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Is Sayso4profit a Scam? Read this First!

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sayso4profit reviewHere is a brief review of a website that I have found recently called SaySo4Profit. Is it a scam or a legit opportunity?

Many people think this is a reward site where they can earn some extra cash with surveys, but it’s not what you may think it is. Besides, there is something wrong with it that makes me concerned.

So, check out my review below before using it!

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Sayso4profit Review

  • Name: Panel Payday
  • Website:
  • Price: Free to join
  • Overal Rating: 0/5


What is Sayso4profit?

Sayso4profit claims to give you the opportunity to take online surveys and get paid.

However, they are not a marketing research panel nor a reward platform responsible for your earnings.

In reality, Sayso4profit is supposed to be an affiliate site that just connects you with survey panels in exchange for commissions.


How Does it Work?

They provide a list of survey companies as well as a brief explanation about each one of them.

survey list

You’d expect that by clicking on “Join Now,” Sayso4profit would redirect you the right website. But in most cases, no…

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Fishing UR

What concerns me about Sayso4Profit is that all the links are blocked by my anti-virus, which shows me this warning message:


fishing url


As you can see, the reason for blocking is that the link is considered a fishing URL.

phishing URL is a fake website that tricks people into believing they won a prize or that they are using a trustworthy site such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

They are designed to collect people’s confidential information, usernames, and passwords in hopes that individuals will use the same credentials used for their credit card accounts.

Not to mention that when you visit these sites, you are vulnerable to malware that can infect your computer and steal your personal data.  

They will direct you to this site:

free lotto

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I am not sure how it operates as I haven’t researched this opportunity.

What I do know is that my anti-virus was blocking the URL before sending me to that Url. I had to accept it and take the risk to continue.

I recommend you don’t do the same!

Except for the Ipsos website, all the other links were either broken or directing me to that website.


The Company Behind Sayso4Profit

I searched the domain name on and discovered the company behind Sayso4profit is the same one that operates Survey Momma, Panel Bucks, and Panel Payday. It’s called NetFusion Media, Inc.

All of these sites operate similarly by directing you to fishing URLs.


Conclusion – is Sayso4profit a Scam?

I can’t accuse the company without concrete proof that Sayso4profit is using the site for fraudulent purposes.

What I know for a fact is that most links are not directing to where it was supposed to. The reason for that? I don’t know.

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In the beginning, I thought those other sister sites had been hacked, but it’s been like that for months now.

For this reason, and until the owner of the site doesn’t fix its links, I highly recommend you don’t use it.

Verdict: Not Recommended


What I Recommend

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Thanks for checking out my Sayso4profit review. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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