Merge Numbers Plus App Review – Can You Earn $200?

Merge Numbers Plus app reviewWelcome to my Merge Numbers Plus app review!

I was testing another app when I saw an advert about Merge Numbers Plus showing earnings of hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

It makes you think you can become rich just by playing an addictive game on your phone.

Here is a screenshot from one of these ads.

merge numbers plus advertising

If you play “money-making” games on your phone, you are probably familiar with these type of ads.

Merge Numbers Plus gives you coins and virtual dollars that can supposedly cash out once you earn at least $200.

It’s strange the fact that reviews on Google Play have been disabled even though the app has been installed over 1 million times.

In this review, I will show exactly you how Merge Numbers Plus works and give you my honest opinion about it.  Does it pay? How much money can you really earn?

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Merge Numbers Plus App Review


  • Name: Merge numbers Plus
  • Company: BT Gamefun
  • Membership Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Minimum Payout: $200 (PayPal)
  • Overall Rating: 2/5


What is Merge Numbers Plus?


Merge Numbers Plus is a mobile game where you need to merge at least 3 same numbers to collect coins and virtual dollars.

As the game is entirely funded by advertisers, they will show you frequent video ads while you are playing. That explains how the app developer would be able to reward players.

Merge Numbers Plus is a simple yet fun, addictive, and especially useful game to kill time.

What makes it even more addictive is the expectation of cashing out through PayPal once your cash balance reaches $200

Can you imagine making $200 just by merging numbers on your phone and watching a few ads?


Is Merge Numbers Legit?


I don’t think anyone is able to cash out unless the company is picking a few lucky winners randomly.

The reason is that the amount of virtual money they give you is probably way above the revenue generated through advertising.

For example, after playing for less than 10 minutes, I made $3, which is more than I would get by filling up online surveys. It’s very unrealistic! 

To make matters worse, the review section on Google Play is disabled, preventing us from hearing other users have to say.

Merge Numbers Plus is still in development (early access) despite being installed more than 1 million times already. Something tells me that the developers are not open for critics.

So, I checked their other very similar game called Merge Number and discovered that lots of people get stuck and cannot cash out. I haven’t seen any report of successful payout.

As the game and business model are the same, I can only assume people may have the same experience and struggle to reach $200.

I cannot make any claims whether Merge Numbers Plus is a scam or a legit app without solid proof. What I can tell you that your chances of making $200 playing this game are close to zero.

Important update: Since I wrote this review, I received two comments from users who managed to reach $200. Keep reading to discover what happened after they tried to cash out.


How Does Merge Numbers Plus Work?



Merge Numbers Plus can be installed on your Android device for free on Google Play. Once you open the app, they will ask permission to access photos, and files on your device.

I don’t know why a game would need access to files on your device because, unlike secret shopping apps, you don’t need to upload anything. For me, this seems very suspicious and unsafe.

For example, if you choose “Allow”, they can read and even delete content that is stored in your USB. Be aware that the company disclaims all responsibility.

Luckily, the company give you the option to deny access and still play the game.


Playing Merge Numbers Plus

 The game seems a bit confusing in the beginning, but it’s actually very simple!

The goal is to tap on a number that is surrounded by at least 2 other numbers that are 1 unit higher.

For example, if you have number 5 surrounded by two numbers 6, they will all merge together to form number 7. You can combine more numbers at once to form combos and earn bonuses!

Here is another example:

merge numbers

You can earn coins by merging specific numbers that have a coin sign. Occasionally, you will also collect a specific amount of virtual cash. It shows you a PayPal logo, but unless they transfer it to PayPal account, this is not real money. 

cash reward

Usually, they will allow you can watch an ad to multiply your earnings. Ads will also pop up occasionally while you are playing, and you cannot skip them unless you close the game and start over.

If you run out of opportunities to combine numbers, you must strategize and tap on numbers to increase their value.

Every time you do that, you will consume one heart. You can use a maximum of 5 hearts, after which the game is over.

If you tap on revival and watch a video ad, you can get another 5 hearts and continue from where you started.

It’s quite easy in the beginning, but the more you play, the harder it gets!

There are other ways to collect coins such as checking-in daily, and spinning the lucky wheel.


Diminishing Rewards

After playing Merge Numbers Plus for a while, users will start collecting fewer and fewer rewards.

This happens with almost all games that offer a high cash incentive such as Wordy Word, and Dog Condo.

They give you the impression that you will cash out quickly by giving lots of coins or virtual cash in the early stages of the game.

However, once you get closer to $200, you will realize that reaching the minimum threshold will take ages!


How Do You Cash Out?


As I mentioned, you will collect virtual dollars and coins while playing.

When you click on the cash balance at the top and click on “Cash out”,  it says you must have at least $200 to cash out! Enjoy it!

As for coins, Merge Numbers Plus give you the following minimum payout options:

  • £5 Amazon gift card: 285,000 coins
  • £5 PayPal: 285,000 coins
  • £10 Google Play: 510,000 coins
  • £10 iTunes: 510,000 coins
  • £10 Steam Wallet: 510,000 coins
  • £5 Playstation Network: 294,000 coins
  • £10 XBOX Live: 510,000 coins

If you don’t live in the UK, select your nation to see the cashout requirements in your country.


Hidden Cash Out Requirements

If you check the user reviews below, two people said that after they reached $200, the app came up with these additional requirements:

  1. Be active for 150 days.
  2. Reach 800 levels.
  3. Earn at least 16,000 reward bonus.

I mean, seriously?

It must be very frustrating to reach the $200 goal and realize there are more requirements that are not mentioned anywhere.

I can’t even imagine how long it will take to reach these goals, but guess what? There is still no payment guarantee!


Does Merge Numbers Plus Pay Real Money? 


Below the “Cash Out”  button, there is a statement saying “Redeem means you agree with TOS”.

I checked the Terms of Service and couldn’t find any information about coins and cash withdrawals. From what I understand, this means the company is free to deny your payment. 

For example, lots of similar apps state that tokens and virtual currency have no monetary value and that you will only exchange for cash at the company’s sole discretion.

In my opinion, you will never make real money by playing this game.


Final Thoughts


I think Merge Numbers Plus is a great puzzle game to exercise your brain and pass the time. But it’s not for making money!

There is no evidence that players are able to cash out.

I don’t support the way they are advertising this app because it gives people unrealistic expectations. You won’t make thousands of dollars with this game as the ad suggests!

It takes a very long time to reach $200 or 285,000 coins, and I don’t think the company will be willing to pay once you get there.

If you want to play it for fun, I am sure you will enjoy Merge Numbers Plus. Just don’t expect to earn money or you can get frustrated and regret wasting precious your time.


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Final Words

Thanks for your time reading my Merge Numbers Plus app review. I hope it gives you a better understanding of this game.

If you want to ask anything or share your thoughts about it, feel free to use the comment box below.

Stay safe and peace out!

45 thoughts on “Merge Numbers Plus App Review – Can You Earn $200?”

  1. I managed to reach the $200 point but to cash out you need to be 150 days active reach level 800 (not in hells chance) and watch 16000 coins bonus adverts. I will give it 1 ☆ Review and that is being generous.

    1. Wow! I was not aware of these extra requirements. That must be very frustrating to reach $200 only to discover you need to overcome more obstacles. Were you informed about these extra requirements after you tried to withdraw?

  2. I got to $200 and when I went to cash out there was more things to do before you can cash out, like all these kind of games a waste of time, if I could rate it I would give it a 1.

    1. HI Keith, thanks for sharing! It’s not fair to ask for more things when people are ready to cash out. What if they come up with other requirements later? Honestly, I don’t think anyone will ever cash out $200 because that’s too much money just for watching ads.

      1. I have 19c to go snd cant get it even the 2c free now and then wont work.or add to my money im sick of games like this plz fix this becuse if yous dont i will sue yous i did read everything so i no what im talking about so cash me out or ill win and ill be getting a lot more then 200 tjanks

  3. Pls this is not encouraging I have reach my 200 to cash out on merge number out but it is not working

      1. I played merge numbers. I got to$200. And was going to cash out but it you had to have 500. Well I did that (it was actually $6??.??) and tried to cash out. I’vee tried everything. I think thats bullcrap. I am so disappointed. First time I thought I had actually won something! I’m so disappointed

  4. This app definitely wastes my time. There are 3 steps to be finished before you cash out 200$. And these steps must be given before you start the game.
    Step 1: Active 150 days.
    Step 2: Reach 800 levels.
    Step 3: You should get a 16,000 reward bonus.

    I am only active for 14 days. Only reach 19 levels out of 800. AND GOT 77 REWARD BONUS OUT OF 16,000 ON TOP OF THAT.

    1. Hi Karen,

      So, now they are adding more requirements! Reaching 800 levels will definitely take ages, and you have no guarantee that they will pay you once you take all those steps. If you want to make money, you have to think carefully if you really want to risk of playing this game and not get paid at the end. You could make real money doing online tasks or even building your own internet business as I said in another comment.

        1. I played number merge master so far I’ve earned 246700 they said I had to wait 72 hours. Of course they gave me a 200.00 card a 400.00 card and so on. Now it says this card has been processed successfully please go to your pay pay account to receive. They said all the cards above are waiting for me to accept. Haven’t been able to receive a thing. All these games aren’t any good for paying just to play.

        2. It reads I can cash out. I made it to the $200 mark, but when I check paypal noting is there. was this a spam please google, remove all tese fake games you are losin gmany players thank u

    2. When l reached $ 199.81 Money merge stopped paying virtual money and no instructions or a help desk thanks for you review and for me its another a scam alright like them all . Your review is very informative Thank you

    1. Hi Brittney, sorry to hear your negative experience with Merge Numbers Plus. Just 18 cents to go, and you must have watched so many ads! Just avoid playing games for money because most of them are a complete waste of time.

    2. I have that same issues having me claim $0 that’s ok I’m going to report this game because it’s clear instruction and a class action lawsuit may happen this is pain and suffering we are following directions and nobody wants to pay us they are breaking their own rules.

  5. Saya sudah melakukan cash out $2 dan $5 sudah menunggu sebulan tidak dibayar dan redeem $5 sudah dua minggu tidak dibayar,merge number scam tidak terbukti membayar

  6. I made it too $199.80 and now wont give me anything but credits that doent have any purpose…and to add insult i only earned 2c-3c at a time for the last $5..i feel like an idiot…IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IS USUALLY IS!!!

  7. I’ve been playing this game for three days now and I’ve got enough to $199.80 and they’ve switched me to credits I don’t get any more money this game is a fraud I need to be reported all games like this need to report it so people don’t get their hopes up this is BS!!!!

  8. We have spent so much time on this merge number game. We were made to watch many videos, as and so many. Finally, when we reach close to $200, there are many criteria imposing on players.


  9. How can someone go extremely like this just because I wanted to cash out on top waiting?
    I managed to merge the number and reached over $200 in PayPal. Still, I can’t cash out.
    After wasting all my Time, Subscription, Money, watching adverts. Now telling us to be waiting for 150 working days. Who does that?
    You have to find something to do to it.
    I spent so much money on this!

    1. Hi Paul, you can make real money via Paypal by joining this legit GPT site. It has been rewarding members since 2007. You won’t get rich by completing easy tasks, but at least you will receive the payment once you reach $5.

  10. I made it past the $200. I was able to redeem money and, at first, it said reviewing payment. Then it said processing. Its been a week and it still says processing.

    1. I reached 200 300 500 waited 62 hrd the 16 days. It says it has been added to PayPal. I am still waiting. It’s a false advertisement.

  11. Hello, my name is Tammy I’ve been playing for about four maybe five months now and I finally reached $200. Towards the end when I was getting close to $200 they were giving me like two cents, one cent, 3 cents. Now that I’ve reached the $200, I want to click to cash out I can’t cash out. It doesn’t say anything. It just doesn’t do nothing and there’s nowhere on the game that I can press to talk to anybody customer service or anything no place at all. The settings is only for the music, and I don’t even remember what but it’s not to talk to anybody to find out how I cash out. So, I’ve been playing all this time and I do not get to cash out after I reach $200. I get all kinds of money now Apple I did now I don’t all. I get is coins. I get no more money. I’m at 218 something but once I reach 200 I was getting like $2 $3 for the first day and now I don’t get any cash. Though I did like the game, it is kind of addicting but they lied to me when I started the game

  12. I got to $199.81 and it wouldn’t let me claim any more money. I am really good at this game andn I think it’s fraud for them to do games like this. I deleted the game.

  13. I have reached more than 300 dollars and yet I haven’t cash out. Well, there are these requirements for 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 dollars. I already have redeemed 5 dollars haven’t received it on my Paypal account still pending for almost a month tho.

  14. I’ll definitely delete the app in my phone. I’m thankful that I came across this review which made me decide what to do with that app than to waste my time again expecting $s on my paypal.


  15. This game is a joke I got to the $200 and $300 mark…and then wait like it said and when it said it was sent to my PayPal account it was not there…

  16. for the longest time I was stuck at 199.98 but I checked every day to see if maybe I’ll get lucky, I finally passed that limit and saw that the new cash out balance was $500. I made it all the way to $499.98 and didn’t get anything else. I’m now checking today and I made it all the way to $613 and the limit to cash out is still $500. The “cash out” button does not work for me. But EVERY other button works.

    1. Same here I kept playing and am now over 2800.50. But still cannot cash out. It says I have to reach a certain level which is still a mystery to me but I will continue to play until I CAN cash out. It has now become a quest. I will not stop. Will keep you posted 😳

  17. hello? for the longest time I was stuck at 199.98 but I checked every day to see if maybe I’ll get lucky, I finally passed that limit and saw that the new cash out balance was $500. I made it all the way to $499.98 and didn’t get anything else. I’m now checking today and I made it all the way to $547 and the limit to cash out is still $500. The “cash out” button does not work for me. But EVERY other button works.

    1. Hi, did Merge Numbers show you any extra requirements? Anyway, I don’t think they will pay you depite having 800 USD. It’s a very unrealistic cash reward jusy for playing a game. In my opinion, the best course of action is to forget about it, and search for other ways to make money online. Here is my top recommendation.

  18. Reached $200 then they said $500 reached $538. Passes all their tasks and days play Cash out is a joke been trying for a week to have money cash out to PayPal nothing and worse yet no way to contact any one about way I can’t cash out. At this point a total ripoff, waste of time and of course having to listen to husband and kids tell me I told you so!!!! There should be some sort of regulations on what these game sites are able to claim! If they say you can earn money you should be able to claim said money!!! Total rip-off of money time and effort Number Merge does not pay!!!!!!


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