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Survey Junkie Review – Is it Safe? Does it Pay?

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Welcome to my Survey Junkie Review!

Survey Junkie is a popular survey platform open for residents in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

On this site, you will earn points for sharing your opinions for marketing research, and get paid in cash or gift cards.

If you are searching for more information about Survey Junkie, you have come to the right place!

I’ve put up this full review to explain everything you need to know regarding safety, surveys, payments, and more!

Lots of people had a negative experience with Survey Junkie, so it’s important to be aware of the mishaps. I’ve seen bloggers promoting it as the best panel and ignoring issues raised by hundreds of panelists.

So, is Survey Junkie safe to join? Does it pay or not? Keep reading to find out!

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Survey Junkie Review


  • Product Name: Survey Junkie
  • Website:
  • Business Type: Online Survey
  • Membership Eligibility: US, Canada, and Australia (+16)
  • Price: Free 
  • Overall Rating: 3/5


What is Survey Junkie?


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Survey Junkie is a marketing research community where you get paid to share your views on products and services through online surveys, focus groups, and phone surveys.

The platform has been featured on countless blogs and has over 11 million members.

Survey Junkie opens up a window of communication between consumers and brands. Therefore, it provides a cost-effective way for companies to collect valuable insights from a broad or very targeted audience.

By sharing your opinions, you will help brands make better decisions that impact sales figures and profit. In return, Survey Junkie will award you points that you can redeem instantly via PayPal or e-Gift cards.


Pros & Cons


  • Strong reputation – Rated 4 out of 5 on Trustpilot.
  • Get paid via PayPal, bank transfer, and e-gift cards.
  • The payout threshold is just $5.
  • Earn points even if you don’t qualify.
  • Earn more by participating in focus groups, phone surveys, and product testing.


  • It can be difficult to qualify and you may get screened out while taking the survey.
  • It’s only available in the US, Canada, and Australia.
  • Bank transfer and e-gift cards are only available for US residents.
  • You may have to verify your identity before receiving the money.


How Does Survey Junkie Work?

Point System

The first thing you should know about Survey Junkie is that it operates a point-based system in which 1 point = $0.01.

So, the exchange rate is very straightforward, making it easy to spot better opportunities based on survey length.




The registration is free and quick. Sign up with either your email address or Facebook account and then provide postcode and country of residence.

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Survey Junkie is only available for residents in the United States, Canada, and Australia who are over 16 years old.

After registration, you will earn 25 points as a signup bonus.

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Complete Your Profile

After signing up, complete a general profile and earn 50 points.

They will ask you questions about your career, education, household income, children, and more. You can complete your profile anytime you want.

By completing your profile, will have more chances to receive survey invitations. So, don’t leave it for later.

The reason they need more information about you is that marketing research companies are always looking for people with specific demographics.

According to Survey Junkie, you shouldn’t worry as they will never sell or share your personal data with third party companies.


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Install Survey Junkie Extension

They will also encourage you to install the toolbar extension for Chrome called Survey Junkie Pulse.

You will get 150 points if you keep the extension active for at least 30 days.

When you install Survey Junkie Pulse on your computer, it will collect data from your browser such as the websites you visit, the time you stay on each site, and the keywords you search on Google.

All you have to do browse online as you normally would.

Survey Junkie is going to use the information to identify trends, conduct marketing research, and invite you to surveys based on your browsing behavior.

So, look out for notifications and click on “my Surveys” to see a list of surveys available.

extention surveys

Some people may be worried that this software will collect sensitive data such as usernames, credit card numbers, passwords, email addresses, etc.

Well, according to the company, Survey Junkie Pulse ignores any sensitive and personal information that you enter. I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire for this software, but it seems safe!


QuickStart Checklist

In the dashboard, you will notice there is a QuickStart checklist on the left-hand side.

quickstart checklist

I already mentioned the toolbar extension and the profile. Now, there are only 2 more tasks that you should do:

  • Confirm your email – check your inbox and click on the confirmation link Survey Junkie will send to your email. You will get 25 points.
  • How it works – take a quick tour and get some basic instructions on how Survey Junkie works. You will get 5 points.


Taking Surveys

You will find all the available survey opportunities on the member’s page. Survey Junkie will also send you notifications via email or browse extension whenever a new study matches your profile.

Before you begin the survey, pay attention not only to the number of points you will earn as well as the survey length. Then, decide if it’s worth spending your time on that survey.

You can take surveys from your laptop or mobile device. However, not every survey is optimized and/or available for mobile.

Most surveys take approximately 10 – 20 minutes to complete, but before, you will have to answer a few qualification questions.


The Qualification Process

Marketing research companies select panelists based on specific requirements established by their clients.

For example, if a company is willing to study the exercise habits of gym members, then you will only qualify if you go to the gym. Therefore, they will ask you a few questions to ensure you are the right candidate.

Here are two important tips to avoid Survey Disqualifications:

  • Be Honest and consistent – They are going to ask you repetitive questions to ensure you are providing honest answers. If you give different answers to the same questions, they will probably disqualify you and put you on a blacklist.
  • Don’t rush – going too fast is a strong signal that you are not reading or giving careful thought. So, take your time while answering to avoid wasting time with disqualifications.

Survey Junkie rejected three surveys that I tried to qualify for. That’s probably because of my minimalist and relatively healthy lifestyle.

I don’t own TVs, video games, pets, cars, and many other things. I also don’t eat processed foods! So, it’s no wonder why I don’t match with most of their studies.

You will earn 3 points even if you get disqualified, which is better than nothing!

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Phone Surveys

In rare cases (once a month or less), Survey Junkie may also invite you to take part in phone surveys.

After taking an online survey, a researcher will call you to ask additional questions about a product or service. Phone surveys pay anywhere from $5 to $100.


Focus Groups

It’s possible to earn between $25 and $150 by taking part in online and in-person focus groups.

In a Focus Group, you will participate in group discussions about products and services. It’s usually very dynamic and enjoyable.


Product Testing

Survey Junkie may also invite you to participate in product testing, providing your opinions on products based on your first-hand experience.

After taking a brief online survey, free products will be shipped to your home for keep and use. Then, you will take a survey about the product and your experience.

You will get the free product plus a cash incentive of anywhere between $5 and $50.


How Much Money Can You Make?


In most cases, you will get 50 – 100 points per survey. Let’s assume the average is 80 points or $0.80 per survey.

Considering each survey takes 15 minutes on average, the rate is approximately $3/ hour.

I recognize any extra income can make a huge difference in people’s lives and I would never criticize someone for taking surveys.

As I mentioned, I used to take surveys in the past, and I was grateful for the opportunity to earn some extra cash from home.

However, as I was working 45 hours per week and earning £7/hour (around $10/hour) at my day job, I decided it not worth spending my free time taking surveys.

Besides, I was wasting a significant amount of time due to frequent disqualifications.

Survey Junkie has daily surveys, but I don’t think you can reach $100 per month here.

You can make more money with Focus Groups, Product Testing, and Phone Surveys, but those high-paying opportunities are rare.


How Do You Get Paid? 


When you reach 1000 points, you can redeem $5 via PayPal. If you live in the United States, you can redeem points via e-Gift cards and direct bank transfers.

Be aware that you won’t be able to redeem your points until you confirm your mail address. Also, you may have to verify your identity through a phone call before processing the payment.


What Are Users Saying? 


Survey Junkie is rated an impressive 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Besides, 84% of people rated it 5 and 4 stars on Survey Police.

What bugs me is the fact that the site is rated 2 out of 5 on another review platform called Sitejabber. How is such discrepancy even possible?

Well, I trust more negative than positive reviews, because companies can manipulate reviews in different ways.

Despite the smaller number of complaints compared to the total number of reviews, it’s still worth listening to what the critical voices are saying.

The most common issue is regarding surveys that disqualify panelists after 8 – 15 minutes.

For example, a survey that should take 18 minutes may disqualify you after 15 minutes. So. instead of earning 70 points, they will give you 3 points.

survey junkie negative review

In that case, the qualification lasts 5 times longer than the actual survey.

It feels like they are collecting the data they need without paying panelists what they deserve.

Also, some people complain Survey Junkie blocked their accounts stating they violated the terms and conditions. However, they are not willing to pinpoint what the panelist did wrong.


Will Survey Junkie Respect Your Privacy? 


According to Survey Junkie’s Privacy Policy, they will not share or sell your confidential information with third parties.

They state their employees are aware of the policies and procedures regarding confidentiality and that security is in place to protect your personal information.

It’s also important to note that Survey Junkie gives you the right to access, delete, review, object and correct your personal data by emailing


Will You Get Email Spams?

I don’t think so! Survey Junkie states they will not try to sell you anything by email.

I have signed up with Survey Junkie for a week now and didn’t get any promotional emails yet.

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Survey Junkie is a legit and safe survey site that gets lots of positive reviews on Trustpilot and Survey Police.

However, you may waste a lot of time as the company has total control over your earnings. They can screen you out and block your account without giving you any explanation.

Panelists spend many hours trying to qualify, answering tedious questions only to earn a few cents!

This issue is not exclusive to Survey Junkie, as most survey Panels operate similarly. Although they will never admit that, I am sure many of them are exploiting people’s time for profit.

Verdict: Legit

Is There an Alternative to Survey Junkie?


Yes, there are some great options that will probably exceed your expectations.

Without a doubt, Prolific Academic is the best panel out there. It recruits panelists for academic research studies and pays at least $6.50 per hour.

Another reason I recommend this site is that scan your profile to qualify you. Most members are happy with the number of surveys they get each month and the opportunity to make over $100 per month. Read my full Prolific review here. 

Nevertheless, you may get very few invitations depending on your profile. That’s why I recommend you join Prizerebel to boost your online earnings.

This excellent GPT site connects you with different survey routers and advertisers that pay you to try their apps and services.


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Survey Junkie review. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below, and I’ll be more than happy to help! 😉



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