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Is Paid Offers a Scam? Are You Brave Enough?

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Paid Offers Review

  • Name: Paid Offers
  • Website:
  • Price: FREE to join, but many offers require a deposit.
  • Score: 5/10


What is Paid Offers?

Paid Offers is a website that allows you to get paid for completing trial offers. It is owned by an English company called Submission Technology, which also owns a similar website called

The website is a platform for acquiring personal data (phone number, email etc) from potential customers all over the UK. These data will be sold by Submission Technology for companies interested in performing marketing.

*The website is targeted to UK residents only. 


How Does it Work?

The sign-up process is easy and quick as usual. On the main page, you can see that it is free to join and that the process is very simple.

3 simple steps

According to the main page, you have to complete offers, surveys, and tasks. Nothing else! Of course, this is not everything you need about the website.

If you want to use Paid Offers, I highly encourage you to first read the FAQ and terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

The Big List Of Offers

If you don’t check the terms and conditions,  you will know what is required after you sign up.

There is a list of 26 offers that you must be complete in order to claim the lump sum. So, different from GPT platforms like Prizerebel, you won’t get paid until you complete all of them.

The offers might look simple, but they still have to be validated by the advertisers, which is a process that takes months. Many people complain about this long period on the internet, but that’s what it takes – patience.

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What is an Offer?

Most of the times, completing an offer means you will have to:

  • Sign up for a variety of websites that require a monthly subscription – magazines, films etc.
  • Sign up for online surveys and other rewards sites.
  • Accept free trials that request your credit card detail. Sometimes you have to pay for the postage.
  • Apply for credit lines, credit cards, loans, and credit checks.
  • Input personal information for a chance to win prizes – email, phone number.

You realize that Paid Offers is a website that gets you in touch with a variety of companies that are looking for profit. So, the idea is that on average, people will spend more than earn in the long term.

Paid offers is a marketing strategy that seems to be working pretty well because it’s widespread on the internet.


Where is the Money Coming From?

This is how the system works. The companies contact Submission Technology and pay them commissions for every person who accepts the offer. Then, part of these commissions is paid to you as cashback reward.

There are many websites such as Vivatic, Swagbucks, Inbox Pounds/Dollar that pay for offers as well, but the reward is much smaller.

One can expect to earn more than £1000 at the end. However, the home page states they have paid only over £95000 in total so far. That is a good reason to believe not every member finishes all the 26 offers and cash out.


What Happens After You Complete the Offers?

Take as an example the case where you sign up for a chance to win a prize. You give away your phone number, email and answer a simple questionnaire. The company will pay Submission Technology a commission for all the data, and now you are going to be getting sales calling and email marketing from the advertisers.

Another example: Accept a credit line, and you will have to pay a fee of £29.95 and comply with all the clauses of the credit agreement. Every time a payment is not honored, this will imply a charge of £25.

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What is frustrating is the fact that you cannot see what the next offer is. For example, “Offer 1” has 3 other options in it. You can see all of them and choose which one you prefer. Once you complete it, you go to “Offer 2”. However, you are not able to see the options for “Offer 2” until you complete “Offer 1”. So, you never know what to expect.

The List of Offers
The List of Offers

Let’s say you paid £10 for “Offer 5”. For “Offer 6”, you have to give more money. If you reject it, you will give up on all the money you spent and have gained so far with the system.


Far Too Many Complaints!

The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has reproved the company after a formal complaint about misleading advertising. Paid Offers’ contained this declaration:

Earn up to £25 a day. Earn cash from home. By completing our online offers in your spare time” – “START EARNING NOW

It was considered misleading by the authority because of the lack of evidence. The company had to remove the claims until it presented sufficient proof it was really possible to earn up to $25 a day.

Here is what ASA said:

Therefore, because the ad implied that users would regularly earn up to £25 a day from the time they signed up and had not provided evidence to show that any of their users had achieved this, we concluded that the earnings claims had not been substantiated and were therefore misleading.


Final Verdict – Is Paid Offers a Scam? 

No, I don’t think Paid Offers is a scam, but there are many complaints about it on the internet.

If you want alternatives to make money from offers, check out CashCrate, Swagbucks or InstaGC. Those three are some of the best GPT platforms that know.

VerdictNot Recommended


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How I Prefer to Make Money Online

I always encourage people to take advantage of affiliate marketing to make money online. It is a proven business model that is taking huge proportions as more and more people buy products online.

A website owner is capable of earning commissions from products that they recommend and there is a real potential to generate a full-time income from this model.

Take PC World as an example. They pay around 5% of affiliate commissions every time you refer someone that ends up buying something from their website. In simple steps:

  1. You create a website
  2. Write articles, reviews and recommend products
  3. Apply for affiliate programs
  4. Someone clicks on your banners or links directing to PC World
  5. They buy any product
  6. You earn 5% of the product’s retail price

This is just an example that can be applied to any niche market. For more information, read my article How to Become an Internet Marketer. I explain the process in detail and how thousands of people got started, including myself.


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So, have you tried What are your thoughts on this website? Do you think this is another scam? Leave your comments below, so we can help other people take their own conclusions.

Thanks for reading my article. All the very best!


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