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PrivaDroid App Review – Is it Legit? Can You Make $10 USD?

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Welcome to my PrivaDroid app review!

I was browsing Instagram a few days ago when I saw an advertisement about this app called PrivaDroid.

The app developers promised to pay you $10 for installing their mobile application and keeping it for 30 days!

In this brief review, I will explain how PrivaDroid works and give you my honest opinion about it.

Is it a scam or a legit app? Will you get paid?

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PrivaDroid App Review

  • Name: PrivaDroid
  • Developers: UofT Android Privacy Team
  • Earning Potential: $10 USD
  • Payment methods: PayPal
  • Price: Free
  • Overall Rating: 4/5
  • Recommended? Yes


What is PrivaDroid?

PrivaDroid is an android application developed by the Android Privacy Team from the University of Toronto (UofT).

The team created Privadroid to study the decisions people make when installing and uninstalling mobile applications.

They are also interested in learning about people’s behavior when answering permission requests.

If you want to participate in the study, they encourage you to install the app and answer quick surveys for 30 days.

At the end of the experiment, you will receive $10 via PayPal.

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Who is PrivaDroid App For?

The opportunity is available for participants over 18 years old and residents of the following countries:

The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, France, India, South Korea, Hong Kong, Argentina, South Africa, and Singapore.

You can also join even if you are not from one of these countries, but you will not get paid.

If you try to use PrivaDroid from another country, you will get a message saying that you are not eligible for the reward.

eligiable countries


Is PrivaDroid a Scam?

No, it isn’t. PrivaDroid is a legitimate app run by a reputable institution.

After reading lots of reviews on Google Play, I noticed that lots of people get paid with no issues.

positive review about privaDroid

The problem is that I also found some participants complaining about missing payments.

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complaint about Privadroid

I suspect some of them have joined from an ineligible country.

But in most cases, I think the payment was simply delayed or missed by mistake.

So, before installing the Privadroid app, make sure your country is on the list.

If your country is eligible for the reward, and you are still waiting for over 1 week, email the team at


How Does PrivaDroid App Work?

How to Participate

After installing Privadroid, the first step is to allow app usage and accessibility services.

The app usage access allows Privadroid to track what other apps you are using and how often.

As for the accessibility service, it’s required when the Privadroid needs to read the permission name and whether you deny or grant permission from an app.

Next, you must answer a few demographic questions (age, gender, country, income level, and job industry).

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demographic survey

They will only collect anonymous data from you except for your Google Advertising ID.

Besides, the research team promise they will not share your answer with any third-party.


What is Required from You?

You must keep the Privadroid app running in the background for 30 days.

Then, it may trigger a short survey right before installing or uninstalling an application.

For example, they may ask why you are installing a specific app and which factors influenced your decision.

Here is one survey example:

survey sample

Sometimes, questions will also show up during a permission request.

If you keep PrivaDroid app installed and complete all the surveys during the entire period, you will receive 10 USD.

Unfortunately, your participation will end after 30 days, and you will not get paid after this period.


How Will You Get Paid?

After the 30-day experiment, you will receive the 10 USD reward via PayPal.

There is no other payment method available.

Usually, the money will be transferred within 2 or 3 business days, but some people had to wait for a few weeks.


What do Participants Think About PrivaDroid App?

Most people rate PrivaDroid 5 stars and report receiving the payment as promised.

But as I said, there are people complaining about payments, so I don’t think there is any guarantee that you will cash out.

The main problem with this app is that it drains your battery very quickly.

Someone claimed that the app was consuming one-third of the battery.

I hope the developers improve this inconvenient aspect



Privadroid is a legit opportunity to earn an extra 10 USD from your phone.

Just keep in mind that the app in its current form is consuming a lot of battery. So, I recommend using it on an old device if you have one.

You cannot make more than 10 USD and

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Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read my PrivaDroid app review. I hope it was a helpful and enjoyable read.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comment box below.

All the best


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