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Cash House App Review – Can You Cash Out Forever?

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Welcome to my Cash House app review!

I recently discovered Cash House and the opportunity to earn a little extra cash by playing games.

The application is owned by JustDice, which operates many other similar apps like Cashyy, Cash’em All, Playsmart, just to name a few.

The company displays a list of third-party games you can install on your Android device.

After the installation, they will track your play time and give you coins per minutes of gameplay.

You probably know that are many fraudulent applications that promise to pay you thousands of dollars.

Cash House is more convincing since the payout threshold is only $0.50. However, it’s important to set realistic expectation and play it safe.

That’s why you are here! So, does Cash House pay? Is it real or fake? Keep reading to find out!

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Cash House App Review


  • Full Name: Cash House
  • Developer: JustDice GmbH
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Payout Threshold: £0.50
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Overall Rating: 2.8/5


What is Cash House?


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Cash House is an Android app that pays you for installing games and playing them for a while.

As you are playing the games, the app will track your gameplay and award coins redeemable for PayPal money and vouchers.

Bear in mind, you cannot earn a ton of money because there are very few games available. Besides, the reward decreases over time.

As I mentioned, Cash House is very similar to other JustDice apps. The key difference is that it features a mini game where you can decorate your house every time you level up.

By levelling up, you can supposedly earn more rewards per minute!


How Does Cash House Work?


The business model is straightforward. App developers advertise their games on Cash House for a fee.

A small percentage of revenue Cash House earns when you install the game is paid back while you play the game.

I will get into more details later.


Installation and Usage Tracking

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Cash House is available on Google Play and is completely free to use. After launching the app on your Android smartphone or tablet, you will be asked to allow usage tracking.

It’s a very simple process! Just tap “Let’s Start”, select the Cash House app on the list, and toggle “Allow Usage Tracking”.

This allows the developer to monitor the third-party apps and track the amount of time you spend playing a game. That’s how Cash House can give you the coins based on your play time!

Next, you will receive a Welcome bonus of 170 coins.


How Much Money Are Coins Worth?

In the United Kingdom, you can exchange 500 coins for £0.50, which is the minimum cashout requirement.


How to Earn Coins?

Just like other JustDice apps, collecting coins with Cash House is very easy! All you have to do is select any game from the list, install it, and start playing.

You don’t need to complete any mission, though.

Each game option shows you a brief description of the game and the number of coins per second.

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cash house dashboard

However, it’s important to mention the pay rate will decrease over time. So, the more you play a game, the fewer coins you will get per second.

At some point, Cash House will stop giving rewards and you have to install another application to keep earning.

As you play more games, you will level up and get new furniture. As a result, you will earn more coins, and bonuses.



How Do You Get Paid?

Cash House provides many withdrawal options! Not only that, but the cashout limit is very low, which means you can request the payment in no time.

Users who reach £0.50 or $0.50 can cash out via PayPal, Amazon and iTunes gift cards.

Since Cash House is owned by a German company, it will transfer euros to your PayPal account. But that’s not a problem since PayPal allows you to convert euros to your currency for free.

Bear in mind you may have to take a selfie and submit a copy of your ID to check if you are a real person.

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Is Cash House Legit? Does it Pay?


I consider Cash House a legitimate application, although there is no payment guarantee.

After reading lots of user reviews on Google Play, I found many people get paid with no issues.

However, they don’t receive the money when they try to cash out for the third or fourth time. It seems JustDice doesn’t want us to stick to the app for a long time.

One person complained she had to submit her id in order to get paid. She waited for 2 weeks and didn’t receive any confirmation email.

So, yes. You can earn a couple of bucks and that’s it! Eventually, Cash House will probably stop paying you for no reason.

I feel sorry for users who followed the rules and didn’t receive the money they deserved. It’s not fair!

That being said, I cannot accuse the company of fraud. That’s because the terms of service states that the Provider does not guarantee you any winnings.

Therefore, you have no rights to the payouts, meaning the company cannot be held liable for missing payments.




Cash House is a legit application but after the first or second withdrawal, you should be prepared for the worse.

I believe you cannot receive payments forever! Eventually, the developer will probably let you down by not processing the payment.

So, I advise you to cash out as soon as possible and don’t get your hopes high!


Is There an Alternative to Cash House? 


Sure! There are some reputable game apps that pay such as Mistplay and JustPlay. I think they are the best applications for gamers lovers who wish to earn a little extra cash.

I also suggest you try this GPT site because it pays you not only for playing games but also by completing offers and answering surveys.

Depending on how much time you spend on the platform and the type of tasks you complete, you can rack up over $100 per month. 

This site has always paid me promptly, which is why I can’t recommend it highly enough!


Final Words

Thanks for visiting this website and reading my Cash House app review. I hope it was helpful!

So, what is your opinion about this money-making application? Did you receive the payment? Kindly tell us how was your experience in the comment box below!


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