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Sort Match App Review – Can You Make $500 By Sorting Objects?

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Welcome to my Sort Match app review!

I have just discovered this peculiar game called Sort Match, which claims you can use virtual cash or coins to redeem instant rewards.

The video shows a simulation that awards hundreds of dollars just for sorting identical objects. I believe if it wasn’t for the opportunity to earn cash rewards, this game would fall into oblivion.

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It doesn’t look promising, but most people are playing it in hopes to receive the payment. If that’s you, I highly recommend you check this review first to understand what is at stake.

Does Sort Match pay? Is it a scam or legit application? I am here to answer some important questions you may have!

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Sort Match App Review 


  • Developer: Jhon Green
  • Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Payout threshold: $300
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


How Does Sort Match Work? 



Sort Match can be downloaded in your Android device through the Play Store. You can start the game immediately as you don’t need to sign up or allow any permissions.


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How to Play Sort Match? 

Sort Match is a simple match game in which you must find and drag the objects to their designated boxes. As you can see from the screenshot below, it’s a complete mess because there are lots of items on top of the other. So, you need to be patient!

playing Sort Match

If you want to save time, you can use bulb (hint) so that Sort Match automatically finds the items for you.

Each box shows the number of missing items. Whenever you store all the objects, a pop-up window with a certain amount of cash will appear on your screen. Tap “collect” and watch a short video to earn virtual dollars.

Among the various objects available, you will find both the PayPal and the Amazon 3D logos. When you fill up the box with the “P” object, you will earn money added to your virtual PayPal balance. Now, when you find all the Amazon logos, the cash will accumulate in your gift card balance.

Sort Match will show you lots of ads, even if you refuse to collect the reward.

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Daily Task

You can earn an extra $5 if you complete daily tasks such as packing 100 boxes, packing 20 Amazon boxes, and passing 5 levels.


Prize Center

As if the cash reward wasn’t tempting enough, Sort Match has a prize center where you can win many physical prizes such as an iPhone 12, iPadAir, Apple Watch, MacBookAir, and more!

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To win a specific product, you must collect enough puzzle pieces of that item by watching videos and playing the Lucky Draw. For example, an iPhone 12 requires 300 puzzles.

Sort Match will ask you to fill in your shipping details and phone number accurately. I wouldn’t provide my number because there is a risk they may use it for marketing.

According to the rules, they will confirm your information within 7 days and process your reward within several days. This indefinite deadline does not convey trust because several days may as well turn into several years. Who knows?


How Do You Get Paid? 

As you already know, there are two cash balances: One for PayPal and the other for Amazon gift card payments. If you select the PayPal option, it says you need to collect $500 to redeem immediately without waiting. Once you get to 500 USD, tap the orange button and fill in your PayPal email.

As for the Amazon gift car, you need to have 300 USD to cash out.


Is the Sort Match App Legit? Does it Pay? 


No. There is no evidence that Sort Match is processing payments or giving those eye-catching prizes. There are many red flags you should be aware of. Here are the most important ones:

  • Unrealistic payouts: You should not expect to earn hundreds of dollars for playing any game. Where is so much money coming from? Even though Sort Match shows you lots of ads, it’s not enough to generate the level of income they suggest.
  • No terms of Service: If the company was giving away prizes, ideally it should provide a document with minute details.
  • Early Access: The game is not complete, which in practice means that players cannot leave their reviews on Google Play.

Sort Match will probably stop rewarding once you are very close to reaching $500. In the beginning, you will get $10 – $14 regularly, but as you keep playing, your earnings drop to just a few cents at a time. This popular ring tossing game behaves similarly! 

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If you are brave enough to play for a long time, you may even cash out, but that’s still a world away from receiving the actual money in your PayPal account.

The collection of puzzle pieces follows a similar pattern. They probably won’t let you collect the last one needed to claim your prize.




Sort Match can help you save time when you feel bored, but you should not expect to get paid. The main problem is the absurd number of adverts.

As you probably know, app developers generate revenue whenever you watch those videos. But unfortunately, they never guarantee that you will withdraw the money you deserve.

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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my Sort Match app review. Did you play this game? How was your experience? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below to enrich the discussion.


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