Is Automated Wealth Network a Scam? [Non-Affiliate Review]

Is automated wealth network a scam The creators of Automated Wealth Network want to show you how to earn 6 figures/year with an internet business. Can we really trust these guys? Is Automated Wealth Network a Scam?

Read this review if you want to know what is inside the  $20/month membership.

If you want to get started with internet marketing for free, read about my #1 recommendation.


Automated Wealth Network 2016 Review 

  • Product Name: Automated Wealth Network (AWN)
  • Website:
  • Price: Minimum: $20/ month. Upsells: AWN Core – $67; AWN Underground – $97/Month.
  • Money Making Strategy: Internet Marketing
  • Recommended? No
  • [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]2/5


What is Automated Wealth Network?

AWN is currently a training platform that will teach you how to take advantage of internet marketing to make money online.

The platform was completely different! Until November 2015, people were pushed to pay for My Cash Freebies and have the right to promote their offers.

You would earn commissions when people completed these offers. However, they didn’t offer proper training on how to start an online business to attract an audience and earn commissions.

Now, the platform has completely changed to include some valuable video lessons.


Pros & Cons


  • You can learn valuable stuff from the videos
  • You can contact the owners


  • Not free to try.
  • No refund.
  • Loads of upsells.
  • No website hosting.
  • The community is not very active.
  • The training is not well structured and actionable- it makes you feel lost.
  • The training doesn’t focus on free traffic.
  • You need to purchase a specific AWN product in order to make affiliate commissions from it.


How Does it Work? 

What makes most people hooked by AWN is not the training itself, but the promo video. It claims you will have an automated selling system – a system that sells information products for you without you having to build it, design it, code it, or sell it yourself.


This reward platform is going viral! Cash out via PayPal, Visa, Gift Cards, and in-game currencies - Click here to find out how to generate an extra $10+ per day! 


Guess what? This system he is referring to is AWN itself! You will pay for training, support, and the right to promote AWN’s as an affiliate. 

There is no secret to it, it’s simply Affiliate Marketing.


No Free Trial! No Refunds! 

In order to see what is inside, you need to pay the non-refundable fee of $20.


Fundamentals Course

The initial $20 will just give you access to the course called Fundamentals, which has 3 parts:


Just an introduction to AWN, how to become an affiliate and how to connect your autoresponder (useless if you don’t have a website with good traffic).

Module 1: Angle of Attack Blueprint

Angle of Attack is a series of videos focusing on the right mindset to succeed online, goal setting, and some strategies to build online businesses.

Angle of Attack course
Angle of Attack course

Module 2: Marketing Fundamentals 

In this module, you will learn the basics of internet marketing, traffic, list building, capture pages, sales pages and online automation. In the last video, Michael tells his story and motivates you even further to succeed online. This last video is pretty interesting!

Marketing Fundamentals course
Marketing Fundamentals course

In order to have a proper business and promote AWN or another product as an affiliate, you need to create a website. However, the training lacks important information on how to do it!


If I was just starting out in internet marketing, I wouldn’t know how to proceed after watching those videos. Without a structured plan of action, I would have to look for more information on the internet. As a result, I could easily lose interest…

After you pay, you will be enticed to buy more training. It can be frustrating to know that the monthly fee will not cover all you need to create a profitable business.


AWN Core – The First Upsell

The additional training is called AWN Core and costs $47 (one-time fee) when you accept the offer straight away. If you decide to buy later, the price will be $67.

This is what you will get:

Module 3: Targeted Leverage Method

  • Get highly targeted visitors
  • Discovering your niche
  • Spying like a ninja
  • TL method

Module 4: Core 7-Step Action Map

  • How to get your first 100 visitors fast

Module 5: Paid Traffic Intro

  • Done for you traffic: access to their personal traffic brokers

AWN Vault

  • Training archives

There is definitely important knowledge on those videos, but they are not well structured and can become quite overwhelming for a newbie. Besides, the courses are mainly focused on paid traffic, which is I don’t recommend for beginners.

When you are just starting out, you want to focus on free traffic, which is mainly through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Therefore, you need to focus on quality content, keyword research, and other SEO strategies.


AWN Underground – Another Upsell 

Yes, you need to spend more money if you want to get more value from AWN.

AWN underground is a kind of forum and free to try for the first 3 days. Then, an additional $97 will be billed every month. That means your monthly subscription will jump to $117/month.

What’s inside?

  • Monthly case studies
  • Monthly 1 on 1 coaching
  • Monthly interviews with successful internet marketers
  • Monthly traffic strategies.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a much better value for just $47/month or $29/month when you go yearly.

The promotional video from this upsell states that this is for those who want to turn their business into a 6-figure machine. Hang on a second, the same thing was promised before I paid $20, now I have to pay more? It doesn’t feel right!



Community and Support

The AWN community is completely dead. There are very few interactions in a day, and if you post a message asking for help, you can wait forever!

I posted a question yesterday and didn’t get any reply so far.

No support after 21 hours only 2 people online at 16:00 (Uk time)

They have a community for members on Facebook (AWN Mastermind), which is also not very active at all!

You can send a message to the customer support team, but it can happen that you have to wait until the next day to get a response.


Promoting AWN – Is it The Way to Go? 

In order to earn commissions from AWN, you have to purchase the training products you want to promote as an affiliate. It is similar to an MLM in this respect, where you have pay for the right to promote specific products.

For example, if you just pay for the initial membership,  you can only make 50% commissions when people join this membership. If they purchase AWN Underground, you won’t earn the commissions from that, unless you also acquired it.



The Automated Wealth Network is a legitimate platform. However, it doesn’t focus on free traffic, which is very important for any online business.


For $20 per month, you will have a basic and not well-structured training. In my opinion, there are better training out there for the same price.

Verdict: Legit


The Best Training and Website Building Platform! 

I started my internet marketing journey with Wealthy Affiliate. I have created a solid foundation for my online business and started making excellent commissions thanks to their step-by-step training and support.

Different from AWN, I have everything included in my subscription plan, which costs me $29 per month (because I pay yearly). NO upsells of any sort!

Another important difference, Wealthy Affiliate has a free starter membership that won’t even require your credit card. You will get the first 10 lessons (more valuable than the AWN’s fundamental training by the way), 7 days of community support and 2 free websites for life!

The community is HUGE and ready to give you a hand at any time. The amount of training and knowledge is mind-blowing.

You will have hosting for up to 25 websites and the essential keyword research tool. This means that you will have your own business built/hosted there, and technical support for it.

AWN doesn’t offer any website builder and hosting, so you will have to pay extra for those services with another company. Just to give you an idea, a quality hosting costs more than $100 per year!

That’s the end of this review. I hope the information was helpful to you. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave you messages below. Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed and want some help getting started with your online business, please get in touch! It’s my pleasure to help you out…

Your friend


My #1 Recommendation

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