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Pop Animal Party App Review – Is it Legit? Win $1000?

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Welcome to my Pop Animal Party app review!

I bet you are playing Pop Animal Party because you saw an advertising about making real money with this game.

It’s incredibly tempting, especially for those who are in debt or need to put food on the table.

Since 2018, I have witnessed countless money-making apps flood the Play and Apple Store.

Nowadays, most of them take the form of mobile games that enticed players with big cash rewards. It’s sickening to say the least!

I writing this post not only to warn you about Pop Animal Party but many other “money games” you may encounter. The reason is that they all behave the same way!

Is Pop Animal Party legit or fake? Does it pay or not? Read on since your time and mobile data are at stake here!

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Pop Animal Party App Review


  • Full Name: Pop Animal Party
  • Developer: davidliuppp
  • Payout Threshold: $1,000
  • Price: Free (VIP membership available for £5.49 – £8.99)
  • Overall Rating: 1/5


What is Pop Animal Party?


Pop Animal Party is another match puzzle game offering real money for players who fulfill specific requirements.

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It’s all about tapping identical animals to collect virtual PayPal cards.

The company behind this app also operates two other popular apps called Money Dogs and Pop Diamonds. The second one is almost identical to Pop Animal Party.


How Does Pop Animal Party Work?


Pop Animal Party is available worldwide for Android users and is free to play. However, there is a weekly VIP subscription that allows you to play with no adverts.

After launching the game, you will get a check-in bonus of $20. Check-in for another 6 days to receive larger amounts.


How to Play Pop Animal Party?

Just tap two or more identical animals (blocks) to eliminate them. The more symbols you destroy at once, the higher your score.


The goal is to eliminate as many animals as possible to maximize your score and reach the target. It gets harder and harder after each level.

As you eliminate the animals, a virtual PayPal or Amazon card will pop-up on your screen with a specific cash amount.

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At first, you will get frequent prizes of over $100, but you will notice a steady drop at higher levels.

You must tap “collect” and watch the video to add the money into your PayPal or Amazon balance.

Use the following props to get some help:

  • Hammer: Choose a block to destroy.
  • Brush: Choose a block to change its color.
  • Transposition: Transpose all the blocks.
  • Meteor: Randomly destroy 5 animals.


How do You Cash Out?

Pop Animal Party claims that all the money you get in the next 24 hours will be transferred to your phone account. You can also cash out once you collect 1000.

They ask you to input your real phone number to receive the PayPal payment, which raises a big red flag.

The reason is that companies can only transfer money using a PayPal email, not a phone number! So, the fact Pop Animal Party asks for your phone instead of your email is very suspicious!

Once you collect $1,000 and try to cash out, Pop Animal Party will add another requirement, which consists of watching 40 videos to activate the order.

It’s easy to understand why they want you to play more and watch more videos. The more adverts appear on your screen, the more revenue the developers make!

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Earn an iPhone 12

Money is not the only bait used to get people to watch videos. The app supposedly gives away iPhones 12 for those who collect 100 puzzles.

In order to collect puzzles, they enticed users to sign in every single day, and of course, watch videos.


Is Pop Animal Party Legit? Does it Pay?


Pop Animal Party will not pay you regardless of your commitment to the game.

The developer promises to transfer the money within 24 hours if you watch all the 40 adverts. But after the countdown is over, I guarantee there will be no transaction in your PayPal account.

I hope you grasp how this business works here, because that will help you avoid other games and save you a lot of time.

These games persuade people to play and watch videos by promoting the possibility of cashing out. They set a target and say that if you reach their requirement, they will transfer the money to your account.

As a result, players end up playing for much longer, thus increasing the company’s ad revenue.


Is There an Alternative to Pop Animal Party?


Yes, there is! Toy Town is another puzzle block game where players collect tickets for a chance to win regular prizes of over $3,000.

Sadly, the odds of winning are incredibly low since they select only one winner among millions of users. So, don’t get your hopes high because it’s almost impossible to win!

But here is the solution: You can store your tickets in the vault and exchange them for cash once you reach £10. Just be aware that payments are not guaranteed.




I suggest you refrain from playing Pop Animal Party because the developer does not pay out!

It’s so frustrating to realize there is no money to be made with this type of game. I hope you didn’t waste so much time with it, but if you did, don’t beat yourself up.

We are all learning new things day by day, so take it as a lesson and turn the page. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

No game developer is earning so much money to be able to transfer $1,000 for every single player. This is simply impossible, considering each advert pays them cents of the dollar.

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Final Words

Thank you for reading my Pop Animal Party app review. Did you play enough to cash out? What are your thoughts about this game? Please share with us in the comment box below.


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