Word Bakery 2021 Pro App Review – Unrealistic and FAKE?

word bakery 2021 pro app reviewWelcome to my Word Bakery 2021 Pro review!

I have recently installed Word Bakery 2021 Pro, a game that supposedly awards cash and gifts such as the iPhone 12.

It’s almost identical to this popular word puzzle app and many other similar games on Google Play.

As you connect letter to form hidden words, you will earn virtual cash redeemable via PayPal, Amazon, and Sephora gift cards. I am talking about hundreds and even thousands of dollars! 

Lots of people get hooked by the possibility to win easy money and end up playing Word Bakery 2021 for many hours. But does it actually pay? Is it fake or legit?

Keep reading to understand the pitfalls and avoid frustration!

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Word Bakery 2021 Pro App Review


  • Name: Word Bakery 2021 Pro
  • Company: MaruMaru LLC
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What is Word Bakery 2021 Pro?


Word Bakery 2021 Pro is a word puzzle game in which players unlock words by connecting letters on the cake. Complete the level by guessing all the words and you will activate the Luck Spin for a chance to win virtual dollars.


There are three cash balances assigned to different payment methods such as PayPal, Amazon and Sephora vouchers. You can only cash out once you meet specific requirements that we will discuss later.

MaruMaru LLC operates other 4 “money” games: Puzzle Collections, Dice Master, Merge Plane, Shooting Up and Word Search.


How Does Word Bakery 2021 Pro Work?


Installation and Permissions

People can download and install Word Bakery 2021 Pro on Google Play and enjoy instantly.

Although it doesn’t ask for any permissions, be aware you are granting the app access to media, photos and files on your device.

In other words, it can read, change and even delete content in your USB storage Crazy, right? If you still want to play the game despite the risks, keep reading.



How to Play? 

Swipe your finger to link the letters and unlock the secret words.

It’s very easy to complete levels in the beginning when words comprise 3 or 2 letters. However, the real challenge starts when longer words are added to the puzzle.

For example, at round 12, Work Bakery will add another letter to the “recipe”.

Word Bakery 2021 gameplay


Collecting Rewards

It pays a few cents whenever you unlock a word. Not only that, it gives coins, lucky spins, and cash (linked to gift cards) after completing each level.

lucky spin

You must tap the Spin button and watch the video to activate the wheel. But oftentimes, the ads are unavailable and you cannot play to collect your reward. It’s very frustrating!

Sometimes, Word Bakery 2021 gives awards puzzle pieces for winning big prizes like iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and more.

You can collect more fragments by watching video ads in the ” Bubble of Puzzles”, or playing another Lucky Spin.

As for coins, they can only buy you hints when you feel stuck.


How do You Get Paid?

Once you meet the cashout requirement, open the cash balance and select one of the three payment methods:

  • PayPal – $200
  • Amazon – $1,000
  • Sephora – $1000

Keep in mind that each option is tied to a unique balance. That means you cannot redeem an Amazon Gift card using the money in your “PayPal” balance.


Is Word Bakery 2021 Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t. The company will not pay you $200, let alone $1,000! Also, forget about winning the iPhone or other big prize just by forming words and watching ads.


Word Bakery 2021 Pro behaves like countless games on Google Play. At first, it gives you a decent amount of cash to give you the impression that it will be easy to cash out. But the close you get to your target, the less you will earn.

I don’t know if you will eventually get stuck, but meeting the requirement doesn’t mean you will receive the payment.

It’s also worth mentioning that MaruMaru provides early access to the game. Therefore, users cannot share their results and opinions in the review section.

That’s not good news, since reviews are extremely important to raise awareness and make informed decisions.


Is There an Alternative to

Word Bakery 2021 Pro?


Despite the large number of word puzzle games on Google Play, Words Words Words is probably the only similar game that pays.

Created by WIRN Games, the app organizes genuine sweepstakes twice a week. Users can also convert tickets to cash and withdraw the money via PayPal.

Unfortunately, millions of players are competing for the prize, so the odds of winning are too low.

CryptoWord is another legit game about connecting letters to form words. It transfers Btc to your Coinbase account almost instantly, but unlocking 100 words earns you a measly $0.01! 




Word Bakery 2021 is a nice game for killing time, but the cash is fake and cannot be transferred to PayPal or gift cards.

make money

The app entices players with eye-catching prizes of $200 and $1,000. I wish they were real, but the fact is that the developer is not obligated to pay anyone.

Besides, the money generated from advertising does not cover such generous cash incentives.

To sum up, playing Word Bakery 2021 with the expectation to earn money is a complete waste of time and internet data. 


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Final Word

Thanks for reading my Word Bakery 2021 app review and I hope it was helpful. If you have questions or thoughts about this application, leave us a message below.


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40 thoughts on “Word Bakery 2021 Pro App Review – Unrealistic and FAKE?”

  1. Robert A Holmer

    I installed this game today and it did not take long to get $200. It let me cash out to Paypal twice. Once at $200 and once at $300. I had to give them my account number and email. Since Paypal is basically a bank it should be secure. It is supposed to take up to 5 days to get the money. We will see.

    1. Brianna L Adkison

      I cashed out 200 and 300 and 500 let me know if you got it please cuz if i dont get it im reporting the game as a scam cuz thats not right after you give your paypal info

      1. Bridgette Williams

        Who do you report that too. Because this is bull* i cashed out 3 times and haven’t received a dime. I tried to the email them they won’t return your emails or anything I want to report them as a fraud so please if you can help me do that just keep at least give me the information I’ll be so grateful thank you

      1. Cuz I got the 200 the 300 the five the 1000 and I have three days left to wait. definitely wanna know if its real

        1. I cashed out 200, 300, 2000, 5000 and still nothing received with 2700 setting there to cash out. Nothing was added to my PayPal. There’s 900 in Amazon card and same for other card but nothing paid.

    2. Let us know if you receive it I can’t get and download my PayPal with my game but I got like $3,000 going on 4,000

    3. Robert A Holmer

      It has been weeks and no money. I have contacted the developer twice with no response back. I have even contacted Google Play store, but they too have never responded. This game is a complete fake. Thankfully I gave them my account number and not the number on my Paypal card. Last thing I need is for them to steal money from my account.

    4. Let see I already cashout more than 3000 it’s going to 4k ..then let see after 5days I just installed last night I amazed the game bcoz u can get money or other price,but I read all ur comment here I feel disappointed with this kind of stupid games…

    5. Faheerah m fedayeen

      Well now that I’ve gotten to where I can cash out ALL OF A SUDDEN my phone won’t let the ads play for me to complete that part of the so called requirements. Why is this? I don’t have any problems with the games that don’t pay money 💯 ha ha. I think it’s a fake game again and they probably paid y’all for good reviews 🤔 kmsl. Just ONCE I’d like to play one that actually pays me without all of the BS for real 💯

    6. I made to $5000 it told me It would take 7 days to get the money and started a countdown. I watched the countdown thankfully not holding my breath. It did not payoff.

  2. I have this game I cashed out at 500 dollars to paypal never got. it says you have to watch 20 videos for transfer to take place to me. in my opinion, this is a scam just to get people’s PayPal info. then I cashed out for 1000 dollars and it says for that I have to watch 60 videos and they dont even give you the option to watch videos so my guess this game is a big scam

    1. Brenda C Adrine

      It’s a scam! I cashed out $2000 and it never hit my PayPal account. I sent them an email a week ago and never got an answer.

  3. Your game sucks it didn’t give me the money in my pay pal account & I’m uninstalling it. To me it’s a scam

  4. Deborah D. Bayne

    Well, I played the game up to 200 dollars, went to cash out, and was put on a timer for 5 days and still no show in my Paypal account. So basically the creator of the game made money from all the ads when I played this game but to date, I did not receive money owed to me.

  5. I cashed out at 200 and I’m still waiting on PayPal, it has not been 5 days yet. However my mother downloaded the exact same game and is on the exact same level, yet her’s isn’t even showing a reward system anywhere. No money icon, no prize icon, nothing. I downloaded it a few days ago, she downloaded it today, could that be why? Did they change it since then? The app store only shows it being last updated in May though.

  6. I have gone past every single level. I’m almost at the last level of $5,000. I watched the timer go to zero on the first $200 “cashout” to be given. Suddenly it states that I need one puffcake. Is this a scam? I have screenshots .. I have put a lot of time in. And even the prizes, began to be divided into only percents of one win! I am kind if disappointed. I didn’t really expect hundreds… but absolutely nada! I also have screenshots of it acting virussy”” and I emailed the creator. Waiting to see…

    Please don’t delete the important info below!
    System Version:Android OS 11 / API-30 (RP1A.200720.012/A526USQS2AUE3)
    Model:samsung SM-A526U
    Level Language:English
    APP Version:1.0.6

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  7. I hate these results. Why would I cash out to a game that is going to be selfish like that to me? This game is unfair like all of the other ones that I played. No email address to reach, not a single thing. Google play needs to do a better job than this.

  8. Patricia cooper

    I have cashed out at 4000.00. Thought I put my info, but it didn’t go through so I never received any money. But one time I had 3500.00 and all of a sudden 1000.00 just disappeared, so I became suspicious and stopped playing even though I loved the game. Maybe they get paid for how many people play the game, don’t know. I will gladly sue if they are found to be scammers.

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