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Spin to Win Wallet Cash App Review – Does it Pay?

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The Spin to Win Wallet Cash app (aka Spin and Win Jackpot Cash) is a controversial application. In the instruction page, it says you can spin the wheel, reach milestones and win cash into the V wallet. Then, you can supposedly redeem your V Wallet money via PayPal, Paytm or phone recharge.

However, if you check the Terms and Conditions, it says right off the bat that this gaming app is not related to any kind of real jackpots. Also, the company states that it doesn’t support any incentivized activities, and that it doesn’t guarantee any financial transaction.

That is a contradiction! How are you supposed to withdraw the money via PayPal when they clearly state that there are no real jackpots? Can you make real money with Spin to Win Cash Wallet? Keep reading to find out!


Spin to Win Wallet Cash Review


  • Name: Spin to Win Wallet Cash (aka Spin to Win Jackpot Cash)
  • App Developer: Suparna Mondal
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


How Does Spin to Win Wallet Cash Work?


After installing the Spin to Win Wallet Cash app, the developer will ask permission to make and manage phone calls. I have no idea what are their true intentions behind this permission, but I don’t have a good feeling. Stay on the safe side and tap “Deny” or the app owner can make use of your phone for God knows why.

All you have to do is tap on the centre of the wheel to spin and win virtual cash rewards ranging from $1 to $12. You should tap as many times as you want and reach the jackpot milestone. The first milestone is $5000.

Does that mean you will get $5,000? Absolutely not!

According to the app instructions, whenever you reach the milestone, you will earn virtual cash (coins) into your V Wallet. It doesn’t say how much you will get. You can also earn 15 coins by watching a video and 25 coins every time you check-in.


Will Spin to Win Wallet Cash Pay You? 


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If you prefer to take the “red pill”, just have a look at the “terms and conditions” page where you will find the unpleasant truth. There, it says Spin to Win Wallet Cash doesn’t provide any incentivised activity, meaning you won’t get paid. 

If you check the reviews on Google Play, you will find lots of positive feedback, but most 5-star reviews just praise the app for the opportunity to earn money. I suspect many of these positive reviews are purchased from third-party platforms.

You should know there are platforms where people get paid to install the app and leave a positive review. After reading lots of them, I couldn’t find anyone who actually made actual money with this app.

Most users who rated 1-star said they reached 5,000 but didn’t receive any reward.


Spin to Win Wallet Alternative


There are only a handful of sweepstakes apps and “make-money” games that you can really trust. If my opinion, the most reliable option is the Daily Raffle app, which gives you free tickets for a chance to win $125, $250 and even $1000.

What I like about this app is that it allows participants to check the integrity of prize draws by using an HMAC generator. Therefore, you can rest assured the numbers are randomly generated.

All sweepstakes apps that claim you can withdraw $10 and even $100 via Paypal are a complete waste of time!




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Win Wallet Cash Pay doesn’t provide a genuine opportunity to win cash rewards. Coins are just virtual currency with no real-world value. Don’t waste your time spinning that wheel 1000+ times because you won’t get paid. Unfortunately, you will just watch ads and make the app developer richer in the process. The same applies to the so-called “Lucky” apps. Here is one example.

Verdict: Avoid


Earn a Full-Time Income Online


I know how frustrating it is to use the Spin to Win Wallet cash for hours only to realize they will not transfer the money. I also wasted a lot of time when I was completing paid surveys back in 2015. It’s not nice!

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You can also take advantage of the digital economy by providing value to the internet. If you are prepared to put in the work, sign up for free and get started today!


Final Words

Thanks for your time to read my Spin to Win Wallet Cash app review. I hope it was helpful! If you have questions or thoughts about this app, let me know in the comments box below.

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Stay safe and peace out!

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