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Userlytics Review – Is it a Scam? Can You Really Make $10 For a Site Test?

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userlytics scamDo you know you can get paid to test websites and share your thoughts on them? Yes, you definitely can! Today I found a platform called Userlytics, which is claiming you can do this job working from home, whenever you like. Can you trust Userlytics? Or is it a scam?

Check out my review and discover all you need to know about it!

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Userlytics Review

  • Name: Userlytics
  • Website:
  • Price: Free to join
  • Strategy: Remote user testing of websites and apps.
  • Score: 3.9/5


What is Userlytics?

Userlytics is a platform that gives businesses the opportunity to know exactly how users interact with their websites or apps and what their thoughts on them are. This is the exact definition of usability testing.

Usability testing helps companies identify core usability problems and provide insights to make things look better and run smoother.

You can sign up to become a tester and get paid for it. Your job is to follow instructions on how to use the site or app, speak your thoughts out loud, and answer a few questions.

For example, you may be asked to search for an item in an online store, and reach the check out page. You may also be asked to register on a client’s website, react to different advertisements, or simply give feedback on the look, concept and overall layout of a site.


Is Userlytics a Scam? 

Userlytics was founded in 2009 by USERLYTICS Corporation, an American company headquartered in San Francisco.

There are not many real user reviews on the internet, and the company is not BBB accredited. However, I haven’t seen any sign of fraudulent activity, and people seem to get paid without any issues.

So, no. Userlytics is not a scam.

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Pros and Cons 


  • Excellent pay rate ($10-$20 for 20-40 min of testing).
  • Trustworthy.
  • No previous experience required.
  • People from all countries can be a tester.
  • No qualification test required.
  • Get paid via Paypal.
  • No minimum cashout requirement.


  • There are not enough tests available to earn a decent income.
  • The software doesn’t track the time you are working.
  • You are still trading time for money. Learn how to earn a residual income here.
  • You have to show your face in front of the webcam.

How to Become a Tester?

First of all, you have to click on “sign up” in front of “tester login” at the top-right corner of the page.


After registering, you have to answer some profile questions. It’s essential to complete the profile as clients are usually looking for a specific group of people to test their sites/apps.

For example, when it comes to testing an American skincare website, they will probably give preference for women resident in the US.

Then, you just have to wait for test invitations.

Different from other usability testing platforms, there is no qualification test.

However, clients are encouraged to rate the quality of the user experience you provide. So, you should do your best to give a constructive feedback as the better your rating, the more tests you will get in the future. 

When you receive your first invitation, you will be able to download the screen recording software. This software works on a Mac computer with OSX 10.7.3 or higher or a PC with Windows 7 or higher. Besides, you also need a webcam as some clients request a video recording.



How Much Money Can You Make? 

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Userlytics pays $10 – $20 per test, which is a high pay rate considering you are working from home, doing a relatively easy job that takes approximately 20-40 min.

Unfortunately, there are not many tests available to earn a decent and regular monthly income. Depending on your demographics, you may get just 1 or 2 tests per month.

Therefore, if you want to make more money with this type of job, you should sign up for as many usability testing sites as you can. The best ones that I know are User Testing, UserFeel, What Users Do, and TryMyUI.


How to Perform Well? 

You should follow all the instructions and make sure you are providing constructive feedback in a clear and loud voice.

There are no right or wrong answers, but you should avoid reading what the site says and telling everything is great. That’s because clients are looking for things to improve upon, and not things to be proud of.

Don’t worry about identifying problems yourself. Your job is to speak your mind as if you were a real user instead of a tester. It’s their job to analyze your thoughts and discover the things to be improved upon.




The great thing about Userlytics is that there is no minimum payout threshold like GPTs or survey sites. Instead, payments are made once a week via Paypal after the client has positively rated your test feedback.

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Userlytics is a legitimate usability testing platform that you can use to earn some extra cash online. The pay rate is higher than the minimum wage, and you have the advantage of working whenever and wherever you like.

The downside is that there are not many tests available, so it’s not possible to rely on this type of job for a regular income.

Overall, I think Userlytics is a great platform, but there are certainly better ways to make money online. Keep reading the next section if you want to know how I prefer to spend my time on.

Verdict: Legit


How I Prefer to Make Money Online

Personally, I prefer to take advantage of affiliate marketing and earn commission for promoting other people’s products. I simply focus on writing articles on my blog that gets high Google rankings.

Affiliate marketing is awesome! It’s not a method to reach quick results, but if you do it the right way and stick with it, you can build a reliable source of passive income for many years. 

Besides, the income potential is unlimited! The more content you write on your site, the more passive income you will earn in the future.

What I love about it is the possibility of making passive income while I am traveling. For example, in October I went to Morocco for 10 days while my website kept running and generating over $400 in affiliate commissions.

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It’s entirely newbie friendly and gives you excellent step by step course, support, and tools to build your online business. in my opinion, this is the best platforms for those ready to work hard to achieve time and location freedom.


Thanks for checking out my Userlytics review. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. It’s my pleasure to help!

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