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MoneyTree Rewards App Review – Is it Legit? Does it Pay?

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MoneyTree Rewards is a mobile application that allows you to earn points for completing simple tasks such as taking surveys, playing games and watching TV. You can then exchange your points for cash via PayPal and vouchers.

The advantage of using apps like MoneyTree Rewards is that you can make money whenever you go, doing things that you may already do on a daily basis. That’s why these types of apps have become so popular in the past few years!

In this review, I will explain how MoneyTree Rewards works and give you my honest opinion about it. Is it legit and worth your time?

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MoneyTree Rewards App Review


  • Name: MoneyTree Rewards
  • Developer: Ark Software Technologies
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $10
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 3.9/5


How Does MoneyTree Rewards Work? 


Getting Started

MoneyTree Rewards is available worldwide for Android users. After installing the app on Google Play, you must create a free account by filling out some basic details such as your nickname, gender, date of birth and country. But first, make sure you are not using a VPN or Ad-blocker creating an account.

Once you finish the registration, you will earn a welcome bonus of 5,000 points or $2, which is nice!

To start earning points, click on the “Star” icon right the bottom and choose from 3 different options: Hot Offers, Surveys and Gold Leaf TV.


Points System and Payments

Before I explain the different tasks available, it’s important to know that 1 point equals $0.0004.  MoneyTree Rewards currently provides 5 payment options:

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  • PayPal: 25,000 points = $10.
  • Amazon Gift Cards: 62,500 = $25
  • Google Play Store: 25,000 points = $10
  • Xbox / Microsoft Gift Card: 25,000 points = $10
  • Playstation Network Gift Cards: 25,000 points = $10

The point system is rather inconvenient because you always need to multiply points by $0.0004 to find how much money you will earn.


Daily Check-in 

MoneyTree Rewards will give you a daily check-in bonus of 5 points.


Grow Your Money Tree (Level Up)

Every day you have the opportunity to grow your virtual money tree and level up. The higher your level, the more benefits you will get. There are three types of benefits:

  1. Offers complete: Earn 5% (level 3) or 10% (levels 4 and 5) more once you complete offers.
  2. Member override: Earn 5% (levels 2, 3 and 4) or 10% (level 5) when your referral completes an offer.
  3. Member’s member override: Earn 5% when your referral’s referral complete an offer.

You can level up by clicking on the “grow” button. Bear in mind that your money tree will lose levels if you don’t take care of it.


Hot Offers

In the offer section, you can earn points by installing apps, and playing games. Browse the list of offers and choose the best ones based on the requirements and the number of points that you will earn.

Sometimes, you may find different offers (different requirements) for the same app. In that case, you must choose only one of them as most offers require that you are a new user. Don’t forget to click on “important info” to check all the requirements.

The King of Avalon is a very traditional offer that you will find in most reward apps and GPT sites. You have to install the game and complete stronghold level 17 to claim 60,000 points ($24).



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MoneyTree Rewards has partnered with Pollfish, which is a third-party platform that allows you to take surveys from leading companies such as Toluna, Innovate, and Cint.

First, you must provide your postcode so that you can get a list of survey opportunities based on your location. Most surveys take 5 – 30 minutes to complete and award 300 – 2000 points ($0.12 – $0.80). Unfortunately, you won’t qualify for every survey, so you will spend a lot of time for very little money.


Gold Leaf TV

In this section, you will earn points for watching videos through a third-party platform called HideoutTV. Create an account, log in and choose your favourite channel. You will earn less than 5 points after watching a couple of videos.


Invite Your Friends

Share MoneyTree Rewards app on your social media and ask your friends to use your invite code. Ask them to go to Profile > Join team > enter your invite code.

You will get 20 points when someone uses your invite code. Then, when your invited friend completes their first offer, both you and your friend will earn 100 points. In addition, for every offer that your friend completes, you will get bonus points because on your tree level.

At level 5, you will get 10% bonus points. Therefore, you will get 100 points for every 1000 points that your friend earns by completing offers.


Pros And Cons


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  • Grow your money tree and get more benefits.
  • There are lots of offers.
  • Cash out via PayPal or gift cards.


  • The minimum payout is a bit high in my opinion.
  • The app has only partnered with one survey platform.
  • Even at the highest level, you will earn a maximum of 10% referral commission.




MoneyTree Rewards is a legitimate application that anyone can use to earn a little extra money on the go. The list of offers is huge, but I think it falls a bit short on surveys.

In my opinion, the company should increase the referral commission and let users cash out faster by lowering the minimum payout threshold. Overall, I think it’s a decent reward app that is worth using if you just want to make some pocket money.

Verdict: Legit


Is There an Alternative to MoneyTree Rewards? 


I have recently reviewed a reliable app called BidCash. It provides more opportunities to earn points, free scratch cards and a better referral program. Besides, users can cash out with $5 via PayPal.

Another great option is Prizerebel, which is not an app, but you can complete tasks on your mobile device as well.


How I Prefer to Make Money Online


Even though MoneyTree Rewards provides different ways to earn money online, nothing compares to affiliate marketing. The reason is that if you put in the time and effort, you can eventually reach thousands of dollars per month. How would your life be like if you could work remotely and make money on your own terms?

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Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to read my MoneyTree Rewards app review. I hope it was helpful. If you have any questions, just let me know in the comment section below.

Take care!

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