Pusher For Cash App Review – Is it Legit or What? Doe it Pay?

pusher for cash app reviewWelcome to my Pusher For Cash app review!

You are here because you found an opportunity to win hundreds of dollars with an application called Pusher for cash.

Chances are you already spent a few hours on this game only to realize something went wrong!

Pusher for Cash is another coin dozer game where you push dimes off the front edge and collect virtual cash.

All you have to tap the screen and reach the magic $300 in order to withdraw the money via PayPal.

If this is true, then you have found the easiest way to make money online! But of course, you are skeptical and wondering if Pusher for Cash is legit or a fake money game.

Does it pay or not? Read on to find out!

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Pusher For Cash App Review


  • Name: Pusher for Cash: Lucky 2021 (Early Access)
  • Developer: Merge game LLC
  • Membership Eligibility: Worldwide
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 1 star


What is Pusher for Cash?


Pusher for Cash is another coin pusher simulator where you supposedly get paid by pushing dimes off the board.

The game dishes out different amount of $0.01 up to $2 every time a coin fall off the front edge.


It’s crazy to see your cash balance growing fast, and it may feel you are dreaming and you don’t want to wake up.

Pusher for Cash also features a slot machine gets triggered when a dime falls into the orange box (slot box). As a result, you collect more virtual items redeemable for cash rewards.


How Does Pusher for Cash Work?



Pusher for Cash works worldwide and is available for free on Google play. After installing the application, players go through a quick tutorial before the game starts.

The game is Pegi 12, meaning that it’s considered somehow harmful for individuals over 12. In my opinion, the classification of this game should be 18 once it involves making money and may cause serious addiction.


How to Play Pusher for Cash?

Simply tap the black to drop coins on the platform and push dimes off the front edge. You start with 40 dimes, but you get a new one every 6 seconds.

When green and yellow coins fall, you will get virtual dollars and tokens, respectively.

pusher for cash gameplay

Just be aware that the amount of cash you see on the green dime is worth 100 times less. So, a $10 coin is actually worth only 10 cents!

Unlike Coin Pusher+, Pusher For Cash won’t give you a random cash coupons while playing. However, you can activate the slot machine and earn virtual items by dropping the coin into the slot box.

If you match 3 symbols, you will collect fruits, coins and cash rolls. You also get the chance to match 777 and win $777 via PayPal. 

Whenever you run out of coins, they entice you to watch a video ad or spend $50 from your cash balance to get 40 coins.


Use the “shake” tool to push the items faster or build the “Wall” to prevent items from slipping sideways.

There is also a special event in which you can earn real money by collecting 5, 10 and 15 cash rolls.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to collect virtual dollars with Pusher for Cash and redeem faster.

I splayed the game and reached $300 during the first 15 minutes of gameplay.


How do You Get Paid? 

There are many ways to request your payment through the Pusher for Cash app. The primary strategy is to collect a specific amount of cash to withdraw via PayPal or Cash app.

The minimum payout threshold is $300, but you can also redeem $500, $800, $1200 or 2000.

You can cash out $500 if you accumulate 5,000,000 tokens (yellow coins) and $10,000 if you collect 36 fruits.

Also, there is another prize of $777 for those lucky players who match 777 in the slot machine.

redeem options


Is Pusher for Cash Legit? Does it Pay? 


No, Pusher For Cash won’t transfer any money to your PayPal or Cash app account. It’s easy to understand why the rewards are completely fake.

I just watched 5 or 6 ads before reaching $300, so it’s safe to assume the company didn’t even make $3 from advertising.


How on earth would they pay $300 to everyone who fulfills the requirement in this game? The business would fail instantly because the developer would never have the money to pay the first player.

After you collect $300 and input your PayPal email address, your request will stay as “checking” and you need to wait for 7 days. 

After the time is up, they take a card under their sleeve by saying you can only get paid if you collect 30 fruits. 

But here is the catch: The last fruit is unattainable, so you will get stuck at 29! They make people wait for a week, only to get them to play for longer and cash out higher amounts.

In the meantime, you would probably have played for many hours and watched hundreds of sponsored videos. All that for nothing!




Thousands of people in four corners of the world are playing Pusher For Cash with the expectation to win the cash prizes.

Unfortunately, this coin pusher simulation does not offer real money, and you will just waste your time.

The game is very addictive since the prizes are incredibly appealing. Indeed, you will reach $300 in less than 15 minutes and perhaps $2000 in a few hours. 

Make no mistake. You won’t get paid!


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Final Words







Final Words

Thanks for taking the time to read my Coin Pusher+ app review.  If you have any questions about this game, let me know in the comment box below! 😉

Stay safe and peace out!


10 thoughts on “Pusher For Cash App Review – Is it Legit or What? Doe it Pay?”

  1. If this game is so BAD!!! Who do we talk to cause I just cashed out on $2000 and it said 7 business days and it’s day 2 so can we like sue for false advertisement or something

  2. Nathan P Conklin

    Ok the game says cash out. I have hit cash out on 300$ and the $500 to my cash app , now says wait 7 business days. what I need to know is: will it be on my card when I get to in the mail? Please respond back to me it said it pays you…

    1. Hi Nathan, no… it won’t be in your PayPal account. The developer cannot afford to pay users who reach the requirements. So, don’t waste your time with Pusher for Cash unless you just play for fun.

  3. I’m at 36 fruits and before, I couldn’t cash out my money. so I think it is fake game pusher for cash app and I wouldn’t recommend it. it’s made me so mad because I’ve been playing it for a while now and I still can’t cash out on no level. it’s getting me nowhere and I watch every one of their adverts.


  5. wifi sucking game
    the developers seems so poor; they don’t have money to pay us so don’t waste your data just to watch their stupid ads

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