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Is Cash4Offers a Scam? My Honest Review

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Is Cash4Offers a scamI came across another platform where you can get paid for extremely easy online jobs. I was impressed to see so many offers paying up to $8 on the front page.

To be more precise, there were 25 of them, which would earn me up to $200! I know what you are thinking. What’s the catch this time? Is Cash4Offers a Scam?

I decided to take a closer look at the opportunities listed on this GPT (get-paid-to) website. So, let’s put it to test and see if it works!

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Cash4Offers Review

  • Product Name: Cash4Offers
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Money Making Strategy: GPT (get-paid-to)
  • Overall rating: 2.3/5


What is Cash4Offers?

Cash4Offers is an old GPT (get-paid-to) website where you can get paid for a variety of tasks, not just completing offers. The platform was created in 2003 and claims to have paid over $150,000 to its members so far.

This is the list of ways you can make money with Cash4Offers:

  • Trial offers
  • Online surveys
  • Paid emails
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Coupons

Generally, the easier and quicker the task, the lower your reward. How would you feel earning good money just by playing games? Nah, this is not going to happen!


Pros & Cons


  • Generous sign-up bonus
  • Cashout via Paypal and Amazon Gift Cards
  • Free to join


  • Low-income potential
  • High minimum threshold to redeem via Paypal ($35)
  • It’s not possible to convert points to cash and vice versa

Sign up and earn $5! 

$5 BonusHave you created your account yet? If not, you need to provide your name, address, email and password.

Next, you just need to click on the activation link they will send to your email. Awesome, you are good to go!
Cash4Offers will give you $5 straight away as a sign-up bonus. It’s a good incentive, but you won’t be able to cash out unless you have at least $35 in your balance account.

Let’s start with Trial Offers, which is the heart and soul of Cash4Offers.

best money app


Trial Offers

The first thing you will see on the main page is a bunch of trial offers. So what are them?

Well, companies want you to try out their products and services in hopes that you become a customer. It’s like the open market seller offering you a piece of brownie to make you salivate and crave for more.


How can Cash4Offers Pay You For a Free Trial? 

Simple! When you accept an offer, the company pays a commission for Cash4Offer, and Cash4Offers will pay a small percentage back to you.

In other words, Cash4Offers is earning an affiliate commission for inviting you to that offer.


At Cash4Offers, I found some offers called “Another Hot Offer”. There is a red button saying”Earn $8.00″ but if you look at the description, it says, “Pays UP TO $8.00″

Trialpay offers

So, how much money will you make for each offer? You never know, and that’s not the only problem.

All these $8 offers will direct you to a website called TrialPay. There, you will have to purchase products in exchange for other products instead of cash rewards.

freecash banner

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Online Surveys

When you click on “Cash Surveys” you will see a list of survey panel that you can join. This list includes marketing research companies like Samplio Surveys, GlobalTestMarket Survey, Say So For Good Survey, among other respectable panels.

They say you can earn from $0.50 to $1 for each survey, but they don’t show us how long it takes.

Therefore, you are left in the dark as to how much you are earning per hour. If you consider each survey takes from 10 to 20 minutes, expect to get paid way less than the minimum wage.


Paid Emails 

Cash4Offers will send you 1 paid email to your inbox almost every day. Just open the email and click on the confirmation link.

Paid Email
Paid Email

You will make just 1 cent for each ad click.


Games were not available by the time of this review, probably because I am outside the USA. I have talked a little bit about making money playing games in my Swagbucks review, and I am pretty sure the payout won’t differ much. The pay rate is always too low.


Cash4Offers partnered with, which is a cool platform that gives vouchers with discounts for many products in the USA.

All you have to do is choose your coupons, enter your mobile phone number and use the confirmation code sent they will send via SMS. Next, you just have to print and take it with you when you go shopping.

Download Freecash App 3

To be honest, I think this is the best method inside Cash4Offers. You can really save a lot of money! It’s a shame it only works for the US products.


Earning Points 

Cash4Offers will also give you points for completing offers, taking surveys, downloading apps and watching videos with a platform called Peanut Labs.  Each point is equivalent to 1 cent!

Peanut Labs is a third party GPT platform. So what we have here is a GPT platform being promoted in another GPT platform (Cash4Offers).


Just take a look at how many points they give for each survey:

Peanut Labs Surveys

Yep, not a single one paying over $0.50!


Making Money With Referrals

First of all, what are referrals? In simple words, they are people who you invited to join Cash4Offers.

You invite people by sending them your unique referral link. When they click on it and sign up, they become your referrals. What happens next is that you will earn $3 for each referral who complete their first survey or offer.

referral link

You can send this link to your friends and family via email or social media.

Alternatively, you can place this link on your website or blog. If you have a good number of visitors, you can actually make good money without lifting a finger.


Cashing Out

There are two methods to receive your payment – Paypal or Amazon Gift Cards. If you want your payment via Paypal, you need to have at least $35 in your balance account, and 1500 points if you want the Amazon Gift Card.

It’s important to highlight that cash cannot be converted to points and vice versa.

The first payment is processed within a month. However, after you receive your first $35, you will automatically become a gold member and start getting paid within 72 hours.


Final Thoughts

Cash4Offers is not a Scam, but in my opinion, these are some better GPT sites such as PrizerebelInstaGC, Inbox Pounds/Dollars and CashCrate.


Verdict: Legit


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Have you tried Cash4Offers or another GPT website? What do you think about them? Feel free leave me your thoughts or questions below.

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