1. Don’t waste your time. I’m at $95.50, now after every 10 rounds I receive 1 penny. At that rate I have 4500 rounds to complete, assuming they give 1 penny every 10 rounds. It will likely become impossible to complete levels as you get closer. If you want to play it for fun, then its not a bad game, forget about the 100 bucks that’s not happening.

  2. Hi Jim, I think you are right! Reaching $100 is probably a mission impossible.
    The same happens with many other games the pay users diminishing cash rewards. It’s very frustrating when you realize that you are swimming against the tide and that you may never reach the shore.

  3. You are both correct, in my opinion. I am on level 402 and have been getting only $.01 per ever 10 levels. I currently have $91.84 and figure I need to pass 8,160 levels in order to get my $100. I’m not even sure this game HAS that many levels lol. It is a fun game and I play because I enjoy it…not looking to get money though.

  4. I’m so disappointed and feel cheated by TUYOO GAME! I had $70 at lvl 54. Now at lvl 451 I’ve got $98.44! I’ve used my time & money (data usage) to reach another 397 lvls for $28.44! Only $0.01 for every 11 lvls played! Where did the $5/ $3/$0.30/$0.23/$10 go? This means another 1716 levels to get the $1.56 needed to have the required $100 to cash out. That’s if they do keep giving me $0.01 for every 11 levels played. Shame on you for promising real money payout for playing your game! I RATE YOU LESS THAN 0!

  5. I reached $99.25 and a pop up window appeared asking me if I wanted to join the Champion Arena. There was no option to decline. Now I am part of a new leaderboard of 44 players. There are currently 8 days and 4 hours left in a a tournament. The #1 player receives 2000 gold coins, the #2 player receives 1000 gold coins, the #3 player receives 500 gold coins, players #4 through #10 receive 5 mallets each, and players #11 through #44 receive nothing. I moved from position #44 to #13 in 1 hour. I could easily take the #1 position in a few hours if I were to binge play. One very important thing I noticed is that I have completed a log more than 10 levels and I’m no longer receiving $0.01 anymore and I don’t know why. When I click the dollar bill icon, it normally shows me how many more levels I need to complete to earn $0.01, but it no longer shows that, instead it just shows my grand total of $99.25 and doesn’t show anything regarding my next payment. I’m going to keep playing and find out what will happen, but from what I can determine – there are no more payments after $99.25, but I could be wrong since there are players higher on the leaderboard, and I can’t imagine that they are binge playing just for fun.

    Hope that helps 😉

  6. Omg you are all right. I’m actually playing this game from the start. It started giving you a few dollars and it says I can cash it out when I reach $150 USD. I’m on 148.32 and it’s only give $0.01 for every 10 levels. I’m so angry they are so cheating and I feel like I’m stuck it takes forever or never. And so many ads are so annoying. 0 for recommendation for this game. It’s time wasted if you play for money but for fun is ok. They have shouldn’t created this game to play for money👎👎👎👎👎👎

  7. I’ve been at $97.57 for about 3 weeks, not getting anything. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, false advertising.

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