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Reward Plus Review – Earn $500 By Playing Games? Not Really!

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Welcome to my Reward Plus review!

Looking for an easy way to make money online?

Reward Plus may be on your radar, with the promise of effortless earnings that are hard to resist!

But before you dive into this enticing opportunity, let me share a word of caution.

I stumbled upon this app through an advertisement, which, to my dismay, appeared to be a blatant copy of an ad from a popular app, JustPlay.

The developer has borrowed liberally from the original commercial, featuring a woman in red who confidently proclaimed:

“They pay for you to play their games.”

reward plus advert
reward plus advert

The ad showcased a series of games on the screen, asserting that it pays out every three hours with no minimum cash-out amount.

As if that wasn’t intriguing enough, they went a step further, presenting a PayPal balance boasting a hefty $500.

It’s as if Reward Plus is saying, “Play games, get rich!”

Yet, in the realm of online rewards, the age-old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” rings more accurate than ever.

With so many deceitful applications lurking in the digital wilderness, skepticism is your most valuable ally.

In this review, we embark on a frank exploration of Reward Plus with a critical eye to find whether it’s legitimate or fake.

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Will it truly transfer the promised money, or are users destined to be left empty-handed? Let’s find out!

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Reward Plus Review


  • Name: Reward Plus – Play & Earn
  • Developer: Plus Games Georgia
  • Eligibility: Worldwide – Android
  • Price: Free
  • Payout Threshold: £0.2 (Amazon); £0.8 (PayPal)
  • Overall Rating: 0


What is Reward Plus?


Reward Plus is an Android application that allows users to earn cash rewards by simply playing games.

It partners exclusively with Adjoe, a prominent German platform also featured in other reward apps like Richie Game and HelloCash.

When you open Reward Plus, you’ll find a list of sponsored game offers from the Play Store.

The more you play them, the more coins you collect for each minute of gameplay.

These accumulated coins can be exchanged for cash rewards via PayPal or in the form of Amazon gift cards.

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But unlike what the initial advertisements suggested, there is indeed a minimum requirement to cash out.

This discrepancy between the advertised and actual payout requirements raises doubts about its credibility from the outset.

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How Does Reward Plus Work? 


Reward Plus acts as a mediator between users and the Adjoe platform.

In other words, it connects you with Adjoe and gives you coins for their playtime.

However, it’s crucial to recognize that you are essentially the end consumer in a multi-layered revenue generation chain.

Here’s how it unfolds: when you install and play the games Reward Plus recommends, the app developer earns commissions.

These commissions are derived from Adjoe, which, in turn, earns its share of the profits from the advertisers – the game creators themselves.

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It’s worth noting that advertisers pay Adjoe to promote their games and attract players like you.



Reward Plus is available worldwide to users aged ten and above.

Surprisingly, an app offering real money rewards can legally target such a young audience.


Data Privacy

A concerning aspect of Reward Plus is its lack of data encryption, which is quite a significant security issue.

Data encryption is like a lock and key for your personal information, and without it, your data is essentially left out in the open.

This leaves you vulnerable to potential threats!

Imagine if cybercriminals were to intercept and access your data—your identity, financial information, and more could be compromised.

The consequences could range from financial loss to identity theft and fraudulent activities using your details.



After launching the app, the first step is to register.

You will need to log in using your Google account, as it is the only option available for registration.


Collecting Coins 

To start collecting coins in Reward Plus, follow these steps.

After launching the app, you’ll see a prominently displayed “Earn Money” button on the Dashboard.

Tap this button, and you’ll be directed to the Adjoe platform.

However, before gaining access, you’ll need to accept their Terms of Service.

By clicking “Accept,” you’re essentially giving Adjoe permission to process your data and share it with other providers.

After accepting the terms, you’ll be prompted to enable usage tracking.

This is necessary for Reward Plus to monitor your playtime accurately and reward you with coins accordingly.

Tap “Activate now” and toggle “Allow Usage Tracking” to enable this feature.

Once usage tracking is enabled, you’ll gain access to the sponsored games.

reward plus games

The app will display how many coins you can earn per minute of gameplay, as well as the total coins you can accumulate.

To earn coins, tap “Play Now” and install the game from the Play Store.

Once the game is installed, launch it through the “My Apps” tab within Reward Plus.

In the UK, where I’m testing Reward Plus, there are currently only three games available, awarding 12,000, 20,000, and 26,000 coins.

It’s worth noting that the value of 1,000 coins is approximately £0.05.


Completing Surveys

Reward Plus has extended its earning opportunities beyond just playing games.

The app has partnered with marketing research companies to provide users with the option to participate in surveys.

By sharing your opinions and insights with these survey providers, you can earn coins worth a few cents.

However, it’s important to note that the availability of the survey option may vary depending on your country.

In the UK, for instance, the survey option is currently disabled, so I couldn’t personally test or review this feature.


Withdrawing Funds

Reward Plus offers two payment methods: PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

However, there are specific minimum requirements for each.

For PayPal, you’ll need a minimum of 14,000 coins, which converts to approximately £0.8.

If you prefer Amazon gift cards, the minimum requirement is 3,000 coins, equivalent to £0.2.

Therefore, it takes a significant amount of time to accumulate enough coins to redeem a small cash reward.


Reward Plus Legit? Does it Pay? 


I wouldn’t outright call Reward Plus a scam, but man, trying to make money there is like rolling the dice!

The truth behind this application is a bit of a mixed bag.

While some users have reported receiving their modest payments and consider it legit, there is a growing number of complaints.

For instance, there have been reports of users facing issues when trying to cash out their earnings.

One user claimed they received an error message when trying to cash out $2.50, stating that they had used too many devices to earn coins.

However, they insisted they had only used a single phone.

Another frustration for users is that the app only provides surveys instead of games.

Moreover, there have been cases where the person attempted multiple surveys without qualifying for any.

All these issues have led some to label the app as a complete waste of time.

Another common issue is regarding the verification code required to receive payments.

In one user’s experience, they had gathered enough points to cash out a $5 Amazon gift card.

However, when they attempted to receive their payment, the app asked for their phone number to send a verification code.

But unfortunately, no verification code was received, leaving them unable to cash out.

It’s worth noting that Reward Plus has restricted some users’ accounts for allegedly violating their terms of service.

This is a common issue in many reward platforms.

However, it’s essential to know that this situation can leave users in a difficult position.

One prevalent concern is that some platforms use these “violations” as an excuse to withhold payments, even when users are innocent.

Ultimately, it’s your word against theirs, and there is nothing you can do to change their minds.




Reward Plus is advertised as an easy way to earn cash online.

But let’s set the record straight: while you can make some money, it’s nowhere near the hundreds of dollars the ads suggest.

The opportunities to collect coins within the app are limited, and there’s no referral program to amplify your earnings.

While reaching the low payout threshold is achievable in a few hours, cashing out has its challenges.

Users have reported issues with verification codes, and some accounts were restricted without clear reasons.

Following my experience and many user complaints, I don’t think Reward Plus is worth the time or effort.

There are far more reliable and efficient platforms available for those serious about earning online.

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Final Words

I hope you enjoyed my Reward Plus review and found some helpful insights.

Got questions or thoughts about the app? If so, feel free to drop a comment below.


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