There are various complaints about the long time to reach the $30 threshold and also the long and delayed time to receive payments. I have tried out some offers and they paid me what was promised. However, you need to read carefully the terms and conditions of each offers as they only reward those who follow all the steps.

      Being disqualified for surveys is really frustrating

  7. Hi Stefan,

    Yeah, I remember signing up with one of these websites when I was in high school as a way of trying to make some money. The three problems I found with it were:

    1. It take a looooong time to earn a tiny bit of money
    2. They send you a cheque in the mail, which I find inconvenient
    3. The insane amount of junk mail!

    But yeah, it was legit. Thank you for writing this, especially about the tip about not using your personal email address, that’ll be helpful for anyone looking to do this anyway.

    Thanks again and all the best!

    Katia 🙂

    1. HI Katia! Thanks for sharing your experience! It is good to be able to earn some extra cash. However, there are much better ways to earn money online by building a website or blog. Anyone is capable of that, it just comes down to how bad you want it! It requires proper training, hard work and perseverance, but in my opinion, it all worth it. All the best!

  8. I used to sort of quite like these sites when I first came online to make some extra money – I feel they get a rough time of it sometimes. Most of them are 100% legit it’s just the pay is awful and the work is tedious ( at the best of times! ). I still know of a few retired women who do really well out of this site and several others! Great review by the way!

  9. Oh my gosh I enjoyed your review! I have read so many reviews before where the writer has raved about an opportunity (very often survey companies) and then I go and try it out and what a disappointment!
    I have now come to realize that those reviews must have been written by people that earn commission getting referrals!
    I can see you have actually tried this opportunity out in person and you are being 100% honest with your findings. It is so refreshing to see that finally somebody online can be trusted.
    Great work, keep it up. Since I can actually trust you what do you recommend?
    I don’t want to earn peanuts and I don’t want to con people into signing up for useless BS! I am not scared of hard work either.. I am so tired of looking for a real opportunity I am starting to wonder if it is only scams and time wasters out there 🙁

    1. Hi Lynne! I am glad you liked it. Yes, website owners / bloggers are earning commissions promoting survey panels. They pay affiliates around 10% commission.

      In my opinion, referring people and earning commissions is the most effective way to earn money online. This is called Affiliate marketing.

      You can be an affiliate of any product that you personally enjoy and recommend. You don’t need to refer people to bad programs and products! That would undermine your reputation in the long term.

      There are many honest programs and quality products to promote! Think about Amazon! you can earn commissions promoting any of their products by building a website with focus on a particular audience. Look at this website, you could promote a quality training in internet marketing as I do!

      For example, I promote and study at Wealthy Affiliate at the same time. And I build a business by teaching people how to build their business.Wealthy affiliate offers the best quality online training in internet marketing since 2005. Many successful internet marketers studied there, and many still continue there providing great support.

      They give you the first 10 lessons and 2 websites for free so you can get started building your business. In my honest opinion, affiliate marketing is the most reliable and effective way to earn money online. I hope that helps! Thanks for your comment!

  10. Hi Stefan,
    I read your page on Inbox pound review is it a scam. Great job on the interesting and engaging content and explaining what not to trust then leading the reader into the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity. I did notice one of your highlighted text in red wasn’t a link but it looked like you could click on it. It said “some offers will give you less than your deposit”. Hope this helps?
    Have a blessed night!

  11. Hi Stefan and thanks for the heads up.

    The single best way to make money with survey panels is by getting referrals to them. Other than that I will not waste my time with it. I agree with your statement that it is not a scam, but I believe that people can do much better with Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Viiljoen. You are right. You can see how referring is profitable by realising how many websites you see around promoting them. There are whole websites focusing on only online surveys. Well, I am really glad I stopped wasting my time with surveys last year. If I was still doing that, this website would never exist. One doesn’t need to fill up surveys to earn money with inbox pounds. But let’s be honest, How can we find motivation opening emails to earn 1cent each? How much time will it take to save £1? It is quick to open one email, but combine 100 emails and you get the picture. Thanks for your comment.

  12. Hey
    Thanks for letting me know about inbox pounds that is a really great site! I run a site on how to make money online and I have to say you are right about there being so much ways to make money online its not even funny! Thanks to guys like us peoples have an easier time getting started on their quest for riches !

  13. I appreciate the honesty review because let’s be honest, anyone and everyone could use a little extra money and working a full-time job, is hard to do much else. I have never heard of this particular program but I’ll stay clear. I find surveys to be exhausting and really ineffective of time I am putting towards those activities. I am also an internet marketer and building a website was the best decision I’ve ever made.

    1. Hi Megan, thanks for your feedback. I am glad that you found a great method to make money online. A website is like a piece of real estate, it will keep paying you for years and years. Besides, if you keep adding content to it, the revenue will grow because you are attracting more potential customers. So, there is no limit really.

  14. This article is interesting as am mostly concerned on making money.About inbox pounds i read your article and got the clue of it as am having a friend of mine who have been using that inbox pounds for three month now but i wasn’t know what is it.
    Now i got full overview of it.

    Best wishes

    1. I am glad this article was helpful to you Jose. If you need a hand striving for making money online, just get in touch and I will be glad to give you direction. All the best

  15. While inbox-pounds is legitimate, it takes forever to earn anything decent from there it sounds like. I’ve never really been a fan of those types of sites especially when it comes to the survey portion of it because it seems you never can qualify for those. I’ll just stick with affiliate marketing as it is a more legitimate way to earn income especially a full time income.

    1. Hey Brian, thanks for dropping by. Yes, disqualification is the norm in online surveys. Thus, you will waste a lot of time that can be more well spent with your affiliate marketing business. Affiliate marketing is way more profitable and fun as well. all the beststefan

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