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Second Income Center – SCAM or LEGIT? Avoid Like The Plague

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Second Income Center reviewSecond Income Center is promising to expose exactly how anyone can make $500 – $1,500 per day online.

If you are struggling to pay the bills or are in a job you hate, you will be tempted to go ahead even if this opportunity seems too good to be true.

Before you even think about clicking the yellow button, I urge you to read my Second Income review below.

Is Second Income Center another scam? What happens if you go ahead and provide your email?

Let’s find out!

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Second Income Center Review

  • Name: Second income Center
  • Website:
  • Founder: Unknown
  • Overall Rating: 0.2/5
  • Recommended? No
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First Impression

I have reviewed hundreds of misleading websites and get-rich-quick schemes on my blog.

These sites spread faster than a plague to the extent that I can’t keep up with all the scams that are created daily.

My first impression of Secon Income Center was not good because it has lots of red flags that are typical of internet scams.

The owner of Second Income Center promises to give you the training and coaching so you can become your own boss and work from home.

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However, there is no information about what you will be doing, and how you are supposed to make money.

There is not even a video presentation!

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Fake Testimonial

If you try to leave the page, you will see a pop up that shows a testimonial of a woman called Melissa Johnson.

She claims that Second Income Center helped her go from zero to 10 grand in only 7 short weeks.

The problem is that Melissa is not the woman you see on that photo,

The photo was actually acquired from a stock photography site called Shutterstock.

So, it’s a fake testimonial!

Here is the proof:

fake testimonial

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What is Second Income Center?

From first glance, I thought Second Income Center was one of those overhyped internet marketing products for sale on Clickbank or Warriorplus.

After digging deeper though, I discovered there is no product directly linked to this website.

Second Income Center is just what we call a “bridge” site that will collect your email address and direct you to different MMO (make money online) sites.

It’s very misleading because they entice you to provide your email with the promise of giving you training and mentorship.

They will collect your email address without providing any value that could help you reach your financial goals.

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How Does it Work? 

After you provide your email and click on “get instant access”, you will get a list of survey sites like Survey Junkie, and other overhyped MMO products.

list of MMO sistes

Download Freecash App 3

As I said, there is no training or any valuable information to build an internet business, so you can’t really earn hundreds of dollars per day with those sites.

Second Income Center also redirects you to another site that has the following call to action:

“Gain Instant Access To This Simple System Which Quickly & Easily Puts $5,000-$10,000 Profit (Per Week) In Your Pockets Like Clockwork!”

There is a 2-minute countdown and another space to provide your email address.

website get rich

After that, they will redirect you to a fake news article that are making some bold claims and enticing you to join a program called Prime Time profits.

fake news article

If you click on any of the links on that page, you will land on the sales page of Prime Time Profits, which is a get-rich-quick type of program.

prime time profits

The spokesperson of that videos tries to convince you that his system can earn you $500 per day. 

You will pay $47 to start, but after you place the order, you will be bombarded with hidden upsells that amount to hundreds of dollars.

This product includes some basic and disappointing internet marketing training and tools.

I have already exposed many similar low-quality products such as CB Wealth, Fast Cash Club, CashFormula, and many others.

Unfortunately, that’s not the end!

Remember you gave them your email address 3 times before you landed on Prime Time Profits’ website.

All these sites have collected your email and will now sell it to an unimaginable number of internet marketers and third-party companies.

As a result, you will receive lots of spam from marketers trying to promote their amazing “make money online” opportunities.

If you trust them, you will end up with a hole in your wallet. 

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Conclusion – Is Second Income Center a Scam? 

Second Income Center is a scam because they are not providing any video or training as advertised.

They are only collecting leads (email addresses) and redirecting people to other websites. Many of these sites are very deceitful!

Don’t give your email or you will start receiving lots of spam in your inbox!

There is no useful information there, only misleading advertising that will ultimately make you waste your precious time and money.

I have seen many so-called “done-for-you” systems in the past, but the truth is that the only people who are making good money are those selling or promoting them.

These sites prey on naive folks and those who don’t have enough information about how the internet works.

They earn commissions by promoting dubios programs and selling your email to third-parties.

Then, you become the prey of other unscrupulous marketers trying to sell you outrageous internet marketing products.

If you don’t want to waste your time, money and patience, avoid Second Income Center like the plague! 


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I hope my Second Income Center review was helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment below.

Stay safe and peace out!

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