1. I have been working on my website since February, so about 9 months now. I have not made a cent yet off of affiliate marketing, which seems to be the main focus of the training. However, I am learning how to market myself better and have been using what I learn here to make money working for myself. So I am still getting value by continuing to do the training. There is a lot of training and a lot to learn.

    Like you said, it is definitely not a quick way to make money so don’t expect to quit your job just yet especially if you are focusing solely on trying to make money from affiliate sales. In my experience, it is much better to use your website to promote a service or product that you create yourself and then use what you learn here to do that.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! The first thing I considered when I decided to join wealthy affiliate was exactly the amount of training and the support they give. I was amazed by how much I had learned just with the free membership and I realized the excellent prospect I would get if I stick with it for years. I have noticed that most people who are there for a long period of time and taking consistent action, are the ones on the right path to succeed. Those who are not succeeded yet, should never give up, simply because everything you do is cumulative and everyday you learn new stuff and improve.You are a great example of persistence! I admire your determination to have worked for 9 months already. Most people give up on the first 6 months. Honestly, 6 months is not near enough as far as online businesses are concerned. I would say 2 years will give you some good idea of what to expect for the future of our online businesses.G Best of luck!

  2. Hi Stefan
    Thank you for the great review! So often you see these sites pop up and are unsure whether they are legit or worth your time.
    I also didn’t realise Survey Junkie acted as a third party for other sites so that is good to know.
    Great tip about not giving out your phone number! I did that once and received non stop calls from international numbers that took a long time to block!!
    Cheers, Casey

  3. Hi Diana, I feel very flattered to have received such a positive feedback. I suppose you are trying to earn money online, so I hope my articles can help you somehow with your goals. My website is still in its first stages of development… I try to post twice a week! so you are welcomed to return and check for more updated information.If you need help with anything, please get in touch and I will be very glad to help you out!

  4. Hi Alan! I believe Survey Junkie is a good place to earn some pocket money. Surveys are easy but time-consuming like any other Panel.

    What about sites that charge $30 for a secret list of companies that were supposedly paying $35 dollars per 15 minutes survey? Crazy stuff!

    People looking for ways to earn money online should very, very careful.

  5. Hey Joshua! Thanks for your input! I know that, for a lot of people, every $1 is a blessing. I actually see the online surveys as an additional and positive opportunity for many people. But this opportunity can be overshadowed by the possibility to earn a full-time income as an internet marketer. So imagine this scenario: Instead of spending time for one year to earn $10 a week = $520, one would work 1 year on a website without earning a single penny. After 2 years of consistent work, one can expect to earn around the same per month as residual income. This means that you will make $520 for the job you did in the past. Everything you do from that time on, will be used to increase that revenue through leveraging your business. What do you think about that?

  6. Hi Hannah! I appreciate your comment! I have made a review on Inbox Pounds a couple of weeks ago. It is the same regarding the qualification process. It is difficult to qualify, too much time is wasted! They give 1 cent for opening those emails with offers but come on, this is not an intelligent way to spend your time. I prefer to work 1 hour more in my job and get £7 pound than waste all my free time to earn this for the whole month, 1 hour a day.

  7. This is not a program I have personally heard of before but I have heard of a similar site in my country called Smile City. Definitely a way to make something better if you legitimately have no skill and nothing better to do with your life. The hourly rate is ridiculously low from the figures you have produced I wouldn’t get out of bed for that personally. I guess the advantage is, you don’t have to get out of bed 😉
    Thanks for this review, it will be a money making venture I will personally avoid.

    1. Hi Matt, I agree! Unless people are born with the silver spoon in the mouth, we all have to get out of bed and work hard. When you choose to work from home, is no different.

  8. Hey, StefanC, very awesome review! I am super impressed with how thorough all of the information was and it definitely got me thinking about the survey sites I’ve been on before (especially about being disqualified so often). Thank you so much for the fun read, I will definitely keep an eye out for any future reviews! Best.

    1. Hi Jameset! Nice to hear my article kept your attention and provided the information you were after. You are more than welcome to visit my past and future posts.

  9. Thanks Baker for your comment! I have been reviewing some online surveys lately because I think most people who participate in them have so much potential. I was completely amazed when I understood the power of internet marketing and what I could be getting from it in 2 years time. It can be life changing! I cannot say the same for online surveys though! Again, thanks for the nice feedback!

  10. Working with surveys is a pain. Only to get qualified you waste so much time and for only a few pennies. At the very end, you will end up making less money than you can do even with a google adsense website. My wife and me try to make a living with surveys and failed. Deadly hours wasted, there are other ways you can make much more money with much less effort than this. Great review

    1. Hi Javier! You have compared to google adsense and completely agree with you. After you build a website and have some traffic, you can easily earn while you are asleep with people clicking on your ads. I mean, from this moment on, you don’t have to waste your time with surveys, you are earning residual cash! I think in order to make a living with surveys, one needs to work 12+ hours a day. And even so, it is possible to fail because of being disqualified too often. May I ask you why did you gave up?Thanks for your comment

  11. A clear an thorough review of yet another online survey option. Extensive article clearly weighing the positive and negative aspects of it.
    Good menu location and easy navigation. Overall an excellent site to get thoroughly informed about the different marketing options for online entrepreneurs.

    Keep up the success!

    1. Many Thanks for you feedback! I hope you take the best out it and I wish you great success in your internet marketing journey. If you need any help, please get in touch!

  12. Hi Ananomyx, thanks for reading my article and for your input. I was so frustrated as well and I am so glad I found a great alternative for my free time. I prefer writing informative articles for my website because it is rewarding to help people and this is an opportunity to create a big asset in the future. A website can generate income from various methods (check out my post where I list the top 3 ways). Besides, I can simply work from everywhere ! I really love to travel, so in the future, I hope to leave my 9-5 job and go for a long trip around the world! That’s what really motivates me! What about you?

  13. Stephan, I came across your web page and found it interesting. Personally I spent my first 2 months trying to make money online doing surveys with about 5 companies, 2 of which your mention Survey Junkie and Vindale. I found them to be endless loops of the same questions with no money made and received thousands of worthless spam emails. You had to hit a minimum $30 to qualify for a payout. You are spot on in your evaluation. Laughing out loud when you talk about the disqualifying part. It happened to me so many times. Nothing worse than take a lot of time to get through the survey to find out you don’t qualify.

    I did, however, follow your lead and find out more about Wealthy Affiliate and look legitimate when you can try it out for free and get 2 free websites and so much training. Training is especially what I need because I’m totally new at this internet marketing business. Thanks for you information. I will be checking back with my progress at Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Hi Robert, I spent 2 months as well… did I regret it? yes, somehow. But I also need to consider that this was the start of my search for making money online. So, maybe it was a necessary step before jumping to more profitable ways, like building a website.Survey junkie, at least the uk version, hasn’t sent any spam email so far. I suppose the US version has a different agenda. Not sure about that. It is very annoying being spammed by email I know! They use their website as a huge platform for collecting email for marketing. Training is essential because there is so much competition out there. You want to be ahead by getting state of the art training and keep your knowledge always up to date. The motivation is also really important, there are always people willing to push you up and inspire you to keep going. Thanks for your comment! and I wish you good luck with your business at Wealthy Affiliate!

  14. Hi Stefan,
    Great post! You have hit the nail on the head with the survey industry! Yes, they are legit, however, they are not necessarily profitable. I have tried a few with little result, it is very frustrating. More often than not, an individual does not qualify for a survey and time is just wasted searching for the right one, as you stated.
    Thanks for an informative and interesting post and great advice!


  15. Hi Martin.. Most of us who started earning money from the internet, started with online surveys. It is an easy way, albeit really time-consuming. I don’t like to criticise because there are many people who benefit from them and it is extra cash that always helps. But many people are doing that because they don’t actually know or think it is too difficult to follow other directions. The best option, in my opinion, is to build a website and monetize it through affiliate programs, ad networks and even sell your own digital products eventually. There are other ways, but these are the most popular ones. I had no idea of these opportunities and that’s why I was stuck with surveys.

    Thanks for your comment

  16. hi Pete and thanks for your comment. Every penny helps. But I prefer to work for free at the moment to get something bigger in the future. The internet is full of inefficient ways to earn money and lots of scams. However, it is also full of great opportunities. My website is dedicated to finding those legitimate opportunities

  17. Hi Neil, glad you found a better way to dedicate your time. It is important to highlight all legitimate ones won’t ever charge for joining. Besides, no one has any magic list with high rewarding survey companies. No company will ever pay even close to what they are announcing.

    Thanks for reading my article and commenting.

    Best wishes

  18. Hello there Stefan, funny name for a survey site. I could never imagine a company gets the name “junkie”.

    I don’t like either the system of points. It’s good for them to give points to disqualified members but yes, you would need years to reach that 1000 points.

    I am participating in a few surveys and like you, I find honesty not a good ally in most cases. It can only lead to disqualification.

    Honest review , most survey sites is just like that.

    1. Hello Tasos. The system of points gives the impression you are earning a lot, but in fact, each survey pays less than $2

      If online surveys paid a little bit more and didn’t disqualify that much, I would still be doing it to supplement my income.

      Thanks for the visit, have a good day

  19. Ouch an average of $1.56 per hour, anyone trying this must really be desperate and have no other way of making an income!
    My experience with survey companies has been bad, and this is even with the good ones.
    The pay is bad, then there is hardly any surveys so there is no way to even make a little bit of regular money. Added into it that half the surveys you don’t qualify for and often even when you are 10 minutes into a survey suddenly you get kicked out.
    Then there is the cash out threshold… almost impossible to reach!
    Thanks for this great review.

    1. Hi Lynne, it can be frustrating for both sides! Companies are looking for affordable marketing research studies, so there is no way to pay so much for such easy tasks.

      You are welcome! All the best

  20. I agree that if a company asks for money for taking surveys it’s a scam. In fact, most of the survey companies can be found through this link onlinesurveyspaid dot com I think this kind of opportunity is for old ladies who want to share their opinion and get paid pennies. There is no any secret list of high paying survey companies. All of them can be found through a Google search.

    1. Hi Rufat. Be careful with platforms that promise high payout surveys. Survey Junkie is a decent opportunity for quick and easy cash, especially for those that are unemployed. But for those that are working full time and are not struggling to make ends meet, there are much better alternatives. Thanks for your comment!

  21. Hey Stefan, thanks for the review of Survey Junkie. I have heard of various survey companies, but it requires a lot of time to get the money that you would need. But this is not sustainable.
    Thanks to you, we now know what to look out for when searching for legitimate online businesses.

    1. Hi Njogah. Definitely, people tend to give up over time, not because it is difficult, but because of the low income potential. At some point people tend to ask themselves: Are all this time worth for so little? Again, little is relative so it might help a lot of folks there, but you could be earning much more with other strategies out there. For example, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, freelancing etc

  22. Hi there,

    Brilliant site! keep up the hard work.

    On surveys..will the ever die off? I don’t think so, those survey sites have been going on since 1998 at least!

    Will anyone ver make decent cash out of surveys..no! (unless you own some sort of survey site!) .

    Great review, I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thanks Derek, you are right. Online surveys will always be around because it is extremely powerful for marketing campaigns. Through online surveys, it is possible to identify trends and potential costumers and increase profits. The payout is low because otherwise the profit generated from the research would not cover the costs of the survey itself. There will always be people accepting that, simply because it is easy money and can help a little bit. However, those interested in making the best use of their time, should definitely look for better alternatives like the one I mentioned in the article. It is possible to earn good money on the internet if you have the right knowledge and enough motivation.

  23. I am always of an opinion that any survey site which expects an initial outlay of money from the participant, or offers promises of good money which clearly can’t be matched in reality, are best avoided. I agree with this article that there are much better ways to make cash than this. The pros and cons are very well set out and I congratulate you on the detail you have provided, Stefan.

    1. Thanks a lot Molly.Definitely, all paid surveys are free to join and there is no list of high paying surveys. No business is interested in paying so much for a single survey while they can find hoards of panellists willing to accept cents for that.I have been through online surveys and I don’t see myself doing that any longer. I agree that it can help a lot of people and it is not fair to just say negative things about it. No doubt the little money can help many people. However, if one is interested in making good money online, I cannot recommend internet marketing hardly enough.

  24. Hello Stephan,
    Great review. I have tried a few survey sites and I didn’t like anyone of them. It was too time consuming and I didn’t every qualify for them. I want to try others but I will keep reading reviews like yours and make a decision on another program. Have you tried one that worked out for you? Did you find a business that did?

    1. Hi Billy.The business model that I recommend to all my readers is the internet marketing. More specifically, I am a big fan of the affiliate marketing because of its great potential to make money online. Following this route, your source of income comes when somebody buys a product that you recommend. Depending on the affiliate program, you can expect to earn from 5 to 50% of the price of the product. Besides, there are some affiliate programs that have recurring commissions, meaning that you will get paid monthly as long as your referral maintains the monthly subscription. There is a huge potential to really work from home when you become an internet marketer.For example, the product that I use as an affiliate can generate $22.50 per month for 1 single referral. I highly recommend you read 2 of my articles:Stefan’s Guide on How to Become an Internet MarketerThe Mind-Blowing Wealthy Affiliate’s Referral Program – By the way, Wealthy Affiliate is the training platform that I promote as an Affiliate.If you have any questions, I am always here to help!BestStefan

  25. I’ve used SwagBucks in the past and got the same results. There’s nothing worse than working on a survey for 20 minutes only to get disqualified. I’m pretty sure they still use the information I sent during the 20 minutes and never pay me for my work.

    For these reasons, I don’t think surveys will ever surpass spare change.

    1. Hi Alec, It is not encouraging to answer these prequalification questions and not know if it will be additional time lost. I prefer to work on a website that can grow over time. I am giving my opinions as well, but the difference is that I am working for myself and I have a huge potential as an affiliate.

  26. Thanks for your comment Igor! I consider online surveys a positive thing looking through the perspective of someone desperate for money who can’t find an instant alternative. However, I think many people are wasting their precious time on this, not because they are lazy, but because of lack of knowledge about other legitimate and efficient opportunities. That’s the purpose of my website, show people these other methods that is worth working for .

  27. Thanks Marilyn, I am glad you like it! Keep coming for more… check my main page for the most recent articles! All the bestStefan

  28. Oh I find most survey sites totally legit…they are just a little irritating within their own systems. I feel this is usually the fault of the survey providers (the market research companies) as they grab ten answers off you then slyly boot you from the questionnaire. I know a lot of people that make decent ‘pocket money’ off these sites!

  29. They paid me the first $30 or so, then suddenly, “YOUR account cannot redeem your money due to a security issue we have temporarily disabled redemption”.

    I have wrote to them a dozen times, and they have not responded, other than emails telling me I have a new survey to do.


  30. This guy must do surveys all day long, every day, to claim he makes $900 a month. And surveys are NOT always available. Then you try a survey and told you’re not eligible, but you at least get 1 to 3 points for trying. Wow! I’ve actually worked on a survey for 15 minutes, THEN get the not eligible notice. He claims surveys are for 60 points. Don’t believe it. Most are below that. Wonder if this is a survey junkie employee. Lots of times during a survey, you could get knocked out with a message that the survey is filled. It’s a heckuva lot more frustrating than rewarding. I see only three star ratings on other sites. I have had on ongoing battle trying to redeem my points with no satisfaction whatsoever. BBB is my next stop.

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