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Words to Win App Review – Will You Ever Reach $7?

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Welcome to my Words to Win review!

I was searching for a legit money-making app on Google Play when I found Words to Win!

You can supposedly withdraw real money to PayPal by playing this nonoriginal puzzle word game.

Words to Win looks more convincing than other games because players can cash out at $7 instead of the usual amounts of $100 or $200.

Yes, it looks more realistic, considering the company may earn over $7 in ad revenue per user.

I’ve tried many games that claimed to give small rewards and ended up not paying.

So, while it may offer less, it can increase your chances, but it’s not a guarantee.

So, is Words to Win legit or fake? Is it possible to withdraw the money or not? Keep reading to find out!

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Words to Win App Review 


  • Full Name: Words to Win: Real Cash Rewards
  • Developer: Rewardify Inc.
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What is Words to Win?


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Words to Win is a word puzzle game where you connect letters to uncover hidden words. Hundreds of levels will help you exercise your brain and pass the time.

As you pass the levels, you will receive virtual dollars accumulating slowly in your wallet.

You can then cash out through PayPal once you hit $7!

The app is owned by Rewardify Inc., an American company that operates this sweepstakes app.


How Does Words to Win Work? 

Installation and Permissions

Word to Win is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, you can download and install the app on Google Play or App Store.

Only residents of the United States, Canada (except Quebec), Australia, and the United Kingdom are eligible to play and receive rewards.

Also, be warned that using Word to Win allows the developer to access photos and files on your device.


Cloud Save

Just tap the blue cloud icon and connect with Facebook to save the game and keep the cash you earned. You will also get a bonus of 500 gold when you sign in.


How to Play Words to Win? 

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Connect the letters in the correct sequence to unlock the hidden words.

It’s very straightforward initially when you have just three letters to play with. But after a certain level, they make it more challenging by adding an extra letter.

words to win gameplay

If you cannot guess the correct word, tap the Shuffle or Hint button. Each tool costs 100 Gold, which is the currency.

After completing each level, they will offer you a scratch card for a chance to win up to $250. Match three identical items to win the prize.

You will often get three cash note symbols worth only $0.05.

You can double your winnings by clicking the “Double Reward” and watching an advert.

All those videos you see turn into a paycheck for the developer.

Words to Win is almost identical to many other games I reviewed a while ago. If you are curious, here are more reviews for you:


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Words to Win also organizes daily and monthly (super) sweepstakes for a chance to win $50 and $500.

To unlock contests, the first step is to click the green button and watch the short video.

Then, you can purchase tickets using the tokens you collect on the scratcher or lucky wheel.

The $50 drawing is held every day at 9 pm ET, whereas the jackpot of $500 is given away on the last day of the month.

There is at least one winner selected via a random drawing of all eligible tickets. Keep in mind that only registered users can win.

You can collect more cash and tokens by spinning the wheel, logging in daily, and watching for special events.

Also, you will get a $1000 scratcher for each friend who installs and plays Words to Win for the first time.


Remove Ads

Words to Win charges £3.99, so people can play without the adverts.

This might help you earn faster but don’t count on it being a game-changer.


How Do You Get Paid? 

All the cash prizes are paid via PayPal, and you cannot cash out until you have $7 in your wallet.


Is Words to Win Legit? Does it Pay? 


I wouldn’t call Words to Win a scam, but the prospects of winning real cash are bleak!

It does pay, but not everyone! 

There is no guarantee the company will let you cash out $7, and you must be fortunate to win the big prizes.

After reading many reviews on Google Play, I noticed that most people get stuck at 6.55 – $6.95.

One of the main reasons is that players are not from eligible countries.

However, even if you qualify for rewards, you may not receive the money.

This woman was so disappointed as she got stuck at $6.70 for six months!


Another player said it took her a long time to cash out, but the money was transferred to her PayPal with no issues.

positive review

In a recent reply, the developers expressed empathy for the individual’s frustration and explained that not everyone can win cash every day in the game.

They suggested trying different parts of the game, like Cash Dash, to have a better chance of winning.




Words to Win is an enjoyable exercise for the brain. Unfortunately, many players get stuck before reaching $7 and cannot withdraw money.

Anyone can install the game and play it for free. However, the company only rewards residents from a few rich countries.

Since very few people read the Terms of Service, they will play the game for hours with the false expectation to win money.

Now you know! You have a real chance of winning if you live in the US, the UK, Canada, or Australia. But it’s not 100% guaranteed!


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Words to Win app review. So, did you hit $7? Did you get the payment? Kindly share your results in the comment box below.


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