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Slick CPA Profits Review – Scam or Legit?

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Slick CPA profits reviewArt Flair and his business partner Pallab Ghosal have just released another “make money online” course called Slick CPA Profits.

These guys are claiming this is a new method that turns $5 into 298.10/Day using the CPA (cost per action) model.

Does this method really work? Is Slick CPA Profits a scam or legit?

I purchased the training, and I have no intentions to earn commission promoting it. So, this is my 100% honest and unbiased Slick CPA Profits review.

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Slick CPA Profits Review

  • Product: Slick CPA Profits
  • Website:
  • Price: $7 – $13
  • Owners: Art Flair and Pallab Ghosal


What is Slick CPA Profits?

Slick CPA Profits is being promoted as a case study and step by step training on how to build passive income machines with CPA and an untapped traffic source.

The owner, Art Flair, is an experienced internet marketer and also the author of 6 Minute Profits, Rapid Profit Ninja, Meme Traffic Monster, and many other training programs for sale at

CPA stands for cost per action, and it’s simple to understand. You will get paid when people click on your affiliate links and complete a specific action such as registration, sign-up, etc.

The sale’s page indicates that you won’t need to do any selling, affiliate marketing, product creation or cold calling.

All you have to do is send traffic to specific companies that will pay you for bringing leads to their business.


Pros and Cons


  • There are lots of information for only $7.
  • You will learn both free and paid traffic strategies.


  • Unrealistic expectations.
  • You can lose money with advertising.
  • I didn’t find any case study as promised on the sale’s page.
  • Trying to make money promoting survey platforms can be a real challenge.


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How Does it Work?

Somewhere on the sale’s page, Art Flair decides to talk a little bit about the method.

Here is what he says:

You pick a simple offer.

Perhaps an offer that pays you $5 for getting someone to sign up to a site to make money taking surveys.

You pay $10 for traffic to run to the offer, using my special traffic source.

15 people sign up to the offer.

15 x 5 is $75.You are spending $10 and making $75 back.

Now you can set up as many as you like…

How awesome would that be for you to earn $5 just when someone subscribes to a survey website?

Well, the reality is that this earning figure is utterly unrealistic!

When it comes to promoting CPA offers for survey sites, you usually earn just a small percentage (10-20%) of what your referral earns by taking surveys.


My Experience Promoting an Online Survey Platform

These are my commissions for promoting one survey platform in July:


online survey commissionsAs you can see, around half the people who clicked on my affiliate link registered with the company. Note that all these 56 referrals earned me a total of 638 points, which equals to $6.38.

Divide $6.38 by 56, and we get $0.11 per referral per month.

That’s very far from the $5 Art Flain assumed you would earn.

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Yes, some of your referrals can complete enough surveys and earn you $5+ in commissions, but that is very rare! Most people will complete a few surveys and quit, leaving you with under $1 in commissions.

Now, you can apply Slick CPA Profits in any niche to promote any CPA offer you want. However, the lessons focus on online surveys, which implies that this is a highly profitable niche to dive into.

In fact, it is very profitable when you have lots of free traffic to your pages.


The Traffic Source

Art Flair was right when he said free traffic is too slow. Indeed, lots of high-quality traffic takes months and years to build, so Slick CPA Profits encourages you to pay for Youtube Ads to get instant traffic.

Youtube Ads is awesome IF you have high converting and highly profitable offers.

The problem here is that your low CPA commissions might not cover your Youtube advertising costs, which range from $0.06 to $0.54 per ad view.cost per view on Youtube

What is Included Inside Slick CPA Profits?

The members’ area consists of:

  • 22 video lessons that cover both free and paid traffic strategies.
  • Private access to the Facebook group
  • Support via email
  • Bonuses – Tube Optimizer Wizard (software for Optimizing Videos) and Free Traffic Monster.

Final Thoughts

Slick CPA profits is a legit training that will show you how you how to leverage Youtube ads to promote CPA offers.

However, I don’t think you can make consistent and substantial profits with it. To be honest, I think this is a very risky strategy!

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Well, I was expecting to see a real case study that proves the system works. But there isn’t, and to my disappointment, the lessons didn’t convince me that the method will effectively turn $5 into $300 in passive income.


My Advice to You

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Thanks for reading my Slick CPA Profits review. I hope this helps you make an informed decision. If you have any thoughts or questions about it, feel free to leave a comment below.

Your friend,


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