Validately Review – Scam or Legit? Make Money By Testing Sites

validately reviewWelcome to my Validately review!

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of companies that pay individuals to test websites and apps.

The reason is that companies realised the importance of user experience in driving more sales.

Although there are many reliable platforms you can use, there are also many scams and misleading sites out there.

Therefore, you may be looking for more information about Validately to make sure you don’t waste your time and energy. You are in the right place!

In this review, I would like to cover in detail how Validately works and give you my honest opinion about it. Is it a scam or legit opportunity?

Let’s find out!

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Validately Review 

  • Name: Validately
  • Website:
  • Type: Usability testing
  • Price: Free
  • Company: UserZoom Limited
  • Overall Rating: 4/5


What is Validately?

In short, Validately is a platform that pays you to give feedback on websites and apps.

Many organisations are constantly trying to improve the user experience of their sites and apps to help customers and increase sales.

Therefore, they will hire companies like Validately to crowdsource testers and gather valuable insights.

To join Validately and complete assignments, you must be willing to think out loud and have your voice recorded for about 10 or 20 minutes.


Is Validately a Scam?

No, Validately is 100% legit!

Recently, Validately has been acquired by UzerZoom, which is the same company that operates another usability testing site called IntelliZoom.

UserZoom is a reputable, well-established company that has been performing UX (user experience) research for many years.

To give you some perspective, big corporations like Google, Microsoft, Amazon use Validately to improve their services. So, you’re safe!

Validately is not only legitimate but also one of the best usability testing platforms to earn extra cash.


Pros and Cons


  • Excellent pay rate.
  • Most tests only last 10 – 15 minutes.
  • No special skills or qualifications required.
  • Get paid after each test – no minimum payment threshold required.
  • Reliable company.
  • Get paid via Paypal.


  • You may only be invited for 1 or 2 tests per week.
  • The quota of participants can be reached fast.



To join Validately, you must be at least 18 years old and have the following:

  • Excellent command of the English language.
  • A computer with a microphone and/or a smartphone.
  • An updated version of the Google Chrome browser.
  • High-speed internet connection.
  • A PayPal account.


How Does Validately Work?

Sign up

The first step is to create your free account with your email or Facebook account.

Then, you have to answer just a few demographic questions such as your age, education, job position, household income, etc.

Next, you must download the Vaildately existential and pass a screening test.

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Screening test

Before you get paid to test sites, you should take a simple 1-minute screening test.

The screening test is required to ensure you will provide good quality responses.

You will need to download the Validately extension in your Chrome browser, read the questions and speak your thought aloud.

The extension will record your computer screen and audio that you will need to submit for the test.

Validately staff will evaluate your performance and send an email to inform if you are accepted or rejected. This confirmation email should take a few days.



When a test becomes available, Validately will send you an email.

Try to accept the test as quickly as possible because the quota is filled quickly.

Some people complain that when they try to take the test, it says there are “too many people attempting to take it at this time.”

There are many tests available, but Validately will only invite you when your profile matches specific criteria.

That’s why you may only be invited, on average, 1 or 2 tests per week.

Sometimes you may get 10 tests in a week, sometimes you may not get any! It’s very inconsistent.


Think Out Loud Tests

Think out loud tests require you to talk aloud during the entire testing time.

You should read the instructions carefully, perform all the tasks, and answer all the questions.

Make sure your wifi connection and microphone are working and that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome.

Most tasks will ask you to visit a website a think out loud as you browse the pages.

For example, you should say how difficult it is to find a specific page, whether you like or dislike the layout, and give your opinions on how things could be better.

I did one usability testing assignment before, and it was quite easy.

The company asked me to visit a website about wine, find a specific wine and then reach the check out page.

Make an effort to talk continually while you are performing the test because the more information and reactions they collect from you, the better.

Speak clearly and do your best to provide honest and quality feedback

Here is a short video that shows how to do a talk aloud test on Validately.

You may also have to answer a few follow-up survey questions after the test.

There are moderated tests that require you to speak with the staff and provide feedback through the webcam. These tests last longer but pay more!

In a moderated test, the moderator will tell you whether you were successful or not at the end of the session.

To ensure you get paid, you should read the guidelines for moderated sessions here.

After submitting your work, you will receive an email confirmation.

If you don’t receive this email, something might have gone wrong, and you will probably have to submit the test again.


How Much Money Can You Make?

It depends on each test and the number of invitations that you will receive each month.

It’s difficult to estimate, but you shouldn’t expect to earn a lot because there are not many tests.

Validately claims that some tests pay $100, but it’s not easy to find and qualify for these high-paying sessions.

Most nonmoderated sessions last 10 -15 minutes and pay at least $10 while moderated, live sessions usually take 30 minutes and pay $25.

Just like most usability testing sites, Validately will invite you to complete tests maybe once or twice a week.



When you complete the test, Validately will automatically process the payment through PayPal within 7 business days.



Validately is not only legit but a great platform to participate in Usability testing and get paid for your valuable feedback.

You don’t need to have any special skills or qualifications to become a tester. You just have to speak fluent English and be willing to record your voice while browsing sites and apps.

Some people may feel unease with the process as they are not confident in providing the type of feedback the company is expecting.

I also felt this way in my first experience, but trust me, you will get more confident as you do more tests.

Speak naturally and don’t worry about what the evaluators will think.

They are not there to judge what’s right or wrong, but to get insights on what can be improved based on your thoughts and reactions.

The pay rate is relatively high, which is why many people prefer to spend their time on Validately rather than making $2 per hour with traditional online surveys.

It’s one of the few online jobs that doesn’t require any special skills and pay more than the minimum wage.

The only problem is that there are very few opportunities, and sometimes a week goes by without any invitation!

For that reason, I recommend signing up with at least other three different sites so that you receive more frequent invitations.

In my opinion, some of the best platforms are UserTesting, TestingTime, Enroll, TryMyUI and UserFeel.

Usability testing is a great way to make money online. That’s a fact.

However, you can’t rely on it to pay the bills because you never know how many invitations you will get per week.

Even if you register with all UX research companies, you are unlikely to reach a full-time income.

Verdict: Legit


How I Make Money Online

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The potential is enormous, and there are lots of profitable niches ready to be explored!

If you search on the internet, you will find successful affiliate sites operated by individuals like you and me.

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Keep in mind I didn’t have a clue about affiliate marketing before going through this training.


Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my Validately review, and I hope it was helpful.

If you ever completed any test on this platform, kindly share your experience with us!

Also, if you have any questions, I will be more than glad to help you out. 🙂

I wish you all the best


16 thoughts on “Validately Review – Scam or Legit? Make Money By Testing Sites”

  1. Some of my friends are also recommending me to use this as an extra income source.. I am done lots of research since and this post is one of the best I’ve came across! Thanks and I am gonna try this out!

    1. Hi Hans, thanks for your positive feedback on my Validately review.
      Validately offers a great opportunity to make money online as the pay rate is much better than online surveys and other micro-jobs.
      Unfortunately, there aren’t enough tests to make a decent amount of money each month, so I advice signing up to other usability testing sites mentioned in the post.

  2. Hi there, this is a great review of Validately. I’ve heard of some of the other platforms you mentioned such as UserTesting and TrymyUI so I’m familiar with the concept. I agree with you that these sites are great ways to supplement your income. I like that Validately provides different options for tests where you can earn more money. One thing I wasn’t certain about, is this open o persons worldwide or is it limited to specific countries?

    1. Hi Tamika, thanks for dropping by!

      UserTesting is probably the most popular among Usability testing sites, but Validately is a great option as well!
      I believe Validately is available worldwide because there is nothing on the website that states otherwise. As long as you speak English and you pass the initial test, you are in.

  3. Lakeisha Collins

    This is great information! I have heard of these companies but never felt comfortable using them because I just couldn’t be sure that it wasn’t a scam. Even if I found that it was legitimate, I was not sure just how much benefit there was in getting involved. This one sounds intriguing. I will definitely give it some thought! Thanks

  4. Hey Stefan,

    I didn’t know there was a legitimate service that actually offers this kind of work.

    Great review of Validately you did a lot of research on this it really shows.

    I wonder what kind of money Validately gets to pass this information on to the business owners paying for this service.

    All the best.

  5. Very impressive, lot of great information and very well put together. I will recommend others to check it out also. Keep up the good work. Never heard of Validity before and I may even give it a try. Thanks

  6. Hey Stephan!

    Wow, I am from Brazil too 🙂
    Great website, thank you for that, I have been searching for ways to make money online and will check Validately right now.
    How does it work gating Pais by PayPal though? Can you cash the actual money? I don’t really understand the concept.

  7. Hi Stefan,

    I was actually looking for ways of making extra money online, so your review is very helpful to me. Validately sounds like a fun way to do surveys, I don’t mind having to speak out loud while I do things online 😉 as long as they don’t mind my accent 😉
    I will look at the other sites you recommended too. I just signed up for Swagbucks, but it slows down my chrome considerably … So other options are welcome 🙂
    Thank you for this great review!

  8. Hi Stefan,

    I had just recently learned about making money online by providing user experience feedback for websites. I’m really glad I stumbled across your post, it really cleared up some questions I had about the actual process itself as well as whether or not it’s a trusted method to earn extra money.

    Your review on Validately is fantastic, nicely layed out and easy to follow. I appreciate your honesty when you say this method of money making would probably not be enough to pay the bills and quit my day job.

    All the best

  9. Thanks for bringing us your review of Validately, Stefan.

    This is an interesting one, quite different from the usual survey sites we see everywhere.

    I personally have not done any think out loud kind of tests, or anything similar to this.

    The payout seems very lucrative too! I’m going to try it out, and see to what extent it can supplement my monthly income!

    1. Hi Joo, thanks for you comment.
      Validately can be a another great source of income, but it’s not perfect. Sometimes, when you try to do a test, they send you a message that the quota is full. Sometimes you don’t qualify, and it csn be quite frustrating.
      However it’s something that anoyone can do if they have the time and can speak well. An extra $10 for less than half an hour work is not bad at all.

  10. Hey Stefan!

    Wow, thank you for taking the time to gather all this information! I loved the video, it was very useful.

    I honestly had no idea there were even research projects like Validately! I have tinkered with different survey sites in the past, stumbled onto Validately and really had no idea what I was looking at. Your review was great and very helpful!

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Taylor, there are other sites like validately. If you want to get paid for giving feedback on websites, other great options are What Users Do, TryMyUi, and UserTersting. The pay rate is ver similar to Validately’s.

  11. Kimberly Armendariz

    Very interesting read, I had no idea there were such companies and you could make money doing that. Very well written and explained.

  12. Hi Stefan.

    Thanks for the informative review. This sounds like an excellent way to start making some extra cash online.

    Like you, I am also pursuing a full-time online income, but it does take a little while to build it up, and in the meantime getting a few side gigs going, sounds like a good step on the way.

    You mention three other testing sites as well. Are they similar in the pay rate, or is Validately significantly better?

    Thanks again. This was a great read.

    Best wishes,

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