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Is Survey Momma a Scam? OMG Blocked By Anti-Virus!

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is survey momma a scamI was looking for survey platforms to review on my blog and came across a website called Survey Momma. I thought it was just another affiliate site promoting survey panels, but it’s actually directing people to a suspicious site. So, is Survey Momma a scam or what?

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Survey Momma Review


  • Name: Survey Momma
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Owner: NetFusion Media, Inc


What is Survey Momma?

At first glance, Survey Momma looks a legit directory that connects people with popular survey panels such as Mysurvey, One Opinion, and Harris Poll.

Survey momma

There are many similar platforms out there that are just affiliates of these companies. Survey Compare, Top 10 Best Paid Surveys, and Top Paid Surveys are three examples of sites that earn commissions when you sign up through their links and take surveys.

However, when I clicked on the “Join Now” button, something bizarre happened!

Instead of being directed to the official website, I received a warning from my antivirus, which blocked my access. Check it out!

phishing URL warning

It says the reason for blocking is phishing URL.

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A phishing URL is a fraudulent site that is designed to steal confidential information such as usernames, passwords and credit card information.

They trick people into believing they won a prize on a trustworthy website such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple. In order to claim the fake prize, people have to insert their personal details, and that’s when they get scammed!

Not to mention that when you visit such sites, you are vulnerable to malware or any other crap designed to steal your bank details.

I regret doing this now, but I decided to ignore the warning and see what was inside. I am curious like a cat!


What is Inside?

So, this is what a got:

pop up - prize

You see? This is a classic example of a phishing site. Note the Windows logo that is used to convey trust and credibility!

The next page explains that I was randomly selected to receive a promotional gift from their sponsors. They say: “Thank you that you are a faithful British Telecommunications Plc user.”

Yep, that’s true! I use BT broadband in my household, so their system is *** smart.

Next, they asked me to answer a few questions such as “Who found the Microsoft” and then urged me to choose the mysterious box:

freecash banner

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pick your favorite prize

Finally, I was taken to another site that was requesting my personal information. Forgive me, but I was not brave enough to continue… I had already gone too far.

Note that it says “a chance to win.” But anyway, it’s clear for you that this is a hoax!


a form


The Company Behind Survey Momma


I decided to investigate the organization behind Survey Momma and discovered the domain name was registered in 2014 by Netfusion Media, Inc.

I was actually surprised because it looks like a reputable internet marketing company from California. Netfusion Media was founded in 2004 and is currently a member of PMA (Performance Marketing Association).

Survey Momma was directing people to legit survey panels in the past, so it’s hard to believe they are responsible for this. I believe this site was hacked and they are still now aware of this. Who knows?

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Conclusion – Is Survey Momma a Scam?

Survey Momma is directing people to a fishing URL, which has the potential to steal your bank account details.

I suspect this website was hacked because, honestly, I don’t think a company of this caliber would deliberately do something like this

So, I am not going to call them scams just yet because this situation may not be their fault.

For now, avoid Survey Momma at all costs because you are not going to be directed to the survey companies.

What you can do is type in the name of the survey panel on Google (The Harris Poll, for example) and enter the official website. Better yet, read the next section where I explain how I prefer to make money online.


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Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!

Your friend,


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