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What Are The Benefits of Working From Home?

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You probably have some idea, but you want extra motivation to take that first step once and for all.

No worries, by the end of this article you will get an overdose of inspiration!

Not only that, I will show you the most efficient route to accomplish this freedom lifestyle.

So, what are the benefits of working from home? Let’s start with that annoying alarm clock ringing every morning.


No Early Wake Up

Clock beside bed

I know the first thing you want to do in the morning is to smash whatever interrupted your sleep.

I said, whatever, not whoever… let us be clear.

I have heard lots of benefits of waking up early but honestly, waking up too early makes my body and mind completely exhausted for the rest of the day.

It doesn’t matter if I slept for 9 hours, waking up before 7 turns me into a zombie. You probably feel like that too!

There is also an aggravation. If you hate your job, your night could be even shorter because of the anxiety to start another day.

So, instead of waking up at 7 am, you wake up at 5 am and cannot get back to sleep!

Are you that kind of person? That used to happen to me in my last job. I would wake up in the middle of the night, around 1 or 2 hours before the alarm, and my sleep would be gone. Horrible!

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There are scientific studies that support a longer sleep in order to prevent heart disease, cancer, depression, as well as help with weight loss, memory, creativity, and alertness.

According to Dr Kelley, from a sleep expert from the University of Oxford, sleep deprivation is a torture. In his own words:

This is a huge society issue. Staff should start at 10am. Staff are usually sleep deprived. We’ve got a sleep-deprived society. It is hugely damaging on the body’s systems because you are affecting physical, emotional and performance systems in the body.
-Dr Kelley


Work from home and you have the power to decide when you should wake up.

No Commute

Crowded underground

The average commuting time for workers in London in 2013 was 56 minutes. This includes the time to and from work.

If you think this is not so bad, consider the fact that this is the average for the whole active working population.

It is actually very common to find people taking over one hour only to get to work. I did that for a year!

In Brazil, more specifically in the city of Sao Paulo, people spend an average of 2 hours and 42 minutes inside a car!

If they rely on the public transport, the figure can be even worse. I have some friends in Brazil who spend almost 2 hours in a combination of buses and underground just to get to work. The important question to make here is:

Deducting the time working for somebody else, commuting and sleeping, how many hours is left for us to spend time as we wish at the end of the day?

Losing time is not the only negative aspect of commuting. You lose money as well, and lots of it!

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How cool is that to pay the equivalent of 4 hours of work per week in order to get to work? I think it is not very exciting.

That’s why we live our lives wishing and thinking about the future. We want the weekends and holidays to come because this routine is unbearable! We can’t stand seeing our lives going in the fast lane!

Work from home and… avoid the traffic and the crowded public transportation! You can also be one less soul contributing to the chaotic situation of our cities and environment.


No Boss

 Hand smashing person

Without a doubt, this is one of the most sought after benefits of working from home.

I am not generalising and criticising all bosses but some feel they are kings, ready to send employees to the guillotine.

With the power to fire or promote somebody comes all sorts of abusive behaviour. Using offensive language, punishment, threatening and many other ways of harassment is not unusual at all.

There is another weapon on their hands, which is extremely powerful when used towards an hourly wage employee. Cutting hours is a common practice to punish people and also as a way to make them resign.

There are some work-at-home jobs that you still need to report to a boss or a client. Alternatively, you can build your own online business and be your own boss. That is the focus of this website and I really encourage you to take full control of your income.

Work from home and… stay sane by avoiding the corporate hierarchy!

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No Stressful Job

Desperate, sad woman with hands on the head

I believe nobody likes to be pushed beyond their limits, to beg for a break, a day off or a holiday. Everybody wants to be treated like humans and not like machines.

The cause of job stress is powerlessness!

In these tough economic times where having a job means a blessing, people accept increased responsibilities, longer working hours, abusive behaviour of superiors and co-workers, inadequate job descriptions, unfair treatment and the list goes on and on.

What about competition? Some people will do whatever they can you jump over you regardless of ethics.

Instead of cooperating, people fight with each other to secure or get better positions. In the beginning, everything looks great, but it doesn’t last long. These all add up the level of stress in our society.

The statistics show that most adults will spend around 25% of their lives working

If you work in a job you hate for too long, the resulting stress can lead to physical illness, depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. In resume, ongoing stress is extremely detrimental to your mind and body.

Work from home and… avoid stress at any cost!


Power to Say No

 Street art - Man with a suit in chains

It is unbelievable how the working contracts are almost always made in detriment of the employees.

One thing that really upsets me is the need to work extra hours and not get paid for that.

I mean, it doesn’t matter if it is a mere 10 minutes!

The employee should get paid for as long as he/she is available to the company and not get punished by any means for requiring that.

People have to endure outrageous situations in order to put food on the table. We depend on a job to survive, whereas the company has unlimited options to replace us. “If you are not happy, you can go!” It’s easy for them to do that!

If you are paid hourly, you don’t have financial security as they can easily cut your hours according to the company’s interest.

On the other hand, if they paid you a fixed salary, you have a hard time separating work from personal life. It is quite hard to find a job that respects this balance.

I know a head chef who was being paid hourly for 1 year until the owner came up with a new contract.

He was supposed to accept an annual salary with an unfixed number of hours. Basically, they wanted him to work an unlimited number of hours for a limited salary. Fair enough!

The contract was rejected, but the owner didn’t fire him, she just cut his hours in more than a half. The guy had no option but to quit.

Work from home and have an alternative source of income so you don’t rely on your job to survive!

More Time With The Family

Father and son waking on the park - picture just showing legs and feet

I already talked about the time spent working the 9-5 and commuting.

Unfortunately, most of our day is spent away from our loved ones because of these two factors.

And I’ll tell you more. What if your partner, for example, doesn’t work the 9-5 as you do, but the 2-10 instead? By the time see each other it is already time to sleep. This is not the kind of life a couple had planned for their lives, I am really sure about that.

What about the occasions when you are required to travel for some time or either relocate to another city or country?

Spending more time with your loved ones is priceless! That’s one of the greatest motivations people have when choosing to work from home.

You still have to dedicate some time in the computer, but as long as they are at home, you will be together.

Work from home and simply enjoy more time with your family!


You Decide Your Holiday – Freedom to Travel

Woman with both hands held high - sunset on a beach

This is an exciting benefit!

When you can earn an online income, you simply have the power to decide when is your holidays are and days off!

So, you can take your backpack and hit the road whenever you like and without a return ticket.

There is an extreme sense of freedom to it. You can take the time to really appreciate the places you visit, immerse yourself in other culture and explore much more.

There is quality in your travel because you don’t have to stick with any tight schedule. You simply enjoy the place and stay longer if you wish.

Work from home and book your holidays whenever you want and for as long as you wish!


Work From Anywhere! 

Motorhome parked besides tree - sunsetWorking from home is a broad term, and it means you can actually work from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and internet access.

You can also combine holidays with working from wherever you are.

What if you need to get your job done but you are still on the road?

You don’t need to interrupt your journey,  just find an internet connection and you are good to go. That’s freedom!

I would also love to buy a motor home and spend long seasons in different countries all around Europe. So, my domain name would have to be How cool would that be? 🙂

 Work from home and also from anywhere with an internet connection!

Unlimited Income Potential

If you have an online business, there is no limit to how much you can earn. If you take advantage of the affiliate marketing model on your website, for example, your income will be proportional to the number of visitors you receive and to the trust you deliver through your content.

The more time and effort you put into it, the higher the rewards.

However, I do recommend that you find a balance so you can enjoy the independence that working from home provides.

The last thing you want is to be a slave to your own business! In this regard, time management is key.

Work from home and get paid fairly for your time and dedication!


What is Required and How Can You Get Started?

With all the freedom and other advantages, comes the high level of responsibility.

Remember that you will be the only one responsible for your income and this takes a great deal of organisation, self-discipline, and motivation.

In order to be an online entrepreneur and experience all the advantages I have mentioned in this article, I highly recommend these important basic steps:

Online Entrepreneur Certification - Making Money! (Level 3) - Google Chrome 2015-10-27 23.10.57

By applying the principles of internet marketing, you are able to earn commissions when people buy products on the internet following your recommendations.

You don’t need to deal with suppliers, inventory, payments or customer’s issues. Your job is to attract visitors to your website and offer useful information to them.

You just want to make sure you have proper training and support. Starting out by yourself is a time and money consuming process.

By sticking with a renowned training provider you know you are heading in the right direction. Besides, they have a starter membership free of charge.


==>> Check my #1 Recommended Training Platform to Work From Home!

So, what is your motivation to work from home? Always remember that I am here to help you out, so if you have questions, please leave a message below.

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