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One Liner-Line to Win App Review – LEGIT OR FAKE?

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Welcome to my One Liner-Line to Win Review!

Chances are you already have One Liner-Line on your phone with the expectation of winning excellent rewards.

You probably found this app being promoted whilst playing another game on your phone!

The developer wants you to believe that once you collect enough diamonds, you can redeem skins and in-game currency.

This opportunity is very appealing, especially for people who cannot afford to spend money on games.

There are many fake apps out there, but now, unscrupulous developers may have found another gold mine!

The tactic of enticing people to watch videos in return for in-game currency. This ball shooting game also promises to award players free diamonds. 

It’s obviously targeting the young audience who are clueless!

Can you really earn rewards by playing One Liner-Line to Win? Is it legit or another fake application?

Let’s find out!

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One Liner-Line to Win App Review 


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  • Full Name: One Liner-Line to Win (Early Access)
  • Developer: brhappyfull
  • Payout Threshold: 10,000 diamonds
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What Is One Liner-Line to Win? 


One Liner-Line to win is an android game where you collect diamonds by connecting all the blocks with just one line.

It’s actually a great game to kill time and exercise the brain. However, most people are playing it because they want to fee skins and diamonds to use in their favorite games.

The app has been installed over 5 million people worldwide, which is remarkable!

With so many people playing One Liner-Line, you would expect a lot more than just 490 reviews on Google Play.

Perhaps the reason is that the app had been as “Early access” for a long time.

Another strange thing I noticed is that the overall rating is 5 even though many people have rated it 1 star. What’s going on?


One Liner-Line to Win Work? 



One Line-liner to Win is available for free in the Play Store. Before you start the game, I advise you to read the Terms of Use and agree with the Privacy Policy.

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How to Play? 

Before the game starts, it asks you to select the games in which you want to redeem rewards. Here is the full list and you can select multiple games.

  • Free Fire
  • Roblox
  • Pubg Mobile
  • Mobile Legends
  • League of Legends
  • Brawl Stars

All you have to do is slide to connect all the blocks and get to the end using a single path. Once you complete the path from start to finish, you will pass the level and collect diamonds.

One Line-liner to Win gives you the chance to spin the multiplier slots and earn more rewards.

But first, you must be a good boy and watch a video so that the developer gets paid by advertisers. How smart!

You can also open a treasure chest to collect coins and puzzle pieces to redeem for Roblox, Free Fire and Pubg skins.

Sometimes, it shows an advert in the beginning that prevents you from playing the game. It’s really annoying!

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How to Redeem? 

This is the time we have all been waiting for! You watched lots of videos and now you deserve to get the reward.

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Click on the Withdrawal button, select the game and tap “redeem” when you reach 10,000 diamonds. Next, enter your Player ID to redeem.

According to the app instructions, your application will be processed to your Player ID within 3-5 business days.

Coins can be exchanged for diamonds at a very low rate. 1,200,000 coins = 5 diamonds.

You can also redeem skins for Roblox, Free Fire and PUBG when you collect 100 skin pieces. To earn 10 more pieces, tap the claim button and watch the video until the end.


Is One Liner-Line to Win Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, One Liner-Line to Win won’t give you any game currency after you meet their requirements.

It doesn’t matter how many diamonds you collect, you will never get rewarded!

Note there is absolutely no information about diamonds in the Terms of Use, meaning they have no obligation to give prizes. 

You may think this is a sweepstakes kind of app where only a few players receive the prize. But there is no evidence that even 1% of players are able to redeem diamonds and skins.

Keep in mind that a $20 Free Fire gift card has 2420 diamonds. Therefore, 10,000 diamonds are worth a whooping $82.

The developer could never afford to purchase so many diamonds and give them alway in exchange for a couple of ad views.




One Liner-Line to Win provides fake diamonds and skins that will never be transferred to your Player ID.

I reviewed hundreds of apps that target the unwary and get them to watch lots of videos for NOTHING!

If you installed One Liner-Line to Win, you will LOSE!

Lose your time, mobile data, patience and, most importantly, dignity!

This app prey on people who believe they can earn something of value with little to no effort.

It’s important to change this mindset because that’s the key ingredient for getting scammed.

Today, you are just wasting time and data. But tomorrow, you may be opening your wallet and putting your hard-earned money at risk.


How to Earn Real Rewards Online


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my One Liner-Line to Win app review. I hope it was helpful!

Have you tried to redeem your diamonds? Share your experience with us in the comment box below.


best money app
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