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Save the Tycoon App Review – Is it Legit? Does it Pay $110?

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Welcome to my Save the Tycoon app review!

Save the Tycoon is a slider puzzle game that will give you virtual dollars that you can supposedly withdraw via PayPal. The goal is to free Trump’s red car from the puzzle by removing the other vehicles in front of him.

They promote the game by saying that you can cash out instantly and with no limits. However, that’s not true because you can only cash out once you accumulate $110 or reach level 500.

Save the Tycoon has been installed over 100,000 times on Google Play, and it’s getting more and more popular by the day. It’s pretty addictive, but the main reason lots of people are playing it is because of the cash incentive.

You are here because you don’t want to spend hours watching hundreds of ads only to make the developers reacher. So, can you make real money? Is Save the Tycoon a legit or another fake app?

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Save the Tycoon App Review


  • Developer: Happy Link Games
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Minimum Payout: $110
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Overall Rating: 2/5


How Does Save the Tycoon Work?


Installation and Registration

Save the Tycoon is available for Android and iOS devices. Once you launch the app, you must sign up quickly by using your Google or Facebook account.


How to Play

After creating your account, tap “Play” and select the first level inside the “Beginner” pack. You must reach LVL 100 to jump to the “Easy” pack, where you will probably find another 100 levels. There are up to 1000 puzzle levels divided into multiple difficulty levels from Beginner to Expert.

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Swipe your finger to remove all the cars in front of the tycoon and free him to complete the level.

Check this video to watch the gameplay:

As a result, you will earn tokens (joy) or a chance to open the lucky chest. After watching a video ad, you can open the chest and earn some virtual cash rewards.

You can escape using a limited number of moves. If you are struggling to solve the puzzle, you can buy hints that cost 25 tokens. If you run out of tokens, you can always watch a video in return for 50 tokens.


Invite Friends

Another way to earn cash is to invite your friends to install Save the Tycoon through your link and ask them to enter your invite code. The invitation will be valid only if your referral fills in your invite code within 2 days.

The commission rate depends on how many referrals you get. For example, if you invite between 2 – 5 people, you will get $1.65 per referral. If you check the rules, they also mention that you will get $10 of your referrals’ earnings.

The affiliate program is excellent, but unfortunately, there is no payment guarantee even for those who promote the app.


Other Ways to Earn

If you open the menu, you will also find other ways to earn virtual dollars. You can scratch cards, spin the wheel complete offers, and even share your opinions with TapResearch. Therefore, Save the Tycoon is not only a game but also a reward app with different ways to earn money.

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As you are playing Save the Tycoon, you will collect virtual dollars and tokens called “Joy. When you click on either your cash balance, it says that bonus cash includes the cash awarded by the system plus the amount converted from Joy.

However, I don’t see any option to convert Joy to cash. When I click on the “Joy” balance, it just shows me the Bonus cash, the current number of Joy, and the conversion rate (20,000 Joy = $1).

Once you reach $110, you can request your payment via PayPal, which is said to take one business day.


500-level Mega Prize

Have you noticed a $110 treasure chest on the opening page? If you tap on this chest, you will discover the 500-level mega prize. They say you can withdraw $110 once you finish 500 levels.


Is Save the Tycoon Legit? Does it Pay? 


I believe that your chances of making real money with Save the Tycoon are practically non-existent. Nevertheless, I hope you understand that I cannot call it a scam without solid proof.

Lots of people are angry with this game because they cannot withdraw the money instantly as advertised. Users have to reach level 500 or accumulate at least $110 to cash out. It takes a very long time, and even if you reach either target, Save the Tycoon can simply ignore or cancel your payment request. 

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If you check the reviews on Google Play, you will find that people have been stuck at specific amounts for weeks, and they can never reach $110! Some people have passed level 500 but they didn’t get paid.

The reality is that all of these apps can deny your payment for any reason whatsoever. In other words, they put a “carrot on a stick” in front of people so they watch a ton of videos for nothing.




Save the Tycoon is an interesting puzzle game that will keep you entertained for a long time. The game has been advertised as an opportunity to earn instant money via PayPal. However, players have to reach $110 or level 500 to cash out.

Unfortunately, the app developers don’t seem eager to share their ad revenue with players. Therefore, you may never receive the money regardless of how long you play.

It’s important to understand that every time you watch an ad you are trading your time for virtual currency with no real value. That’s not a win-win situation! 

If you are just playing Save the Tycoon for the fun of it, and you don’t like the ads, just skip the treasure chests. Now, if you are just playing with the expectation to make money, forget about it!


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Final Words

We want to hear your valuable opinion about Saving the Tycoon. Did you manage to cash out $110? Kindly share your results in the comment section below.



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