Offernation Review – One of The Best GPT Sites!

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I have reviewed hundreds of GPT sites in this blog, but very few can compete with Offernation in terms of opportunities and benefits.

In this review, I am going to explain all you need to know about Offernation and show you why it’s one of the top rewards sites on the internet.

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Offernation Review


What is Offernation?

Offernation is a massive GPT “get paid to” website that rewards users for taking surveys, completing offers and doing other simple tasks.

I have recently published a list of the top 100 GPT sites, and Offernation is right in the second position, losing only to Prizerebel.

The platform is operated by 99 Ventures Ltd, which also owns two other similar GPTs, which are SUPERPAY.ME and REWARDINGWAYS.

Offernation is an incredibly popular website available in many countries. It currently boasts 129,000+ members and paid over $364,544.47 in cash rewards since 2008.


Is Offernation a Scam?

No. It isn’t.

99 Ventures Ltd. is a company registered in the UK and has operated all these three GPT platforms for over 10 years.

It’s one of the few companies that displays all the payments made to users in real-time. Here is a screenshot of all the payment proofs, which proves what I am saying:

offernation payment proofs

There is simply no other platform in this industry that offers such a high level of transparency.

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Excellent Users Ratings! 

Just like their other two sister sites, Offernation has received a great overall user rating on Trustpilot (8 out of 10) and an excellent rating on (4.78 out of 5).

The truth is that Offernation is one of the top-rated GPT sites on the internet!



Pros and Cons


  • It’s free to join.
  • Get $0.25 as a signup bonus.
  • Cash out at just $1!
  • There are lots of surveys and offers available – Daily updates.
  • Fast payments.
  • There are 4 payments method – Paypal, Payza, Skrill and Amazon gift cards.
  • Massive 25% referral earnings!
  • Available worldwide.
  • Very Transparent.
  • Excellent support.
  • Live chat for members available.


  • It’s not mobile optimised.
  • Low-income potential.


How Does it Work?

The signup is free, and you will earn $0.25 just as a signup bonus. All you need to do is fill up a short form and provide your name, email, address and payment processor email.

By the way, you will also have to accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

It’s crucial that you understand all the rules to avoid getting banned for opening multiple accounts, using VPN, among other things.

Offernation connects you with many marketing research companies and paid offers.

There is a massive list of survey routers and offer walls that is updated on a daily basis.

There is also a generous affiliate program that pays 25% of all your referral earnings, which is excellent!

All the tasks located in the tab “offer walls” will give you points, which you can convert to cash rewards. 1 point is equal to $0.01.


Online Surveys

Offernation connects you with different survey panels so you can get paid for sharing your opinions.

Some of these panels include Samplicio, Zen Surveys, OpinionSurveys, YourSurveys, Pollfish and more!

Depending on your country, such as the UK and the US, there are lots of survey opportunities.

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You can find new surveys either inside the “make money” tag or in one of the Offerwalls.

online surveys

Most surveys pay less than $1, which is the standard pay rate for online surveys all over the internet.

In addition to the low pay, another drawback of taking surveys is that you have to answer a few screening questions.

You can be disqualified many times, and whenever that happens, Offernation will redirect you to another survey opportunity. And no, you won’t get paid for taking that short survey.

I explain in detail how to avoid getting disqualified in this post.


Completing Offers

It comes as no surprise that Offernation provides lots of offer opportunities to its members.

You can find them by visiting any of the Offerwalls such as Adgate, Adscend,, Wannads and many others!

These are third-party platforms where you can also find additional surveys and other tasks to make money online.

An offer wall is literally a GPT platform inside Offernation, which is, by definition, a GPT platform itself.

offernation offerwall


As I said before, these Offerwalls give you points, which you can convert to cash by clicking on the blue “convert” button.


Be careful when completing any offer by reading their terms and conditions carefully. Reading the privacy policy is fundamental too.

Many offers require you to keep your subscription until the free trial is over. That means you must pay the service for at least 1 month to claim your points.

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There is another type of offer which you may want to avoid is the one designed by advertisers to collect your contact details such as phone number and email address.

In that case, you will have to consent to receive marketing calls and promotional emails. Not to mention your personal data can be sold to third-parties.


Referral Program

Another great opportunity to make money with Offernation is by inviting others to join through your referral link.

Offernation pays a generous 25% commission on all your referral’s earnings for life! So, for every $10 that your referral earns, you will receive $2.5.



Just like in their sister site RewardingWays, the minimum amount you can withdraw is just $1 via PayPal, Skrill, Payza, and Amazon Gift Cards. As for Bitcoin, the minimum is $40.


I have reviewed hundreds of GPT sites, and I confirm this company is the only one that has such a low payout requirement.

Besides, you can make unlimited withdrawals per day! 

Once you request your payment, you should receive it within 24 hours, which is relatively fast compared to other platforms.


Final Thoughts

I can honestly say, without a doubt, that Offernation is one of the best GPT sites in existence today. 

It’s a reliable platform that offers an incredible number of survey and offer opportunities. Not to mention the low payout requirement, the fast payment and the generous referral program.

If Offernation is not enough for you, you may also want to check out Prizerebel. It’s another excellent GPT site that I highly recommend.

Now, if you don’t want to waste more time on simple tasks that pay less than the minimum wage, I advise you to learn more about the strategy that I use to earn $1,000+ per month.

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Verdict: Legit


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Final Words

I hope this Offernation review was helpful to you. If you have any questions, please let me know in the comment section below.

All the best.


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Nancy Stoll
Nancy Stoll
2 years ago

I already do Swagbucks and am going to check out PrizeRebel and Offernation. I am wondering if you know if I do an offer through a wall in Swagbucks does that automatically disqualify me from doing that offer in PrizeRebel or Offernation? I am guessing that it does but thought it does not hurt to ask.
Also, my husband has an account with Swagbucks with no problems. Would both of us creating accounts on PrizeRebel and Offernation lead to issues in banning or being unable to do the same activities (on the walls, for example)?

1 year ago

Offernation is a scam, that will make half of its customers wait 30-60 days unexpectedly, for ‘verification’. You will also sometimes have to send them ‘Proof of ID’ for no reason.

Do not use this site, they will not pay you if you are one submitted for ‘verification’. They are also incredibly unprofessional on Trustpilot in the way they talk, and sometimes even bully the 1* and 2* reviewers for more stars.

I find it incredibly disappointing that you have linked to them, it is clear that this site is nothing but a way for *you* to make money. Which is understandable, however I wish that you would have at least picked good sites, rather than just sending your readers to scam sites.

I advise anyone that can see this comment to avoid these websites, as well as myroomismyoffice itself as the information is not trusted and is purely for the owners to make a profit.

3 months ago

Hi – I am a top earner on Offernation.

It isn’t a scam and the security checks are for that. Sometimes there is an issue with a survey wall and your use of it or an offer that is shady or you too many rejections/reversals from offers online. It clears up once the security checks are done and one can resume surveying with good advice from admin that might come from the results of those security checks. You will absolutely have to verify your identity as well – there is no way around this and that’s why they have a phone verification system or they temporarily restrict your account until you prove who you are,

I live in the US so I may have more offers than others. My demographics, though not ideal in the advertising world, do offer potentially good survey opportunities. I have made a lot of money and saved a considerable amount over time toward extra living income while I’m back in school.

Minimum cash out if a $1 via PayPal which is very convenient or you can withdraw with gift cards, et al. You can use your earnings for anything you want, like savings for school or Christmas or emergency money, paying bills, or buying things for your family – whatever . This is not a “needs-based” site and if anybody in the chat complains about what you do with your earnings or makes insinuations about it, ignore them.

There are plenty of places where you can find survey opportunities like the Daily survey routers, survey opportunity walls like Your-Surveys (CINT), Peanut Labs, Live Paid (one of my favorites), and Revenue wall, just to name a few.

My only suggestion is to thoroughly read the terms of use and understand beforehand, including where security verification checks may happen at any time at the discretion of the admins, so you’re not surprised when something happens.


a happy member

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