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The Best Free Sweepstakes Apps – 100% Legit – Real Prizes

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If you enjoy taking part in giveaways but cannot afford to spend money, I have good news for you!

There are some mobile applications that allow you to win free entries into genuine prize draws.

The problem is that both Google Play and App Store are contaminated with fake sweepstakes apps that are only operating in the developers’ best interest.

Most of them take the form of scratchers, lucky wheel, and board games with colorful graphics.

They claim the more you play, the higher your chances of winning. However, they never show us the odds of winning or even the number of winners in a given period.

For example, apps that have the word “Lucky” in their names such as Lucky Day or Lucky Scratch are most likely rigged. 

So, if you are not careful, you will probably be cheated out of time!

This post makes your life easier by listing only the most reliable apps you can use to try your luck.

Without further ado, let’s start with the one I praise the most!


Daily Raffle

The Daily Raffle app is probably the best sweepstakes platform on mobile devices.

The reason is that it provides not only excellent prizes but also full transparency in the process.

By watching videos, you will get free tickets for a chance to win $125, $250, $500, and even $1000.

best money app

Simply select 6 numbers from 1 to 9 and cross your finger. If you match from 4 to 6 numbers, you will win the prize.

The algorithm generates a random number, and you can check the integrity of the raffle by using its key and hash number.  

Eligibility: Worldwide



With the Givvy app, you can collect coins by playing games, answering surveys, and referring friends.

Then, you can use your coin to buy entries for prize draws worth between $0.27 and $55.

Givvy is also another great choice because it shows you the total number of entries. So, you can calculate the exact odds of winning!

If don’t want to count on luck, you can convert coins to real cash and withdraw to PayPal once you reach $0.29.

Availability: Worldwide



Wiiny is a French application developed for android devices. You can take part in contests by watching videos or following the sponsor on Social Media.

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Then, the company encourages you to complete tasks in return for stars, which represent additional entries.

Unlike Givvy, the Wiiny app does not allow you to exchange stars for cash rewards. So, you have to rely on luck!

Another downside is that it doesn’t state the total number of entries allowed in a specific prize draw.

Eligibility: Worldwide


Coin Dozer

At first glance, Coin Dozer seems like one of those fake “money” games that never let users cash out.

But after testing the app and reading lots of user reviews, I realized that it’s a world of a difference!

By playing the coin machine game, you will be eligible to claim one free ticket every two hours.

Every day, Coin Dozen pull 100 random winners for a variety of prize draws worth anywhere between $1 and $100.

You can also participate in weekly sweepstakes worth up to $1,000!

Download Freecash App 3

Eligibility: The United States, The United Kingdom


Big Time Cash (WINR Games)

If you browse games on Google Play, you may have already stumbled across at least one from a company called WINR Games Inc.

Some of their most popular titles are Double Double, Brain Battle, Bubble Burst, and Solitaire.

The Big Time Cash contains several games under the same roof!

If you play any of their games, you will collect tickets that will be entered automatically into the $3,000+ weekly sweepstakes

The main downsides are the extremely low probability of winning and lack of transparency.

You can convert tickets to cash, but there is no guarantee you will receive the payment. Some people get paid while others don’t.

Eligibility: Worldwide



I wish I could add more apps to the list, but there are very few companies willing to play fair in this industry.

It’s a shame that millions of people are being tricked into watching clips with the false expectation of making easy money.

That’s why you should read lots of reviews and only stick with apps that have a track record of paying users.


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Thank you for reading and I wish you good luck!


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