1. Hi,
    I have Been playing Lucky Plinko for a few months already and on July 24th I won $ 100 CASH It had said that it takes up to 7 business days before even receiving it. So I waited the 7 days and nothing so I message them and I got no response and I gave it a little more time and nothing It keeps saying that it’s pending. And now we’re in the month of September I recently checked again and now the pending Is gone. It now says no recent recorded winnings. And I wrote several messages and still no response yet. I think it’s all a big scam.

    1. Hi, sorry to hear your bad experience with Lucky Plinko. Unfortunately, the company is not obligated to share part of their ad revenue with players. They don’t seem to care about negative reviews because, somehow, they can manage to keep the overall rating high and the business profitable despite the critics. I don’ recommend anyone to play such money-making games because they just end up wasting people’s time. If you want to earn an online a decent amount of money online, you have to provide value to the internet. It’s not difficult, but it requires some time to build. If you want, follow this step-by-step program for free and see if this type of business appeals to you.

  2. I play opinions master and hyper opinions I have turned my tokens into cash. Only 2 dollars for every 4 million. But I have earned over 30 dollars so far!

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