Is Mysurvey a Scam or a Legit Survey Website?

Is Mysurvey a Legit Website?In this review, I am going to cover everything you need to know about a survey panel called Mysurvey. Is it a scam or legit?

Let’s find out.

UPDATE: MySurvey has turned LifePoints

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MySurvey Review

  • Product Name: Mysurvey
  • Website:
  • Business Type: Online Survey
  • Price: Free 
  • Score:  6/10
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What is MySurvey?

It is an online survey panel run by Lightspeed GMI LLC, a global market research company. The company launched in 2001, and it is considered one of the oldest online survey websites.

Available in North America, Oceania, and Europe, Mysurvey paid over £20 million to its members in 2014. That’s impressive!


Pros & Cons


  • Free to Join
  • Pay either via Paypal or a variety of gift vouchers (Amazon, Debenhams, Itunes, Starbucks among others)


  • Depending on your country, there are not many surveys available.
  • Low-income potential.
  • It can be hard to qualify.
  • They don’t give any small reward if you fail to qualify.
  • Difficult to reach the cashout requirement.


How Does it Work?

The first steps

The first step is to create an account with Mysurvey.  You can either sign up via email or directly via a Facebook or Tweeter account. Next, you have to provide your details and click the confirmation link sent to your email.

You are encouraged to complete the full profile (lifestyle survey) regarding your finances, lifestyle, working life and the car you drive.

By the way, you won’t be paid for these first questionnaires, as usual.

The surveys – where are they?

After you sign up and confirm your email, you are ready to start taking surveys. To my disappointment, I haven’t received a single opportunity during the first two days. Many people complain about the lack of surveys.


The qualification process 

Before you can fill up the paid survey, you have to go through a screening process whereby your details will be matched to a target audience.

For example, if they want to know about a baby product and you are not a parent, you will be disqualified.

Earn Free Money

Being disqualified is very frustrating because it’s a complete waste of time. This is the most common complaint, and it’s never going to change because surveys are always designed for a specific audience.


The points and rewards

You will earn points that vary according to the complexity and time necessary to fill up each survey. They take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and you can expect to earn approximately 50/60 points per survey.

In the UK, you can only cash out if you reach a minimum of 345 points, which will give you £3 in your Paypal account. In the USA, the minimum is 1000 points, and the payout is $10. 

The points can also be redeemed for vouchers of well-known stores such as Amazon, Argos, Dress-for-less, IKEA, M&S, iTunes, Boots and many others.

Mini Polls for Prize entries

If you have a sign of activity inside Mysurvey, you get entries for prizes worth £500, £350 and £5. You can increase these entries by participating in mini polls available from time to time.

After I signed up, I realized I had 205 prize entries, but 0 mini polls available to complete.



Mysurvey is a legit website, but the pay rate is so low many people give up after the first few days. You just can’t get motivated when you are getting rejected over and over again.

If you are looking for online surveys, you can also check out Valued Opinions, Opinion Outpost, Pinecone Research, and Swagbucks.

Verdict: Legit

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6 years ago

Hi Stefan,

I was wondering if I should try MySurvey…!

Have you ever heard of OnePoll com? It’s very similar and I’ve been doing it for god knows how many years. With every survey you get 10 – 20p. About 10-15 questions per month are available. But just like MySurvey, you go through basic question such as employment status – if you choose “employed full-time”, then it goes “Sorry, the question is not for you”.

So I’ve started to choose odd status like “was unfairly dismissed by employer” or “divorced with children” then you get to continue the question lol. You’ll only get paid once you’ve made £40…. and I’ve come to £34. So hopefully in 2 years time I’ll have my £40!

I’ll stay away from MySurvey then. Thanks for the great info! I love your site!


6 years ago

Hello there Stefan,

They should be rewarding disqualified members, even for $0.01…

Therefore surveys can be considered only as an additional source of income, a few dollars bonus for our time.

No one can be rich by taking surveys and that only. But for some people that extra dollars mean something, what you think?

Nice review, you seem very honest.

6 years ago

Hello there,

Actually this is good post and clear,honest explanation, i started before searching for the ways to make money online and i found one survey website i don’t remember it’s name, but i learned that whatever i fill surveys it’s not worth your time at all and it will never brings you a full time income, i found affiliate marketing is more logic idea to get steady income. Thanks!

6 years ago

Hey Stefan,
I love your review on My Survey, very detailed how I wished I had come across this before I joined. I wasted a whole month of working every day just to make a measly $90 which was not worth all those effort.

You can in fact make money from survey sites but I wouldn’t advise anyone to go for it as you’ll get totally frustrated doing the same thing again and again for such very little pay. With all that time wasted, its better to start your own business am I right? Cheers

6 years ago

I have never liked the survey type sites. Every experience I have had with them entailed a significant time commitment with very little payoff. Once upon a time, surveys may have been a decent side hustle, but I think that time has long since passed.

5 years ago

I have never been a fan of online surveys either. I rarely qualify for any of them, and the payouts are so low for the amount of time I put into them.

I still think surveys have their place in the make money online world, but they’ll never amount to anything other than spare change.

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