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Money Claw Machine App Review- Real or Fake Cash?

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I was browsing the Google Playstore when I discovered the Money Claw Machine app!

What caught my attention was the fact that it been installed over half a million times despite the poor graphics and boring gaming experience.

The main reason why so many people try this app is that they expect to cash out via PayPal or another method.

In this review, I will show you how Money Claw machine works and give you my honest opinion. Is it a fake app? Does it pay or not?

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Money Claw Machine App Review


  • Name: Money Claw Machine
  • Developer: TenAppsAndGames
  • Membership Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Type: Simulation
  • Minimum Payout: N/A
  • Overall Rating: 0.5/5


What is Money Claw Machine?


Money Claw Machine is an Android application that simulates a real claw crane machine usually found in arcades and shopping malls.

However, instead of having stuffed toys, dolls, jewellery or alternative gifts, it has Euros and Pound notes inside.

money claw machine app

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In the app description, the developers don’t say you will make real money with this app. Also, when you open the game, there is no cashout button!

For me, it was obvious that Money Claw Machine was just a simulation game. But, for many people, it’s not that clear!

To avoid frustration, the company should inform users that they don’t offer any cash rewards.


Is Money Claw Machine Legit? Does it Pay? 


Money Claw Machine is just a simulation game made for “entertainment”, so it doesn’t pay. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to call it a scam.

The problem is that the developers are somehow benefiting from this misunderstanding, which is causing a lot of frustration.

If you check the reviews on Google Play you will notice that hordes of people are angry as they can’t make money.

I guess if the machine had toys instead of cash notes, it would have less than 1,000 installs rather than 500,000.  Because it’s so boring and ugly!


How Does Money Claw Machine Work


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I don’t even think it’s worth reading about how it works. So, let’s keep it brief!

After installing the game on Google Play, you can start playing it without creating an account.

Just move the claw crane and press the blue button to collect the cash notes. When the machine drops the note, tap on the note to grab it.

After you collect all the notes, you will unlock another machine. There are only 3 machines, so you will finish the game in just a few minutes.

In my opinion, it’s a very boring game with amateur graphics! Many people share the same opinion.

At least it won’t make you waste a lot of time as other “money-making” games such as a Plinko-style or a merging dog game.

Most games that supposedly give you cash rewards will make you watch a ton of videos for months and will never let you cash out.

From this perspective, the Money Claw Machine app is not that bad!


Is Money Claw Machine Safe? 


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I am confident that Money Claw machine is a safe app because Google bans applications that are harmful to our devices.

If Money Claw machine wasn’t safe, it wouldn’t be available for download for a long time of time.

Regarding Privacy, the company promise to never store or share information about you.


Is There a Better Alternative to Money Claw Machine?


There are apps on Google Play that allows you to operate a real claw machine remotely and earn real prizes.

However, most of them are dodgy and you will have to spend money. I wouldn’t play any of them!




Money Claw Machine is a poorly designed simulation game that won’t give you any money.

I don’t recommend installing this app because it’s extremely boring. Heck, I am bored even to talk about it!

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Final Word

Thanks for taking the time to visit My Room is My Office and read my Money Claw Machine app review. I hope it was helpful!

Stay safe and peace out!

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