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iLike Tree Review – Is it Legit? Don’t Pay The $2,99 Transaction Fee!

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Welcome to my iLike Tree review!

I stumbled across another money tree game where players can supposedly earn unlimited income with no risks!

If you have followed my blog for some time, you already know what to expect from this article.

However, many people are still unaware of how money games work and will only find the truth by searching them on Google.

iLike Tree is one of those games that went viral by saying people could make thousands of dollars by tapping a money tree.

But is it real or fake? Will they transfer the money via PayPal as advertised? I downloaded and played the game to find the truth!

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iLike Tree Review 


  • Name: iLike Tree
  • Developer: JonathanL
  • Payout Threshold: $14,999
  • Price: Free (no in-app purchases)
  • Overall Rating: 0 stars


What Is iLike Tree


iLike Tree is a get-rich-quick game in which players tap a money tree to collect crazy amounts of cash rewards!

The developer leads users to assume they will receive actual money by meeting the minimum payment amount.

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I am talking $14,999 just for touching and nurturing a virtual tree with money instead of leaves.

But that’s only the beginning since you can keep playing and cash out up to $89,999 via PayPal.

Developed using Unity, iLike Tree has been installed over 100k times and rated 4.3 stars on the Play Store.

Does that mean all players are getting filthy rich? You will find the answer to this question soon after learning more about how the game works.


How Does iLike Tree Work? 


iLike Tree works on any Android device and is free to install on Google Play.

You need to tap the tree to collect virtual banknotes and occasionally unlock PayPal or Amazon cards.

At level 1, your tree will give you $0.50 every time you touch it. However, you can only use this virtual currency to level up your tree and make it bigger.

It’s important to know that currency is fictional and, thus, cannot be used to redeem real cash rewards.

Also, note that the progress bar advances every time you tap the tree.

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ilike Tree gameplay

Whenever you hit the gift symbol, you will trigger either a Paypal or Amazon card with a decent amount of money.

That virtual money accumulates in two separate wallets and can allegedly be redeemed for real cash.

Of course, iLike Tree will only release the prize if you click the “collect” button and watch the entire commercial.

The first cash incentive they offered me was a staggering $1,254.47, which didn’t make my jaw drop. That’s because I know that’s nothing but worthless pixels on my phone screen.

This money tree game claims to reward players with free Robux! 


How Do You Get Paid? 

Open your PayPal wallet by clicking your cash balance in the top-right corner.

Then, you will find that all the money you collect during 24 hours will be redeemed to PayPal. However, you can collect $14,999 to redeem immediately without waiting.

iLike tree cash out page

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The virtual dollars accumulated in your Amazon wallet can be traded for gift cards after reaching $14,999!

iLike Tree also entices players to finish the 3-day task to win $1,000 via PayPal. These tasks consist of completing a specific level and using props.


VIP Subscription

Believe it or not, iLike Tree is selling a VIP membership that costs $4.99 per week!

This VIP experience removes all adverts from the game, gives $200 free PayPal money, eliminates freight and transaction fees, and provides Amazon outlet VIP.

Please, don’t purchase this membership until you read this review until the end!


Is iLike Tree Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, it doesn’t! You won’t receive a dime for playing iLike Tree because it’s just a get-rich-quick simulation with no actual cash rewards. 

So, all the dollars you accumulate in your wallet are fake!

Don’t be excited about reaching the payout threshold since the game will ask you to watch 80 videos to activate the order.

Next, iLike Tree promises to transfer the money if you view another 80 or 100 videos.

Unfortunately, the developer is not required to compensate gamers, and his only mission is to have you watch as many adverts as possible.

Well, it gets even worse!

After meeting all the video requirements, it says your payment has to be paid in crypto due to cross-border restrictions.

But first, you must pay an up-front transaction fee of $2.99!

Please, guys, don’t fall for it because it’s false! The reward is totally fake, and you will lose your money! 

Some report they watched over 300 videos, paid the fee and didn’t get paid.




Don’t waste your time, storage space, or money on iLike Tree because everything you see in the advert is an illusion.

Players are lured into watching hundreds of videos only to be told they have to pay a small transaction fee.

Although it’s just $2.99, you have to consider there are thousands of people using this application.

So, the developer is making even more profits with a lame excuse of cross-border restriction!

I’m sorry for how greedy game developers all around the world are treating their customers.

Promoting a free game as if it could pay players thousands of dollars simply for playing is preposterous!

I strongly encourage you to avoid all applications that use this tactic because the result is always the same: FRUSTRATION!

Instead, I suggest you become a content creator in order to build an audience and take control of your online revenue.

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There is a learning curve, but it is definitely worth it, in my opinion!


Final Words

I hope you found my iLike Tree review useful. If you have any questions or comments about this app, please post them below.


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