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Pop Dice App Review – Is it Legit? Can You Win $5,000?

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Welcome to my Pop Dice app review!

Perhaps you watched a video ad suggesting you could make a ton of money by playing Pop Dices.

They go the extra mile to make players believe they can redeem hundreds of dollars! That includes showing a screenshot with a $100 payments as you can see below.

Since I created this website 6 years ago, I reviewed countless apps and sites that don’t live up to the hype. Instead, they only benefit the owners while wasting people’s time and causing unnecessary frustration.

So, is Pop Dices another fake app? Does it pay those who meet the requirements?

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Pop Dice App Review 


  • Full Name: Pop Dice – Start Rolling and Go (Early Access)
  • Developer: Insoft Inc
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What is Pop Dice?


Pop Dice is a classic board game where you roll the dice and collect virtual dollars, tokens and gifts along the way. There are no complicated rules or challenges!

Depending on where your creature lands, it activates the slots and the lucky cards so you can get more rewards.

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Pop Dice is quite boring since it’s all about throwing dices and watching and watching videos. However, people play it for a very long time to be able to cash out or even claim an iPhone 12.

Virtual items accumulate in your account, but you cannot redeem until you reach $500 or 680,000 tokens.


How Does Pop Dice Work? 


Installation and Permissions

Pop Dice is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, you can install the app on Google Play or App Store, respectively.

Be aware that the developer won’t ask permission to access your photos, media and files.

So, if you care about what is stored in your phone or tabled, you’d better thing twice before installing Pop Dice. Me, personally, I always delete the apps after testing as I don’t trust most of them.


How to Play Pop Dice?

Roll the dice and move the little creature according to the number indicated by the dice. The game piece will stop on the places that may contain the following rewards:

  • Surprise coins: Earn tokens.
  • PayPal cards: Collect virtual dollars.
  • Lucky Slots: Trigger the slot machine.
  • Lucky cards: Pick one of the 4 cards to collect tokens, dollars and puzzle pieces.

playing Pop Dice advert

You can always multiply your coins by clicking “Get More” and watching the commercial.

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Now, if you land on the PayPal card, press the button, and watch the advert to collect the reward.

There is a “No thanks” option, but what is the point in playing Pop Dice if you are not collecting rewards?

However, the game displays frequent ads even if players don’t tap the “Collect” button.

Every time you complete the round, Pop Dice rearranges the rewards and fills up the progress bar.

The lucky wheel (spin) is activated every 3 levels, giving you the chance to collect more PayPal cards, tokens, and extra dices.


Win an iPhone 12

Pop Dice claims you can earn an iPhone 12 if you collect 100 puzzle pieces. The fragments can be collected in different ways such as playing the lucky spin, signing in, and passing levels.


How Do You Get Paid?

To request the payment, open your cash or token balance, select the amount and enter your email.

Pop Dice supposedly transfers $500 – $5,000 via PayPal once you reach the target. Also, you can trade in 680000 tokens for a $100 Amazon or Google Play gift card.

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The company does not provide the Terms of Service, and there is no information on how long it takes to receive the money. So, there is no transparency you would expect from a genuine reward app.


Is Pop Dice Legit? Does it Pay?


No, it doesn’t! I am confident that Pop Dice will never reward you, even if you meet all the requirements.

It gives users the expectation to win big cash prizes, but never transfers winnings to PayPal.

Your cash balance grows fast in the beginning as you rack over $50 at a time. But rewards become gradually smaller as you approach the cashout limit.

Pop Dice is available as “Early Access” for Android, which is bad news since they don’t let you publish your own reviews. This also means that you cannot read other people’s opinions about the game.

Luckily, iOS users can check and write reviews on the Play Store. I had a look at many of them and was not surprised to find that the vast majority of people are calling it fake.

One user shared in great detail what happened. After he made it to $500 and entered his email, Pop Dice asked him to watch 100 videos to receive the money, to which he complied.

Well, guess what? He had to watch another 300 ads to be able to cash out! According to his report, he tried but didn’t get the money!




Pop Dice is another uninspiring game will hook you into watching videos for nothing.

Once you reach $500 and try to cash out, they will update the requirement and ask for hundreds of ad views.

Therefore, it will consume a significant amount of time and internet data, which is only free if you use public Wi-Fi.

But make no mistake. The company will not pay you even if you accomplish all the tasks. The same applies for the iPhone 12 puzzle requirements.

Be aware of similar game such as Dice Winner, Bear Dice, and Lucky Dice! If you are curious about any of them, check the reviews below:


Verdict: Not Recommended


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Pop Dice app review. So, how was your experience with this game? Kindly shake your thoughts in the comment box below.


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