1. Hi Stefan,

    I was wondering if I should try MySurvey…!

    Have you ever heard of OnePoll com? It’s very similar and I’ve been doing it for god knows how many years. With every survey you get 10 – 20p. About 10-15 questions per month are available. But just like MySurvey, you go through basic question such as employment status – if you choose “employed full-time”, then it goes “Sorry, the question is not for you”.

    So I’ve started to choose odd status like “was unfairly dismissed by employer” or “divorced with children” then you get to continue the question lol. You’ll only get paid once you’ve made £40…. and I’ve come to £34. So hopefully in 2 years time I’ll have my £40!

    I’ll stay away from MySurvey then. Thanks for the great info! I love your site!


  2. Hello there Stefan,

    They should be rewarding disqualified members, even for $0.01…

    Therefore surveys can be considered only as an additional source of income, a few dollars bonus for our time.

    No one can be rich by taking surveys and that only. But for some people that extra dollars mean something, what you think?

    Nice review, you seem very honest.

    1. Yes, I totally agree with everything you said.

      People should get a reward at least for trying, even for $0.01. In fact, some platforms do pay for every disqualification.

      Online surveys are great for many people as it’s an easy way to make money online.

  3. Hello there,

    Actually this is good post and clear,honest explanation, i started before searching for the ways to make money online and i found one survey website i don’t remember it’s name, but i learned that whatever i fill surveys it’s not worth your time at all and it will never brings you a full time income, i found affiliate marketing is more logic idea to get steady income. Thanks!

  4. Hey Stefan,
    I love your review on My Survey, very detailed how I wished I had come across this before I joined. I wasted a whole month of working every day just to make a measly $90 which was not worth all those effort.

    You can in fact make money from survey sites but I wouldn’t advise anyone to go for it as you’ll get totally frustrated doing the same thing again and again for such very little pay. With all that time wasted, its better to start your own business am I right? Cheers

    1. Building an internet business gives you total control of how much you can make. There are people making a fortune with their websites. I just takes time, but those who succeed are the ones who are persistent, and learn with their mistakes.

  5. I have never liked the survey type sites. Every experience I have had with them entailed a significant time commitment with very little payoff. Once upon a time, surveys may have been a decent side hustle, but I think that time has long since passed.

    1. Hi Kyle! I agree with everything you said. I highly encourage all of those interested in earning decent money online to follow the internet marketing model. It the not easy and it takes a hell lot of dedication, but if done properly with persistence, the reward is worth all the effort. The lifestyle attained when one can earn a decent income and replace their job is priceless. I would pursue this for years and years because I know this will offer the kind of freedom I want for the rest of my life. Don’t you agree?

  6. I have never been a fan of online surveys either. I rarely qualify for any of them, and the payouts are so low for the amount of time I put into them.

    I still think surveys have their place in the make money online world, but they’ll never amount to anything other than spare change.

    1. Hi AlecYes, you are definitely right. They do have space because not everyone is willing to put in the hard work or don’t know a more profitable method to make money online.

      It takes a high level of commitment to earn a full-time income online. However, I want to highlight that everyone is capable of achieving so much more online. I have worked on my website for 8 months and now I can see much more money compared to when I completed surveys.

      The BIG difference is that the money is coming to my account as passive income, I don’t need to lift a finger and the commissions are coming every single month.The opportunity is available, affiliate marketing is a proven method to make excellent commissions. A much more lucrative business model to follow.

  7. Hi Chris, I am not a fan of surveys either. People have to take into account the time they spend with the pre-qualification questions.

    The internet allows us to have an online business for so cheap and with such a great income potential! It looks challenging in the beginning but with the right training and support, we overcome many barriers.

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