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Word Cube App Review – $300 Per Day? Fake Rewards?

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Welcome to my Word Cube app review!

The developer of Word Cube is advertising the game, saying you can win $300 per day just by solving word puzzles.

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The woman claims the app will pay directly to your Cash App account. Not to mention the fantastic $1000 prize bonus!

It feels like you are daydreaming while playing this game and collecting lots of cash from your phone.

I know you are probably skeptical and worried that it won’t transfer the advertised money.

Since you are putting in hours that you can’t rewind, you need to make sure you will get paid.

So, is Word Cube legit or fake? What happens if you try to cash out? Keep reading to find out!

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Word Cube App Review


  • Name: Word Cube
  • Developer: Finger Popfun
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Minimum payout: $0.10
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What Is Word Cube?


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Word Cube is a word find game that claims to pay anywhere between $0.1 and $100 if you meet certain conditions.

Your job is to uncover all the hidden words on the screen to pass the level and collect virtual dollars.

According to the app rules, you can withdraw the money after collecting enough cash and logging in for a minimum number of days.

I have already reviewed a similar word puzzle game that rewards players with Bitcoin. But the amount of BTC is meager!

The high payout is why over 50,000 people have installed Word Cube so far.


How Does Word Cube Work? 



Word Cube is available for Android devices in all countries.

Before installing any reward application on your phone, I always encourage people to check their Terms of Service.

But unfortunately, Word Cube provides no user agreement between the developer and the user.

Therefore, no one should expect that the developer will keep his words!

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How to Play Word Cube? 

After launching the game, it will show how to unlock the hidden words and pass the first level.

Then, you will get $5 by completing the quick tutorial.

Next, the developer encourages you to get $100 to withdraw the money to your bank account.

Just solve the word puzzle by sliding your finger over the letters that form the hidden words.


They can be found in normal reading order or backward, horizontally, or vertically.

playing word cube

It gets more difficult as you progress, but the good news is that each level comes with a keyword that represents all the words.

For example, on level 10, the words are related to staple food, such as meat, rice, and wheat.

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You can also use props to mark the first letter of a word or unlock the entire word.

Every time you use hints, you have to spend coins collected by completing levels.



Every time you complete the level, you will receive a few cents of the dollars and diamonds. 

Word Cube always allows you to double the cash reward by watching the video advert.

Diamonds are deposited into a piggy bank every time you watch the video.


How do You Get Paid? 

You can request the payment only if you meet certain conditions.

Word Cube allows you to withdraw different amounts of cash if you log in for a minimum number of days.

For example, the first payout is $0.10 and requires that you log in for three days. Apparently, you can redeem the highest prize of $100 as soon as you reach $100.

withdraw word cube

You can also withdraw cash to your PayPal account by consuming diamonds.

You need at least 5K diamonds to redeem $0.10. The highest reward is $2, and it requires 100K diamonds.

Once you click the withdrawal button and enter your PayPal email twice, the cash will supposedly arrive in 1 – 3 working days.


Is Word Cube Legit? Does it Pay? 


There is no evidence that Word Cube is transferring the funds to players’ bank or PayPal accounts.

I couldn’t find a single person who reported receiving the reward from the company, so it seems like another game with fake prizes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they transferred the first payment of $0.10 to players. Some games even pay $2 to get the players excited with the opportunity to earn more.

However, you will certainly not make more than $0.10, let alone $300 per day!

It’s impossible to earn hundreds of dollars with games like Word Cube. The reason is that their ad revenue is not enough to fund such generous cash prizes.

Besides, the developer didn’t make any formal promises since he provided no Terms of Service.

Therefore, he can ignore the payment requests as hundreds of games already do.

If you play Word Cube, you will be bombarded with misleading videos promoting fake money games! 

Don’t trust any of them, or you will get stuck in a never-ending nonsense cycle.




The developer of Word Cube turned a relaxing game into a very frustrating one! That’s because it gives players the false hope of collecting hundreds of dollars.

There is a tiny chance of getting the first $0.10 payout, but I doubt you will receive more than that! So forget about making $300, as stated in the advertisement.

As a rule of thumb, games that entice players with the PayPal logo and big payouts should not be taken seriously.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Word Cube app review. So, have you received the money? Kindly share your thoughts about this puzzle game in the comment box below.


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