Swagbucks Review – A Detailed Guide on How To Earn SBs

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swagbucks review

If you have been searching for ways to earn money online, you might have stumbled across Swagbucks at one point.

It’s undoubtedly the most popular GPT sites on the internet, and it’s not difficult to understand why.

In this Swagbucks review, I am going to give you my honest opinion about this reward platform.

I am also going to show you the best ways to earn SBs, so you avoid wasting precious time.

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Swagbucks Review

  • Name: Swagbucks
  • Website: www.swagbucks.com
  • Price: Free to join
  • Company: Prodege LLC
  • Membership availability: US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Spain
  • Overall Score:  4.5/5


What is Swagbucks?  

Swagbucks is a legit website that rewards you for performing a variety of easy tasks.

The rewards are based on a virtual “currency” called Swagbucks (SB), which be redeemed for cash (PayPal) or gift cards to many well-known companies, such as Amazon, John Lewis, and Starbucks. You can also donate or get entries for prizes.

From another perspective, Swagbucks is a platform for advertisers to promote their products and make people try out their offers.

According to Alexa.com, Swagbucks is the 156th most visited website in the United States, and have paid more than $60,000,000 in rewards, which is impressive!

Alexa rank - Swagbucks 156
Alexa Rank

Pros and Cons


  • Free to Join
  • Easy way to make money online.
  • There are lots of earning opportunities.
  • Well-structured
  • There is a wide variety of gift cards.


  • It’s only available in 5 countries.
  • Low pay rates.


How to Get Started?  

The membership is free. You only have to provide your email, choose a password (or sign up using your Facebook account) and click on the link inside the confirmation email.

Swagbucks is available for residents in the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, and Ireland.


How Can You Earn?  

  • Performing online searches
  • Shopping
  • Watching videos (SBTV)
  • Playing games
  • Completing Offers
  • Achieving daily goals
  • Answering daily polls
  • Filling Up Surveys
  • Redeeming Swagbucks codes
  • Checking daily Offers
  • Earning Prizes
  • The best way to earn with Swagbucks (in my opinion) is at the end of this article.


What is The True Value of an SB?  

Well, it depends on the reward you choose and its value.

If you exchange for Amazon gift cards, you will get approximately this figure:

  • In the  UK, £1 is around 170 SB
  • In the US, $1 is around 90 SB

On the other hand, if you choose to be paid by PayPal, you can expect much less value for your SB.

In the UK, for example, £1 is 200 SB (for a payout of £5) or 180 SB (for a payout of £100). So, your SB is worth more if you redeem via Amazon gift card.

Although you can earn by doing many tasks, you need to be aware of how many SBs you are getting for the time you spend on each activity.

You need to ask yourself how much time you are willing to spend for that amount of money.

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Searching the Web 

The foundation of Swagbucks is its search engine, just like Google, Bing, Ask and Yahoo! The difference is that you get paid just for doing your normal daily searches inside their website.

The good news is that they have recently established a partnership with Yahoo. So, so you can be sure to get reliable results from your searches.

Swagbucks' seach bar
Search bar

Notice that you will get more Ads from your searches comparing to Google. I personally think this is not a big issue.

So, how many SB are you getting for each search? Well, the truth is that you won’t earn based on a single search but based on the time you spend on the search engine.

Besides, they don’t specify how long you need to search to earn a specific amount of SB.

ToolBar ( Swagbutton)
ToolBar ( Swagbutton)

They can claim you can get anywhere between 1 and 1,000 SB for a single search.

I think it is an unrealistic range. I decided to use Swagbucks and my searches during a whole week and made around 120 SB.

Again, it all depends on how long you use it. My advice is to turn your Swagbucks into your default search and keep using it whenever you need.

The points will add up over time without any effort from you, which is good!


Use The Swagbucks Extention (Toolbar)

One thing that I recommend is to install the Swagbucks extension for your internet browser (SwagButton). You can find it on the left column as shown on the right screenshot.

After that, the toolbar will be available on the upper right-hand corner of your browser, and you could make your searches quickly from there.

It will also be useful to get Swag Codes, which I will explain later on.



That is also a great way to earn with Swagbucks because you are not wasting any time here. You earn according to how much you spend and according to each store (at Argos £1= 5 SB).

There is a broad range of popular stores to select from. For example, in the UK you can find Argos, Asda, Boots, M&S, Cath Kidston, Shoe Zone and many others.

You can also earn buying from Amazon and booking your holidays with many travel agencies like Thomson and Expedia.

So, let’s say you are going to buy a £500 Laptop. Why not use Swagbucks and earn 2,500 SB = £14 in your pocket without any effort?

Companies to Earn SB when shopping
Earn SB when shopping

Completing Offers

This is a quite tricky way to earn SB, and I will tell you why. To be accepted and collect, let’s say 1000 SB, most of the times you will have to pay a third party company to try out their products.

The highest rewards usually come from casinos, bingos and monthly subscriptions (magazines, online movies etc.).

For example, I have found one online casino offer that rewards 1000 SB! WOW, that’s a hell lot of SB! Great… let’s check it out at details:

Casino Offer
Casino Offer

You have to deposit £10 to earn 1000 SB. 1000 SB is the same as around £5.9. Which means that you paid £4.10 for the right to use £10 in gambling.

You have to be very careful with the terms and conditions stated at Disclaimer as well.

Take a look at this other offer:

Offer Disclaimer
Offer Disclaimer

In this example, you would get 350 SB = $3.9 for subscribing to the free Videostripe trial for 7 days.

However, they are going to charge $2 as an authorisation fee (so you are left with $1.9).

Besides, if you don’t cancel your account within 2 weeks, you will have to pay the first month of subscription.

My advice is if you are accepting offers just to collect SBs, make sure you cancel your offer straight away (if possible).

You can find some reasonable offers to get a profit of, let’s say, $4 but it is not very common!

Convert the SB from each offer to your currency, see how much you need to spend and make a sensible decision. Again, be careful with the terms and conditions!

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Watching Videos

In this section, you find plenty of videos divided into topics such as recipes, health, comedy, tv & films and other mixed topics.

I found some videos quite interesting, but the thing is, if you are watching them for the sole purpose of earning SB, you are wasting your time!

I’ve chosen the following video:

Swagbucks Videos
Swagbucks Videos

Watching that particular video was ok! It was a topic of my internet.

But hey, 5 minutes in exchange for only 1 SB?

There are ads of around 1 minute each in between those videos. So, I was actually spending 10 minutes instead of 5! 

You can skip the videos, but not the Ads, of course! You can put it on mute and keep doing other stuff, but would you bother doing that for $0.01 or $0.02?


Playing Games

There are a couple of flash games to choose from, including a memory game. Unless you enjoy those games, I don’t recommend wasting your time here.

There are no rules as to how long you need to play or how many points you must reach to get your Swagbucks. You earn SBs randomly.


Taking Surveys 

Online surveys are very time-consuming and their payout is very low. However, it’s one of the easiest strategies to make money online, and anyone can do it at any time.

Check the screenshot below for some examples:

Online Surveys in Swagbucks
Online Surveys

For example, a 10-minute survey was worth $0.50. Therefore, the hourly rate would be $3.3, which is way below the minimum wage.

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Answering Daily Polls

Every day you can answer a simple question like the one below.

The funny poll
The funny poll

All you get with this option is 1 SB per day.


Redeeming Swagbucks Codes

Another way to earn Swagbucks is to find codes available somewhere on their website, blog, tweeter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The idea is not that you start hunting for SB everywhere.

Here, the tip is to use the Swagbucks extension (Swagbutton) for your internet browser. If one code is available, they will notify you through an alert saying where the code is.

It’s that simple, and you won’t waste any time. The code is active only for a limited time, so insert it straight away to guarantee your SBs.

I recently got an alert saying one code was available on Facebook and earned 2 SB.

Swag Code Alert
Swag Code Alert

Checking Daily Offers (NOSO)

NOSO is also an easy way to earn SB. Every day, you can get 2 SB by seeing a couple of offers related to casinos, online surveys etc. You don’t need to accept any of them, though.

Achieving daily goals + Winning Streaks

If you reach a goal set for the day, you earn extra SB. Plus, you earn streaks if you manage to meet your daily goals consecutively.

Example: Your daily goal is 30 SB. If you achieve that, then you earn 3 SB.

Another goal will be set for the following days, and if you achieve your goals 7, 14, 21, 30 days in a row, you will earn extra 25, 100, 200, 300 SB respectively.


Winning Prizes With Swagstakes! 

There is a section in Swagbucks called Swagstakes, where you have the chance to win many prizes such as gift cards, laptops, tablets, video games, SBs, and more.

The number of entries corresponds to a specific amount of SB, and it is different for each prize.

Take the £500 Amazon gift card, as an example.

You cannot always get the number of entries that you want.

For example, With this Amazon entry, I could only choose a maximum of 10 entries. That is because they have a quota depending on the number of entries left (there were only 3571 available out of 29000).

What are your chances? Well, I divided the number of entries available by the ones I bought. So, in this Amazon example,  29,000 / 10 = 2,900.

That’s 1 chance in 2,900!

Choose a lower prize then and have fun! I’ve chosen to give 34 SB for 3 entries for the award of £5.

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The Best Way to Earn Swagbucks – Refer and Earn 10% on Autopilot! 

Referral system

In my opinion, the best way to earn money with Swagbucks is by taking advantage of their referral system.

The reason for that is when you recommend Swagbucks to other people you earn 10% of their daily earnings in almost all categories!

How does it work?

When you sign up, a unique link will be available for you, just like mine:

Refferal link

That is your unique affiliate link, which makes Swagbucks know that you were responsible for inviting the person (your referral) to their website.

Now, you can send this link to your friends and family on Facebook, Tweeter, Google +, email and every other way you can imagine!

You can reach a lot of people by doing that, especially if you are an influencer or have a blog.

I will give you some impressive numbers.

If you consider that one active person earns an average of approximately 3000 SB per month with Swagbucks, referring 100 them will get you 30,000 SB while you are asleep! That’s around $333 every month in your pocket.

It’s not easy to refer a lot of people that remain active, but it’s possible if you build a website for example.

Another reputable GPT site is Prizerebel, which offers an even better affiliate program (up to 30% commissions + nice bonuses).

The question now is: How are you going to find so many people to sign up? Well, the best way is to use affiliate marketing and write topics about Swagbucks or even more profitable affiliate programs.


Final Words  

In this article, you learned all the different ways to earn money with Swagbucks.

Some are good while others are really bad because of the low pay rates.

You also learned what I consider the best way to earn money with Swagbucks, which is their program.

So, have you ever used Swagbucks? What do you think of their many ways to earn money?

If you have any questions about it, please leave them below. I would love to help!


Your friend


19 thoughts on “Swagbucks Review – A Detailed Guide on How To Earn SBs”

  1. Hey, Stefan!

    This is an awesome review of Swagbucks, and I always thought it to be an online scam, but your article has proved me wrong!

    There are some great ways to earn rewards with Swagbucks, but it does seem like a long-winded process in order to build up a decent amount of Swagbucks for rewards.

    I can see how the referral system is the best way to go about Swagbucks because it’s the smart way to earn the rewards 😉


    1. Hi NeilGreat to hear from you! It is not a scam but it can take quite some time to save little money. It is better than nothing and I believe using its search engine and purchasing through their website is the way to go. Another great way is using their referral system but it can be really challenging to find people by word of mouth. You are better off building a website and promoting Swagbucks! Ops, I think I just answered the question for my next post. lol

  2. I came across Swagbucks at the beginning of my online business journey too. But, I couldn’t use it because I live in Egypt and couldn’t join.
    You said that it is available for five countries only. Would you mention which countries!
    Your review was honest and liked what you said about the easiness of the job means more time is needed.

    1. Hi MahmoodThey focus on English speaking countries, so USA, Canada, UK, Ireland and Australia. It’s is a shame they don’t offer to the rest of the world but it has to do with the advertisers. When I fill up their offers, watch their videos and other stuff, I am a potential customer to their advertisers. Probably they can only profit enough from the advertisers from those countries… that is what I believe. Thanks for your input!

  3. I did try Swagbucks a few months ago. I spent a ton of time on there completing tasks, however did not each much at all. Thank you for sharing different aspects of Swagbucks in this post. I did not know about the referral process and earning 10%. I have learned something today.

    1. Hi Ira!

      Swagbucks is not for those willing to earn quick money. It takes time to save a significant amount of SB. However, I do recommend you keep using the things that don’t make you waste your time, such as the search engine or when you do your shopping with one of their advertisers. You can get a lot from this last option. If you keep consistent, and forget about it, you will be surprised with how much you could get after one year.

      The referral system is really nice. I don’t have experience with it because I haven’t got many people to recommend that are English speakers. However, I started this website which is an opportunity to make a lot of people know about Swagbucks. If you are interested in building a website and profit from it (from different forms) I highly recommend following starting the free course at Wealthy Affiliate. Just take a look at my WA review.

  4. I had heard of swagbucks sometime ago and had it tried it out as well. The fact is that they do hand out swag bucks randomly and i think it is to push them to do more searches.

    But you’ve covered all the aspects of SB really well and there were things that you talked about which i was not even aware before. It’s a neat way to earn some side cash

    1. Hi Josh, thanks for dropping byYes, they keep sending swag codes… I believe once a day. You just have to install the toolbar and when it is available you will get an alert. Normally they put this code on facebook and you will probably see it on their last post. I earn 2 SB a day with that but sometimes when I am working on my website I just leave! All the bestStefan

  5. I’d never given Swagbucks much of a thought, because I just assumed you couldn’t actually make any money at it.
    Maybe I was wrong! I’ve just signed up for an account, and will be giving it a try. Every little helps, after all- especially if I’m going to be using my computer a lot anyway 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, this is a really great review.

    1. Hi ChloeWhen I discovered Swagbucks and realized how long I would take to earn just a little, I was discouraged… I started filling up surveys but after some time I felt like I would be better off working more hours in my current job. Well, after some time I realized that I could still make money without wasting my time on those activities… I could still perform my searches, earn swag codes and doing other little things that are in time will add up. That’s what I recommend people do.. and if they want to earn SB referring people, that’s another really good option. I know a few people who earn 1000’s per month because they have built a website promoting swagbucks! So everyone who enters his affiliate link is responsible for getting him 10% of of their earned SB. Those people are taking advantage of the concept of affiliate marketing to earn money wisely… Thanks for your comment! All the bestStefan

  6. wow Stefan! you leave no stone unturned with this awesome review for Swagbucks…I’m assuming that they are not available in my country though…New Zealand is always left out of things like this! but I will keep an eye on them just in case this changes in the future…thanks for your review!

    1. Hi Seviedean. I don’t understand why they don’t accept New Zealand! There must be a good reason… I tried to look on the internet for that, but with no success.

  7. Hi Stefan,
    Excellent review with amazing research!

    I haven’t seen so many different ways to make money with swagbucks. I had no idea about their referral program that’s fantastic.

    I have heard nothing but good things about swagbucks but overall I mostly hear about how it’s a time waster. I do think that if you do most of these things anyways then of course it’s going to e beneficial.

    But, the way you describe the referral program is not like I have seen before. For that reason I’m going to give it a shot! Can’t wait to see your next post on how to get people to join!

    Great job, thanks!


    1. Hi RichardMany thanks! I am glad I was able to show you something really interesting about Swagbucks. Their referral program is really good for those who build a website and have a high number of visitors. That’s the challenge of being an internet marketer. However, people can overcome this challenge by having the proper training and support. There are many people who lose precious time online. I was one of them… now, when someone ask me what I think about this or that online survey, I promptly say to them it is a waste of time. I always encourage them to look for long term investments of their time… Yes, it is nice to earn some money right now, but the time you spent to earn less that a minimum wage in your sofa will not earn you residual income for the future. That is the case with internet marketing… after you work on that for some time, you start earning consistent residual income. That’s the reason why many people keep working for 1 to 2 years without earning a penny just to build their websites (their foundation). They know that it takes time and that the hard work will eventually pay out. Again, thanks for you comment!All the bestStefan

  8. Hi Stefan,
    This is an excellent and very thorough review of Swagbucks and how it all works.
    I have previously heard of Swagbucks before, but I had no idea how it actually all worked.
    I previously thought it would be just another scam that appeals to people’s idea of an automated system to make money.
    After reading your review I now have a better understanding of how it all works and it sounds like an interesting system!
    I was very surprised at the many different ways that you can earn through their program and some sound very interesting.
    I thing I will give Swagbucks a try!
    Thanks for this informative review 🙂

    1. Hi JohnI appreciate your comment. You find any program that offers online surveys, they tend not to be a scam IF you don’t have to pay to join. That’s really important to take note. Swagbucks is one among many websites that used as a marketing platform for companies. As you may have notice, it is packed with advertising… encouraging people to try out their products to earn SBs. Most people spend too much time on certain activities because they want to take most out of it… It is not worth it! Choose the ones that I mentioned – performing searches, using the Swag Codes or buying (if you need to) products. These are all ways to earn SB while not loosing your precious time. If you want to make the best of your time online, I recommend you to dedicate yourself to internet marketing, which I consider the best way to learn money online.

  9. Hi Stefan,

    This is a really detailed review of the system. I love how you have put numbers to all the different options so that people can decide which methods they want to use to earn.

    I am glad you given so much detail, because my scam detector would have been going mad if I had stumbled across SB in every day browsing (as usual with anything to do with surveys etc).

    Thank you for the detail and the information. I hope that it helps people considering signing up to SB.


    1. Hi PaulThanks! Swagbucks offers such a great variety to earn that I though it was necessary to explain each one so that people can see what is worth or not for them. Online surveys are definitely not a efficient way to earn money online as you could see. I wasted so much time on that before and I am glad I given up on that. Today I just have my Swagbucks toll bar where I perform my searches and earn my codes. I also bought some products with Argos (in the UK) which earned me around 600 SB so far. Thta’s not bad. Thanks for your comment!

  10. 1. Half the offers dont work for Indians – The Sweepstakes, the Swag Codes etc. You get 1 SB for sure through Daily Poll. Half the time the Surveys in COMPLETE GOLD SURVEY dont make you eligible. So, after completing half survey for about 20 minutes or so, you will be ousted out of the survey stating you are not eligible. Same is the case for surveys under DISCOVER menu. Therefore the earning potential for Indians is reduced to 1/4th compared to other countries. By the time you collect 1000 SB to withdraw $10, you would have given up.
    2. Minimum Withdrawal payout through Cash i.e. through Paypal has been increased to $10 long back and after $10 the withdrawal limit is directly $25.

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