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Mind Joy Review – Does it Pay? Emotional Healing or Distress?

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Welcome to my Mind Joy review!

Mind Joy is the latest habit-building app that claims to reward users with real cash rewards! 

According to the developer, the app empowers you by providing uplifting and motivational words that promote emotional well-being.

But what might have attracted you to Mind Joy was not the fluffy affirmations and daily intentions but rather the opportunity to make money! 

I am not talking about pocket change, as the earning potential of Mind Joy is mind-blowing! 

You can collect points just by reading positive statements and cash out up to $500! 

The first reaction people have when they first hear about this application is:

Wow, it looks too good to be true, but I wish so bad Mind Joy was real! 

Unfortunately, many fall for the hype and start using fake money-making apps without reading reviews. 

In this post, I will expose this viral app before it can turn your positivity into a vortex of shattered emotions. 

So, is Mind Joy Legit or fake? Does it pay? Let’s find out! 

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Mind Joy Review 


  • Name: Mind Joy – Daily Affirmations
  • Developer: フィットネスジョイ
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Payout threshold: $3
  • Price: Free 
  • Overall Rating: 0/5


What is Mind Joy? 


Mind Joy is a free application that claims to pay you for reading daily affirmations and motivational messages. 

The concept of this app is pretty simple: Reward users while promoting their personal growth and development. 

Mind Joy also allows users to set reminders to follow particular activities during the day, such as stretching, meditating, and walking. 

It reminds me of an app I tested a while ago called Lucky Habit. Here is my Lucky Habit review. 

By reading the messages and watching commercials, you will collect points redeemable for real cash rewards. 

But unlike the advert stated, you must collect enough coins to be able to cash out. 


How Does it Work? 


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Mind Joy can be installed on the Play Store for any Android device.

It’s free to use and doesn’t require any form of registration, which makes it very convenient.  

Right after launching the app, you will receive a newcomer bonus of 300,000 points worth $3. 

So, right off the bat, you know that 100,000 points are equivalent to a dollar!

Then, you are encouraged to wipe to view motivational and positive statements like this one:

Mind Joy affirmations

You will receive 1500 points for every five reads provided that you tap “Get Points” and watch the video. 

Since the developer makes money from every view, these quotes are just excuses to bombard you with advertisements. 

But there are other ways to collect points with Mind Joy. 

The award section features daily activities that create a sense of accomplishment toward a healthy lifestyle. 

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You are supposed to follow this list and tap the “receive” button to activate the video and collect 1000 points.

Then, watch another commercial to double the reward! 

Mind Joy also features three games to collect more points: Lucky Points, Slot Points, and Lucky Points. 


Withdrawing Funds

Mind Joy allows users to cash out instantly with as little as $3. 

Considering they gave you a $3 newcomer bonus in the beginning, you will be able to cash out immediately. 

Navigate to the “withdraw” tab and choose either PayPal or Cash app. Then, enter your email or phone number to initiate your withdrawal. 

Mind Joy promises to credit your account within just 24 hours.

But is it real? 


Is Mind Joy Legit? Does it Pay? 


I cannot determine whether Mind Joy will transfer your first $3 newcomer bonus. 

However, it’s doubtful that you will receive the money due to its “too good to be true” nature. 

Besides, if the company was paying, it would necessarily require users to sign up and verify their accounts. 

The reason is simple: If it were a real money-making app, people would easily exploit the bonus by logging in from multiple IPs to make huge profits. 

To make matters worse, Mind Joy is still an Early Access app, preventing users from publishing reviews on the Play Store.

Therefore, they can hide negative feedback from those who spent time on the app and didn’t make a dime. 

Don’t set high expectations of making money with Mind Joy.

Despite taking a long time to accumulate enough points for the next payout of $10, I would still consider it too much for this kind of application. 

Since developers cannot afford to pay everyone and still make a nice profit, they ignore everyone’s cashout requests. 

After all, they are not obligated to pay anyone! 




Thousands of people download Mind Joy to make money rather than get motivation or inspiration. 

Unfortunately, you will never receive the money in your PayPal or Cash App account for using this app. 

The easiest way to make money with your mobile phone is perhaps using a video streaming app like ClipClaps! 

But considering you can make a lot more money by completing surveys and offers, I would focus on reward platforms like Prizerebel or Freecash. 

Now, for those of you who dream bigger and wish to make a full-time income from your laptop, here is my best advice:

Build a content-based business that attracts a large audience! 

For example, by publishing helpful articles on your website, you can rank on Google and receive life-changing commissions. 

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Mind Joy review. I hope it was eye-opening! 

If you wish to voice your opinion on this app, please do so in the comments box below.


best money app
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