1. Hey I was doing the word search game and at every level I get 20 coins but since I got 1400 coins it started giving me only 1 coin a level so what is happening

    1. Hi Jaden, what’s happening is that the more you play a game the fewer coins you will earn. The reason is that there is always a limit to the number of coins you can earn on each game.
      At some point, you won’t get any coins from that word search game, and you will have to install another game. Every time you do that, FunTap earns a commission from the app developer.
      As a result, part of this commission is shared with you in the form of coins. Then, instead of giving all the coins at once, FunTap will reward you little by little as you play the game.
      I hope this gives you a better understanding of why FunTap is giving you smaller rewards.

  2. I gathered 19,800 coins but they don’t pay any coin after this limit…. Your coins will not raise after this limit unless how much you try… It is futile to earn money by playing games, mostly all apps are scam

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