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Gift Wallet Pro App Review – Can You Make $350 Daily?

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Welcome to my Gift Wallet Pro app review!

Reward applications are becoming extremely popular, especially now that millions of jobs are vanishing all over the world.

I was browsing the Playtore recently when I discovered another one called Gift Wallet Pro.

What caught my attention was the bold claim that you could get $350 for free daily. Check it out!

$350 per day

Because of this title, over 100,000 people have installed the app in hopes to make some serious income.

You probably know the internet is a fertile ground for scammers, who thrive on people’s fragility and desperation.

That’s why you are searching for reliable information about Gift Wallet Pro. In this review, I will answer all questions you might have.

Is it legit? Does it Pay? How Much money can you actually make?

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Gift Wallet Pro App Review


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  • Name: Gift Wallet Pro
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Payout Threshold: $25
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What is Gift Wallet Pro?

Gift Wallet Pro is a reward app that pays you for playing different games and watching a ton of videos

I am not saying it lightly! Every time you tap on anything, they throw advertising on your face.

Sometimes, you have to watch them twice only to enter the withdrawal page.

This will surely take a toll on your limited internet connection and phone battery. Plus, it’s very annoying!

But look at the bright side. You could potentially make $350 per day, or not? Before I answer this question, let me show you how the application works.


How Does Gift Wallet Pro Work?

The money you are supposed to earn from the app comes from advertisers, who promote their services on the platform.

The developer is simply sharing a slice of the pie with users who are their audience.

Most ads take over your entire screen, so they are very intrusive.


Installation and Registration

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Gift Wallet Pro is available for free on the Google Playstore. After launching the app, you must enter your email address and tap submit.

You will get 1000 coins for signing up and watching the first video among many.


Coins and Cash Rewards

As you play games and watch videos, you will earn coins redeemable for cash and gift cards.

You need at least 88,000 coins to redeem $25 via PayPal, Visa, and a wide selection of gift cards. That’s too high considering you will make around 100 – 200 coins at a time.

Here are 10 apps that let you withdraw money instantly! 


How to Earn Coins?

In the beginning, I thought Gift Wallet Pro was one of those GPT platforms where you could get points for completing surveys and offers.

Well, it turns out the tasks are much easier than that. The main activities revolve around scratching cards, spinning the wheel, and watching videos.

Here is some relevant information about each method:

Download Freecash App 3
  • Check-in daily and collect your free bonus of 150 coins. Watch a video and double your reward.
  • Complete your profile and win 500 coins.
  • Watch the entire video and get 100 – 200 coins. There are unlimited videos.
  • Scratch cards and win 100 – 400 coins.
  • Play the lucky spin for a chance to win up to 400 coins. Watch more videos to get extra spins.
  • Flip the card to collect more coins.
  • Enter a referral code and get 1100 coins.
  • Share your invitation code with your friends and earn 1100 coins when they sign up. You will receive a $20 gift card when they make the first gift card order. Really?
  • Share a promotional post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and win between 750 – 1000 coins.

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How Much Money Can You Make?

As you know, the developer claims users can make $350 daily using Gift Wallet Pro. That’s totally unrealistic!

Even if the day had 1000 hours, you wouldn’t be able to generate so much money from using Gift Wallet Pro. The reason is that the app is probably generating less than $0.05 per video.

Keep in mind you need 88000 coins to cash out, which may take you a few weeks.


Is Gift Wallet Pro Legit? Does it Pay?

I am always skeptical of these apps, so I checked the reviews on Google Play to see whether it pays.

Unfortunately, lots of users reported they did not receive any gift cards after waiting for months.

I suspect most people who are leaving 5-star ratings are doing so before cashing out. That is because they mention nothing about results.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that Gift Wallet Pro doesn’t provide the “Terms of Service”.

What that means is that you have no right to any coins inside the platform, so the company is not obliged to pay you.

The lack of transparency and the large number of negative reviews concerns me a lot.

By using this application, you risk spending a significant amount of time in return for nothing.

However, I cannot accuse the app of anything because I have no proof they are not paying. I only have evidence based on the number of complaints on the Playstore.

Is There an Alternative?

Instead of using apps that come and go, I suggest joining GPT platforms that stand for their solid reputation.

One of the best sites for completing simple paid surveys and offers is Prizerebel. I have been a happy member for the past 3 years and cashed out hundreds of times with no issues.

You can realistically make over $100 per month depending on your country and the type of tasks you complete.

If you still prefer mobile apps, here are some legit options:

  • Bidcash: A decent app with different ways to earn rewards.
  • Mistplay: Earn real money for playing games.
  • Bemyeye: Excellent secret shopping app for Europeans.


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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my Gift Wallet Pro app review. if you have any question, let me know in the comment box below!

Now it’s your turn. Have you received the money you deserve from this app? Share with us your experience below.


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