Tree For Money App Review – Is it a REAL or FAKE Money Tree?

Welcome to my Tree for Money app review!

The developer of Tree for Money is trying to convince you that money does grow on trees. Well, at least inside his game!

I discovered this app after watching an advert showing players earning lots of money just by tapping on their phone screen.

The ad also had people in front of big checks worth thousands of dollars. Here is a screenshot of the advertising:

tree for money advertising

Tree for Money is currently blocking reviews on Google Play as it’s still in “Early Access”. Therefore, it prevents people from discovering if users are getting paid. Whether this is a tactic to avoid critics, we will never know.

So, can we use Tree for Money to make real money online? Is it a scam or a legit application? Keep reading to find out!

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Tree For Money App Review



What Is Tree For Money?

Tree For Money is an Android game that claims you can get rewards by growing your money tree. Apparently, the developer is not operating the app under a company name.


The game is all about tapping your virtual money tree to collect virtual cash. It says that you need to earn more than $200 to access the redemption store and cash out via PayPal.

It’s very similar to the popular Money Tree app, but the difference is that this one doesn’t promote the games as an opportunity to win real money.


How Does Tree For Money Work?



The Tree for Money app is available on Google Play for Android users worldwide. You don’t need to create an account or give any app permission before you can launch the game.

So, if you uninstall the app, you may lose all your progress and you will have to start from $0.


How to Play Tree For Money

Tap vigorously on your money tree to collect “green” cash until you can upgrade your tree. Check the loading bar at the top.


tree for money gameplay

Keep in mind that this type of virtual cash cannot be converted to real money.

Once you hit the target, you can upgrade your tree and receive a specific amount of “PayPal” cash. However, you can only collect the cash and upgrade after you watch a short video until the end!

Note that the app developer is generating revenue whenever you watch those videos. So, he is making profits while you are trading your time for virtual currency.

By clicking on the small tree icon on the bottom-left corner, you can make your tree generate more “green” cash.

Use the rain and the fertilizer props to make your plant grows faster. But first, you must watch the clip as usual. Also, spin the Lucky Wheel for a chance to win “PayPal” cash, “green” cash, and props.

As you upgrade your tree and watch videos, your tree will grow and you get closer to the minimum payout threshold of $200.

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Invite Friends

Another way to earn more “PayPal” cash with Tree for Money is by sharing your invitation link or code with your friends. The amount of money that you will earn depends on the number of friends that install the application. For example, if you refer 100 people, you will get $5.


Is Tree For Money Legit? Does it Pay? 

Tree For Money works just like most “money” games out there. In the beginning, you will get $5 – $13 every time you upgrade the tree, but your earnings will decrease gradually as you get closer to $200.

At some point, you will have to tap hundreds of times to earn just a penny or two. Many players give up when they suspect that Tree for Money is paying less and less and that they may never reach $200. 

The game is not even fun, so why bother? 


There is a small chance of reaching the $200 mark and requesting the payment, but unfortunately, I don’t think the money will be transferred to your Paypal account. 

It’s important to note that Tree for Money doesn’t provide the “terms of service”, meaning there is no legal agreement between you and the developer. Therefore, he can simply ignore payment requests with no risk to his business.

Despite how Tree for Money works, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a scam because the developer doesn’t guarantee any winning. Remember, there is no legal agreement, so he is not obligated to pay you.  

It’s a shame how they advertise these games, which are causing more frustration than joy.



Tree For Money is not a money-making app, so don’t expect to withdraw your virtual $200. I wouldn’t even play it for fun because it’s extremely boring.

In my opinion, Tree for Money is a complete waste of time because you will just end up watching hundreds of videos.

The app developer has built a real money tree for himself and users are growing it at the expense of their time.

Verdict: Not Recommended


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Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to read my Tree for Money app review. If you want to leave a review, feel free to use the comment section below.

Peace out!

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145 thoughts on “Tree For Money App Review – Is it a REAL or FAKE Money Tree?”

  1. Well, I have reached well over the threshold of the 225 minimum. I am well over 3k at the moment and requested my first payout so we will see if it comes.

          1. Maria valdiviezo

            Deborah I redeemed my winnings, for 200, 300, 500, 800 and 1000 the first 4 were successfully sent the other one is pending but there is nothing in my act. I don’t understand how heartless ppl can do this to other human beings.

        1. One was successfully, and one is pending but i have not received any money on my Paypal account at all, and have won money 3 times, i am very angry.

          1. I finish the first task $1014 usd but it’s not yet sent to my paypal account. I just started last night and I’ve waiting for it to be transfer in my paypal account. It’s still in the process. hoping that it would be faster this time

          2. There is a message that will say, you have not logged in for a long time. Your request is invalid. Poor gone with you request. Never get to see the money in my PayPal account. All lies.

        1. Matthew T Thompson

          All I see is more people in front of my payout if this is not a legit money making game then we need to expose him.

      1. Hello Kristen, my name is Ramona I have been playing this game a little over an hour passed out a thousand and $47 it was requiring on me to play 200 videos to cast out receive my money but it block me from playing videos, so I was not able to play the videos and because of that, I received the message on the game saying I have failed. I tried to play the videos on that game but it blocked me in every way on that game for playing any videos .I did not get one penny

      2. Samantha Raphaelito

        I too waiting for money it says has been send to my email… Nothing… I also have PayPal… Nothing

        1. Good question Kimberly! It just goes to show that Tree For Money should not be taken seriouly. Companies don’t need any other information to process the payment except your paypal email and full name.

    1. I got over $1,300 and watched the 204 adds out of the 200 you have to watch to get the $200 PayPal Reward. I redeemed today. Let’s see what happens and I left a review and contacted them with a screenshot that I won.

        1. I’ve already reached 200$ in this Tree for Money game. I already redeem. When i click the redeem. It says there i need to complete a 100 video ads before they activate in my paypal… they give me 3days before i complete all the 100 video ads. Let’ see what will happen

          1. Hi Marky, I would be surprised if they paid you. Why not use your time to join Prizerebel and complete simple tasks? It doesn’t pay much, but at least you know you will receive the money once you reach $5.

      1. So I waited for the 3 something days and I checked back in and it showed the payment went through, it had my Gmail account for PayPal and everything, I looked in my PayPal nothing, I looked in my bank account still nothing

      2. Alona Jane Abasolo

        I just redeem $1000 and it says there that it’s successfully transferred to my PayPal account but when I checked my PayPal , I didn’t receive any amount

    2. Hi Angel, did you get the payment? If you are still struggling to make money with mobile applications, I suggest you check out Prizerebel.
      If you take massive action on this site, you may withdraw over $100 per month! It’s 100% legit and it does pay out!

    3. Kindly uninstall the app, i have a personal experience when i request for 200$ cash our before 20 days. We will not get even 0.01$ from them.

    4. It won’t I have made 700 in three different lots and it all said successful after waiting 6 days for all the processing but did not receive a single cent

    5. Miriam E Ramos-Centeno

      I played they owe me $3,800 within the last few days and I just found out that they won’t pay even though it shows on my game that they paid I got a hold of PayPal. Then nothing zip zero. I played 15 to 25 different games months and months and no one pays out

    6. Wait for a long time, i cashed well over a 1000 twice now and did the fast cash option 1000 paypal dollars for 10 dollars in 24 hours, says successful but we never got anything. This really is a fake game.

      1. They tell you you will get money just to download. no, you’re not not going to get any money even when you cash out. it’s going to come back fail.

  2. I have cashed out 2x on mo ey tree just waiting to see if it actually goes to my paypal .At first it was in pending status now its under review

        1. Am sorry for this am really angry my name is jale Anthony a Ugandan l played this game up to 2800us dollars but they didn’t give me anything it’s taking long to deliver order for three days and pending for 280 hours why is this game true

          1. I racked up like 1300.00 in this app first it was processing now it’s pending 200 videos later but not a darn thing in my paypal acct. this is &^% must think we are all fools over here i don’t know about you but I’m insulted and think these companies should be forced to pay or &^&

    1. Don’t expect it. I cashed out $2000, 2 sets of $100, and purchased a $50 Amazon card using the diamonds and received none of it. It’s been 2 months since doing so. I reached $2000 within the 1st month actually within the 1st week just had to wait till I was eligible to cash out. You have to play a certain number of days and watch a certain amount of videos before they will let you cashout.

      1. I think Its a waste of time I been playing tree for money since last October 2020 and it said i wont over $3 thousand cash and it’s going to my PayPal account. I haven’t gotten anything. It said I received but I haven’t gotten anything

    2. Miriam E Ramos-Centeno

      Or said they don’t pay Jack they just want you to waste your time. Stop wasting time on these money games on Google. None of them work. No one sends money to your cash app for your PayPal you don’t get no Amazon cards you definitely don’t get any iPhones either. Have a good day. Stop playing and wasting your time.

  3. I cashed out Friday 4th December 2020 Saturday 5th December 2020 says under review Sunday 6th of December 2020 says in a payout queue today Monday 7th says successfully sent so we will c with PayPal next few days so will give a better review if its genuine or not

  4. I cashed out almost 1500 in different amounts it went thru all the proscess and then disappeared after it said sent successfully and it had my Gmail account for my PayPal buts it’s been 2 days since 3 of them were sent but still have not gotten anything so it’s probably best to say we won’t be getting anything from them waste of time and energy

    1. This game is full of sh#t. I played twice a $1,000 and didn’t receive anything. I’m gonna delete this game. Waste of time

  5. Iv cashed out for 4 lots and all day payment sent but not recived anything , but it says it can take up 2 two weeks for it 2 go in, have emailed them aswell and had no reply

    1. I made 2 withdrawals of $ 200 and never received anything in my PayPal. real waste of time and very disappointing. I will just delete this app

  6. I have over 300 dollars and it won’t let me put in my PayPal details for the payment??? What a load of shite this is!🤬

  7. Sadly I have to agree and this is more crushing than anything! I havent worked since the start of the pandemic and to this very day I have not received unemployment or pandemic insurance from the state of pa. I eventually had to move and lost everything this 200 dollars that I cashed out and it says was successfully the fact that it didnt happen was crushing I had 37 dollars to my name and lay awake most nights or I am still applying for jobs until 3 am. What a holiday way to scrooge someone!

      1. Hello, everyone, I am at 3400 $ and I asked to be paid on papal 2 × 200 $. It has been 2 days that I have been waiting and given the comments, I think I will give up.

  8. I played and the first 200 was not actually difficult to reach. I reached it in about 2 hours. Upon reaching the second 200 mark, it is saying I have to watch 400 videos to be able to receive. I am at 87 videos. As for payment, I submitted and say it will take up to two weeks to receive it, but after coming here and seeing all these posts I am pretty sure it is yet another wasted game

    1. OMG, 400 videos? Don’t go for it or you will be very disappointed. Instead of wasting so much time with Tree for Money, join this GPT platform, and complete simple tasks. It won’t make you rich but am I am sure they will pay you once you reach 5000 points ($5).

  9. Soledad Balderrama

    I won 800 cashed out my first 200 a week went from under review to successfully and it all disappeared today. There is no customer service or even an email to complain. Good thing I screenshot it. At least I have proof.

  10. So I cashed out $200 today and it said I had to wait for a few weeks. Hmmm, when I saw the ad it says get your money now not wait 2 stupid weeks.
    Well, I have been checking a lot of apps lately and they either take points, money or when you’re almost done you might get 5 pennies. These companies are screwing us over and lying too much

  11. I’ve had this game for over a year was never able to cash out. On Dec 7th, I was able to cash out what I had 307 so it was an odd number, not even a gift card probably.

    1. Mine too there’s nothing in my paypal after watching almost 800videos and cash out from $200 to $1000
      It says that its successfully send to your Gmail but nothings happened

  12. Right now i really feel like crying i’ve been playing this game for weeks and won over $2500 i am out of work do to the pandemic and im a single father and i am broke my daughter just had a birthday on the 11th of January and i promised her if i won this money i was going to get her a gift and some school supplies cause she needs it and now she’s going to be heart broken i depended on that money , that is so wrong of them to get people’s hopes up like that doring a time like this when we are in a crissis ,( not kool) they gonna have to answer to god about that and i dont think he is going to be pleased with them for that cruel act wow i am so mad right now.

  13. Ingrida Survilaite

    Don’t waist you time, I redeem 200$ wath all video and now show money sucessully on my paypal. It’s NOT ❗❗❗

  14. I have reached the payout amount of $200, and they haven’t given the money to my PayPal and I have emailed 3 times!

  15. Abby J Sabatine-Powers

    It said pending… waited for two weeks. Nope, it’s still not in my PayPal account. What can we do? I also bought a VIP membership.

    1. My money has not entered my pay pal application even though I have disbursed from the game tree for money application and there is a statement of success, please ask an explanation from the game tree for money application, is it true that this game application pays or just fraud

  16. Rozander Williams

    I transferred money from tree for money to my PayPal account and haven’t received any response from tree for money.

  17. I reached and claimed all of the payment amounts in 3 days as well as watching the required number of videos. It was processing for 72 hours and now it’s pending for 72 hours, $2800 in total so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    1. Hi Matthew, that’s a lot of money, which I don’t think is real. But let’s see. Please, let us know if you receive the money or not.
      Thank you!

  18. Its a fricking joke i’ve cashed out three times. Says it went, still nothing in my paypal account. Weeks later. Don’t waste your time.

  19. Eu queria saber referente os pagamentos do tree for money que estão postos no status do jogo que já foram feitos os pagamentos mais não aparece as atividades nem o pagamento na minha conta por que isso está acontecendo ???

    Translation: I would like to know about tree for money payments that are added in the game’s status but show up no activities nor the payment in my account. Why is this happening?

    1. Olá Robson, não existe nenhuma evidencia de que o Tree for Money paga. Ninguém até agora parece ter recebido nenhum pagamento.

      Hi Robson, there is no evidence that Tre for Money pays. Nobody seems to have received any payment so far.

  20. I’ve reached 200,300, 500 at paypal redeem. How can i get my money and how can be tranferred to my paypal account? Is this legit or fake? Am I wasting my time here or what?

  21. Christopher justice

    if tree is a fake money game then why is google allowing the developer to advertise the game on Google Play Store

  22. Naiara Cristina damazio Siqueira

    eu joguei ganhei o dinheiro no app consta q foi transferido com sucesso mais ainda nao caiu nada na minha conta do paypal o q devo fazer pois ja tentei entrar em contato com eles e nao consigo

    Translation: I played, won money. It says the money was successfuly transfered but there is nothing in my PayPal account. What should I do because I already tried to contact support but they don’t reply.

    1. Hi Nairara,

      Unforunately, there is nothing you can do about it because they have the final decision. It seems that they don’t want to pay anyone.

      Oi Naiara, infelizmente não há nada a ser feito pois eles que decidem se irão de pagar ou não. Muito provavelmente eles não estão apgando ninguém.

  23. Jonathan Esterlein

    No it doesn’t pay out i have over $4000 in cash on the game and have been wanting for two months And still NO PAY OUT


  25. I have been playing the game Tree for money and it’s not paying out. It say the money was sent to my PayPal account but have not received anything did not want to leave a bad message but I would like to get my money. If you are looking to playing a game for money DO NOT play this one

    1. Hi David, I feel your frustration! The developers should not give users the expectation to cash out unless they are willing to pay everyone who reaches the minimum requirement.
      Thanks for your honest review!

  26. I’ve played this game and nothing to $1039,$777,and $1,000 it said fail but the $10 was successful but nothing in my account!!

    1. Hi Sebrina,

      Thanks or letting us know. It’s important to be aware that games like Tree for Money doesn’t offer any guarantees. Apparently, they don’t need to pay users in order to be in good standing with the Play Store.

  27. Well at this point I think it’s fake because I supposed to have 1,800 in my PayPal account and I haven’t received anything. So I’m about to try and email them please let me know how if you receive your money

    1. The only response you will get from their email “” is that their inbox is full. Good email as we are all a little crazy for believing this could be legitimate.

  28. I really like playing this game but why is that I never received my winnings that makes me thinks that it full of bull an those people that y’all show didn’t really win that’s just to get people to play this game shame on you

  29. I’m still waiting to be paid by paypal for the game of Tree for Money. Until now, there is no response and no payments. Maybe it is a scam it’s not true!

    1. I have been playing the game Tree for money and it’s not paying out. It say the money was sent to my PayPal account but have not received anything did not want to leave a bad message but I would like to get my money. If you are looking to playing a game for money DO NOT play this one

  30. I have also redeemed $777 and $1,000 and it said my email failed there is no way it could have failed so I was wondering how do you get the money

  31. Between money tree and PayPal it takes a lawyer to figure the crap out so you can get paid I give up because it’s not worth it it’s a hassle and you’ll never get paid

  32. I’ve tried to redeem the dollars that have accumulated for both $ 200, $ 300, $ 500, $ 800 and even $ 1000 redeem status has been declared successful but not a dime goes to paypal.
    bottom line … Tree For Money is HOAX.

  33. i redeemed $200 but i can’t find it in my paypal acc. i hope this isn’t a scam. I watched over 206 ads and take my patience. And now this?!?!, we make you rich by watching videos but you give back us a scam?!?!. I hope that my $200 will go to my paypal acc.

  34. Chabibi Asroful Mustofa

    saya sudah withdraw $10 dan keterangannya sukses, tapi saldo Paypal saya tidak ada uangal masuk.
    amat sangat mengecewakan!!!

    I have withdrawn $ 10 and the statement is successful, but my Paypal balance has no incoming money.
    very, very disappointing. !!!

  35. How come I didn’t get my PayPal payment. I entered my PayPal account and verified it , so what gives . I what my payment or I will sue for false advertising and using other people’s identities. Not happy Nas I love games like tree for money and dice garden.

  36. I have watched hundreds of videos just to cash out the money but they declined it. As per them I didn’t log in for a long time. Hello I just downloaded the app and play almost 24 hrs just to watch the videos you want me to watch.

  37. martha Rodriguez

    I have not received my refund of the game i have been playing what do i do or speak to about this matter i don’t this is right that i have been playing and playing this game and not get this Rewards i hope you all can fix this matter quickly Thankyou god bless you all

    1. Hellow, Martha! Sorry to hear that but Tree for Money doesn’t provide real cash rewards. So, don’t waste your time playing because you won’t get paid.

  38. I am in complete agreement. The false advertisements and the time spent watching their ads which is padding their pockets in huge ways. They can afford to pay! Tens of 1,000’s of people watching ads and none of them are paying what they owe. Then to add insult to injury, they completely ignore ypu or give a bogus e-mail with a little coma behind the address so you can not send them your letter that also took more time to write.They will continue to do this because after you have wasted your time and have been scamed, there will come 10’s of 1,000’s of more people to follow! . E-mail me at if you want to talk and have a good idea of our next move. Bad reviews doesn’t stop it! More needs to be done!

  39. I’m up to almost five thousand dollars and haven’t received a dime yet. So am I gonna see any of that money ?

  40. While in early access, when contact developer for feedback, it makes sense receiving replies but no of them are provided.

    As for those so called bonus, not being logged for a long time, I am force to restart to square one! I note an email domain as: is from china.

    We know google blocked that country adding App but some still come using VPN.

    I recommend following implementation for google and gpay:
    1) Before any apps get approved:
    Since email need being added, I recommend google and gpay contacting gmail to check country origin of that email address
    If is belonging to blocked country then disapprove that app

    Understand that implementation it just for money making scam game!

  41. First off, why would anyone try to “cash out” when you don’t have a terms of service agreement in place. Second, it is not that they don’t provide a TOS so much as the link it sends you to says it was removed for ILLEGAL ACTIVITY! Not only have so many of you given this scum ad revenue, but you have been dupped into giving up some very personal information that just gives this pos dev a chance to earn more selling your info. I’ve reported this app to Google numerous times now and am sad to see it is still available for download. Pay extra attention to your PayPal accounts also for erroneous charges, remember, you have zero agreement with this developer and know little to no information about them (I Google searched and found nothing anywhere). Nothing is free, especially money from an app.

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