1. Great review, you are spot on that Wealthy Affiliate is the complete solution if you are pursuing a career in online marketing.I have yet to find any online training with greater value as well as great community and support. Anyone can produce a sustainable business if the follow the step by step training and work hard.

    thanks,will be around

    1. Hi Jared! Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you get all the necessary training, tool and support to succeed online. Another important ingredient that often times is overlooked is the motivation provided there. Everybody is in the same boat and giving incentive to one another to keep strong in this journey.

      Many thanks for stopping by!

  2. Very good comparison. I’ve recently decided to go with Wealthy Affiliate, because the Training is Superb and the Support is Fantastic! In fact, the Wealthy Affiliate Community, online, is a 24/7 “pay-it-forward” group of people who really enjoy helping others succeed. It certainly looks like Wealthy Affiliate gives MORE USE VALUE than the No Cost Income Stream 2.0. And another thing, there really is NO such thing as “no cost”. In any legitimate Business you MUST spend some money to make some money!

    1. Hi Kelvin! I am very glad you found Wealthy Affiliate as well. As I can see from your testimonial, you have already seen the great potential to grow your business with their training and support. No Cost Income Stream is offering an average training and nothing more! It is not bad for the money, but as they say, you get what you pay for. In my honest opinion, even the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate is way superior, simply because they show you the best way to get started, you have support for the first 7 days and also 2 free websites for life!
      Thanks for your comment, and if you need any help with your website, just get in touch!

  3. Hi, Stefan! In fact, in the beginning I laughed, as the program is about how to start a business with no cost at all, but they charge it for 37$! Anyway, it seems a legit program, but it has many options available and it may be quite difficult for a beginner to choose among them. Definitely, Wealthy Affiliate is much better, especially for someone who starts now.Thanks for the review, it was really interesting as I learned something new! Regards,Effie.

    1. Hi Effie!Many thanks for your comment. Indeed, if you want to start your online business, it is really difficult build a strong foundation without investing anything! First of all, you need proper training! The internet is full of scams and misinformation…It is much for efficient to learn something with a step-by-step course, specially if you starting from scratch and you know nothing! Besides, I think it is really important to have a website with your own domain. It is not free, but at least it is very affordable. Can you make money by following what No Cost Income Stream teaches? Yes, definitely… but it will be much harder and the potential will be very reduced! It is much better to invest in a website from the start.All the best and Merry Christmas 🙂

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