Swipe to Blast App Review – Is it Another Fake Money App?

swipe to blast app reviewWelcome to my Swipe to Blast app review!

Hundreds of thousands of people have already played Swipe to Blast in hopes to cash out $200 via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

Every day, I receive several comments from people who play similar games and don’t make a single penny.

Game developers are enticing users with the chance to win real money just to maximize their profits. After all, people play for longer and watch more videos when there is a glorious reward down the road.

Today, I am here to expose another app and warn you about the possibility of wasting a lot of time. So, is Swipe to Blast a scam? Does it pay or not? Check out my review to understand the risks!

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Swipe to Blast App Review


  • Name: Swipe to Blast: Flop
  • Developer: Liaquat
  • Contact: joet41751@gmail.com
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Minimum payout: $200
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


 Overhyped Ads

So, you were playing another game when an advert about Swipe Blast was thrown on your face!

First, they showed you a smiling woman who said you could make real money from playing it.

Then, you saw a simulation where hundreds of dollars accumulated quickly at the top of the screen. Note they overuse the PayPal logo to make it seem more appealing.


If you play free games on your phone, you are probably familiar with aggressive marketing strategies. Please, don’t fall for the seduction regardless of how convincing they are.


What is Swipe to Blast?

Swipe to Blast is another merge number game that gives you virtual PayPal cards just for playing.

But just like 99% “money” apps, you cannot cash out until you have earned a specific amount. With Swipe to Blast, the minimum requirement is $200.

Over 500,000 users have installed this application, which not surprisingly, is still in “Early Access” on the Playstore.

That means Android users are not allowed to publish their honest reviews and tell the world whether they received the money or not.

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How Does Swipe to Blast Work? 

 After installing the game on the Google Playstore or App Store, tap “Play” to get started. You don’t need to sign in or allow any kind of permission.

All you have to do is swap a number to place at least three numbers side by side. When you do that, all the blocks with the same numbers merge to form one with a higher number.

swipe to blast gameplay

Every time you reach the target number, you will receive some virtual cash. Merging lots of blocks at the same time may also trigger a reward.

However, you must click the “Collect” button and watch a video to add the money to your account.

The videos not always available, which are very annoying because the lack of them prevents you from earning. The funny thing is that after you close the reward pop up, they may show you an advert.

So, they clearly have videos, but it seems they don’t want you to collect the virtual cash you deserve.

Keep in mind you have 5 health (lives). Whenever you move a block that doesn’t merge, you will consume 1 health. On the other hand, every time you combine numbers, you will earn 1 health. 


The game is over when your health is 0.



Swipe to Blast also awards you diamonds while you are merging the numbers. It can be used diamonds to buy health or props that will help on your next move.

Unfortunately, gems cannot be converted to cash.


How Can You Cash Out? 

In theory, you can cash out via PayPal or Amazon gift cards after accumulating $200. If you meet the requirement, tap on your balance, and request your payment.



Is Swipe to Blast Legit? Does it Pay?

Based on my experience with hundreds of “Money” games, I don’t think Swipe to Blast pays. The cash incentive is too high, and there is no way the company could afford to pay $200 for everybody who played for long enough.

Therefore, the least they could do is limit the number of people who win. But then, one might wonder how they get to decide who gets the prize or not.

Are winners selected at random? How many winners per day or month? There is no transparency!

It’s important to note that Swipe to Blast has no Terms of Service, which means there is no binding agreement between the developers and users. Therefore, there is no promise here!

They say users can make money, but without evidence and without knowing the odds of winning, it’s really hard to believe! 

There are two common outcomes from playing such games. They either stop awarding virtual dollars cash or simply ignore your payment request.

Does it mean Swipe to Blast is a fraud? Well, I cannot accuse any company of anything on my blog without solid proof.

So, I will just warn you that you may waste a lot of time if you play this game with the expectation to earn money.



Swipe to Blast is a nice game to pass the time, but forget about the money part. There is not even the “Terms of Service” page, so don’t expect the developer will share a big portion of his profits with players.

Mind you, $200 in marketing expenses is a hell lot of money! You’d probably have to watch over 4,000 videos just so the company could break even. It doesn’t add up!

I don’t know who came up with the idea of providing cash incentives while imposing conditions to withdraw.

What I know is that this business model has caused a lot of frustration to millions of people worldwide. It just doesn’t feel right!


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Final Words

Thanks for reading my Swipe to Blast app review. I hope it was helpful. If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts, leave us a comment box below.


68 thoughts on “Swipe to Blast App Review – Is it Another Fake Money App?”

  1. visible after it has been approved.
    Reached the required cash out amount of $200. When I did they raised the cash out amount to $500. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I was waiting to see what gimmick they would use to refuse payment. That was it.

    1. I reached my $500 payout actually I went over the payput limit. And entered my Paypal info only to see an error message. I know my info is correct. I haven’t received any money. I want my freaking money, this isn’t fair to people who expect a payout. You reach your goal only to be swindle outta your time. Pay the people.

      1. I got to 200 then it said 500ive reached that but keep getting error message for my PayPal which I know I’m putting in the info. It’s bs.

        1. When i went over the pay out limit, I tried to put in PayPal stuff. it does not show / Or @ symbols only the .com on email
          Therefore, I keep getting error messages

          1. Hi Sandra, other people have complained about the same issue. I believe there are many people trying to contact the company to get their money, so you are not alone.
            Unfortunaltely, this is the type of game that don’t usually pay users. The amount of cash that they are offering is just too good to be true.

        2. Same thing happen to me …in reached 500usd. I apply to PayPal portal but there is an error with the account and email.

          1. Hi Sue, that’s because the amount of money they are offering is too far-fetched. There is no way Swipe to Blast could afford to pay everyone hundreds of dollars just for watching their videos in the game.

      2. You put your effort just to reach the limit withdraw of 500 dollars… then its having a hard time to get the money cause the paypal says error…

      3. I have 500 usd trying to transfer iny paypal… doesn’t work,,after I check the money for this game become negative points..it’s a fake game

    2. Once you get to 200, then it will say you have to get 300. then after that, it tells you need 400, then 500 now they won’t let me cash out and started to take my money back I was at 549.80. I have tried 5 times to get cashed out it asks for your PayPal account number. Then asks for your email address funny thing is there is no PayPal account number you can try to get it all you want you will not ever see an account number becuse there is no account number your email address is used to identify the account Perty cool on their part not for me now they are stealing my money I earned I was at 549.80 I have tried to play and each time I play my total drops now I’m down to 220.00

    3. Well my payout had to be up to almost 1000 but it let me do it at 800 so it told me that it would take 3 to 15 days before it would clear and go into my PayPal account. And then today it said 500 so when I went to put in my PayPal account it said an error and I know I put in the right PayPal account for them to put the money in this game is a Waste of time. I want the money that I earned for playing the first payout of $800 and a second payout of $500

  2. I have passed the 500 usd and I have clicked on withdraw with paypal but the characters for the email is too short. It’s less than 15 characters.
    After using so much data to watch so much ads.

    1. Hi Prince, that’s so frustrating! I never thought the lack of characters for the PayPal email could be another risk for players.

      You could try to send a message to the developers and ask for help, but I guess it will be a waste of time.

      1. I got to just over the 500 entered pay pal account n read a message that it may take a few days for deposit. Today is my 2nd day. I won’t hold my breath but sure would be nice.

    2. Yes mine but not let me use the@ Symbol but it told me that my money will be in in 3 to 5 business days are full of crap

  3. Hi, I want to cash out my $500 through PayPal but when I put my PayPal details, it says error even though I put the details correctly. Still, I cannot push through it says PayPal error.
    Can you help me this is my email

    1. Hi Raquel, I deleted your email to respect your privacy. Unfortunately, only the developer can explain to you the reason behind this error. Sorry, I cannot help you with that.

      1. Alta De villiers

        I have reached the $500 and when i tried to cash out my paypal was not correct. went to site and confirmed its correct.
        so when i go in swipe to blast game now they deducts money with every move.

      1. I hit the $500 punt on this game. Hit the cash or button. Just exactly how long does it take to see the money on my PayPal? The app now says -$484 and I have to get $900 to cash out next time

  4. I made it over $500.00 and I’m not sure how to cash out. I have a paypal account but when i click on the cash out button it wants me to enter my paypal account and email and not sure what to put in for paypal account. Nothing seems to work.

  5. I Finished and demanded payment. I have a picture that I have reached $ 500. There has been no payment yet. If not, I will make an advertisement for them as benefits. If I get paid, I’ll let you know.

  6. Tammie Randolph

    I’m having the same issue with cashing out I’m way over the $500.00 amount and I keep getting the error everyone else is getting “paypal account error” I’m going to try to contact the company with the email that Stefan gave us on his blog. I will update if and when I get a response.

    1. Hi Tammie, if the company paid you $500, that means they would have to earn a lot more than this amount from the videos that you watch. I don’t think it’s possible. Sorry, but it’s very unlikely that you will get this money.

  7. Hey, i just play that, and get over 500$ and I think it’s impossible get that money, because first you cant use in email “@” mark. And second, paypal account shoult be paypal.me/(your name)? If thats right then you even can’t use this mark like “/”

    1. I’ve deleted the app, its Frustrating when u reach 500, but can’t cash out coz won’t let u enter the @ sigh on ur paypal addy.

  8. I played up to $500. Then as I won it counted my money,every win backwards to $0. Then back to $500. Now it says my pay pal info is wrong. This is a huge waste of time.

  9. Hello, I hit a level to cash out on Swipe to Blast and it told me to “Enter my pay pay account?” (what do they mean by that) I entered my name and then my email and hit confirm but it would not take it.

  10. I have played this game….it has changed to “must win $500.00”. I have $500.25 in my account. When I go to cash out they do not recognize “@“, “_”, or other various symbols that are used by PayPal so you can never cash out…..just another waste of time operation. I have documentation to show as such.

  11. It says I can cash out but it won’t let me put my full pay pal account or full email address why? I think everyone else is having the same problem .
    So is this game real or fake like a lot of others ?

  12. Némethné K. Ildikó

    hey! the same thing happened to me. i couldn’t cash out. the sad part is that i’ve been playing with different games day-and-night in the hopes of helping my financial struggles, but nothing happened yet..i’m afraid that the other apps will do the same. do you have any idea how to hold them accountable?

    1. Hi, I believe there are already thousands of people trying to file complaints with the competent authorities, but I don’t think they can do something about these games. So, the best thing we can do is spread the word and warn others about the risk of wasting a lot of time playing them.

  13. Hi, I want to cash out my $500 through PayPal but when I put my PayPal details, it says error even though I put the details correctly. Still, I cannot push through it says PayPal error.
    Can you help me this is my email

    1. Hi Sasna, I am sorry but if you are entering your details corrently and it doesn’t go though, then only the developer can help you. As you can see in this comment section, no one has received payment from Swipe to Blast. So, I woudn’t bother.

  14. I should have come here first and read the reviews. Is there anyway to get them for false advertising? This app takes up room on your phone that is all it does,

  15. I reach $500 but when i try to cashout it says my paypal account name is error.how comes!? This game is wasting my time i thought i earn real money here.

  16. I hit the $500 punt on this game. Hit the cash or button. Just exactly how long does it take to see the money on my PayPal? The app now says -$484

    1. Hello! I don’t think Swipe to Blast will transfer the money to your PayPal account. It may state pending, but it’s doesn’t seem like a realistic method to make money online. It takes a lot of work to earn $500 from the internet, so it’s just too good to be true.

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