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Scratch Cash Review – Fake or Easy Money?

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Welcome to my Scratch Cash review!

A tempting advert for Scratch Cash recently lured me with the prospect of easy money. 

As a nosy blogger, I couldn’t resist downloading it to see if their claims were valid. 

The mastermind behind Scratch Cash didn’t promise wild cash prizes fake games usually do. 

However, just the fact that it doesn’t cost any money to play is enough to be cautious. 

After all, it’s hard to remain profitable when the company relies solely on advertising, especially when sharing revenue with players! 

So, is Scratch Cash legit or fake? Does it transfer the money, or is it bait to exploit your time? 

Let’s find out!

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What is Scratch Cash? 


I bet you thought Scratch Cash was all about scratching free cards to win easy money!

I did, too… But that’s not the case! 

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Well, it turns out scratch-offs are only secondary; the real action comes from downloading and playing sponsored games for vouchers. 

You can later exchange them for PayPal cash after you meet the minimum cashout requirement. 

The company has partnered with a well-known platform called Adjoe to provide a list of game offers. 

So, the more you play those games, the more vouchers you will get! 

Scratch Cash has been installed over 100k times on Google Play and is operated by Mega World Wide.

They have a portfolio of several other money-making apps, including Scratch Cards Pro, which is very similar to Scratch Cash. 


How Does Scratch Cash Work? 


Scratch Cash is available on the Play Store for most Android devices.

I tried installing it on my old Galaxy S8, but unfortunately, it wasn’t compatible. So, I am testing the app on my laptop through BlueStacks. 

As soon as you launch the app, you will find that you must complete all missions to earn real money. 

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The first mission consists of scratching three cards to unlock the first payout of $0.35. 

Every time you scratch a card, you earn coins that cannot be used to redeem rewards. 

Instead, you must collect vouchers represented by a green coin. 

So, after completing your first mission, head to the Payout section, where you can see the $0.35 prize. 

By tapping “Earn,” you will be asked to permit usage tracking so that Scratch Cash can keep track of your gameplay. 

Then, it gives you access to an extensive array of game offers. For example, Tile Garden was paying 822 vouchers per level. 

Simply tap “Play Now” to install the game through the Play Store, which will be available in the Your Apps’ tab. 

It’s important to open the game through this tab so that Scratch Cash can track your playtime correctly. 

Each game can reward you with a maximum number of vouchers. 


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Unlocking Prize Cards

To cash out, you must unlock prize cards by completing the so-called “missions.” 

So, the only purpose of the scratch cards is to earn you enough coins to unlock additional prize cards. 

Some missions also consist of spinning the wheel and playing the lucky card. 

However, it’s worth noting that you can only uncover and redeem bigger prizes once you have claimed the previous one. 

scratch cash payouts

The first payout of $0.35 requires 34425 vouchers, which doesn’t take long to reach. 

Remember that Scratch Cash will ask for facial recognition and a PayPal sign-up to proceed with the payment. 


Is Scratch Cash Legit? Does it Pay? 


I am deeply concerned about Scratch Cash’s ability to deliver the advertised rewards. 

That’s because of the countless complaints that the app receives on the Play Store almost daily. 

While I can’t say for sure that you won’t get paid, there is a significant risk of not receiving payment.

One user could not cash out because the face verification process was stuck in the pending status.

Many complain about errors when trying to cash out, but the company doesn’t address them.

At least, I don’t see any replies to the reviews on the Play Store.

If they don’t bother replying to the online reviews, I suppose their support team may not help you get your money if something goes wrong. 

Another user reported that she was prompted to enter her PayPal password to complete the cash-out. 

The result? She received an email from PayPal warning about unusual activity in her account 10 minutes later.

I also noticed a weird thing that made me even more suspicious! 

Two “people” that rated it 5 stars left the exact same review? Take a look:

review 1

review 2




I don’t recommend Scratch Cash to anyone trying to make money online. 

These guys partner with a third-party offer provider and earn fees based on how long you play their games. 

However, users don’t receive their well-deserved cash prizes for playing them! 

Instead of transferring the money to the users’ PayPal accounts, the developer prefers to keep it as corporate profits. 

The problem is that you are using their playground, which is run by its own rules.  

And if the rule is to prioritize profit over user payouts, they won’t hesitate to ignore your complaints. 


Is there an Alternative to Scratch Cash? 


Sure! There are many applications where you can get paid for playing games. 

One of the most reliable options that reward users per minute of gameplay is JustPlay. Check out my full JustPlay review here! 

mRewards also is a pretty decent application, offering a wide range of earning opportunities, including surveys and offers. Read my mRewards review! 


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Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to read my Scratch Cash review! 

If you want to share your experience with this app, don’t hesitate to comment below. 


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