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Is Pollpass a Scam? Can You Get Paid to Chat With a Bot?

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pollpass reviewPollpass claims to offer a new way of taking online surveys for some extra money. But can you really trust Pollpass? Is it a scam or legit opportunity?

Read my review below to find out!

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Pollpass Review

  • Name: Pollpass
  • Website:
  • Type: Online Surveys
  • Price: Free to join
  • Overall Rating: 3.6/5


What is Pollpass?

Pollpass is a survey rewards platform where members get paid to share their opinions.

Different from traditional survey sites, the questions are presented to you in the form of an interactive chat by the Pollpass bot.

Whenever you answer a question, you will earn points that you can exchange later for PayPal or gift cards.


Is Pollpass a Scam? 

No. Pollpass is owned and operated by a reputable marketing research called GWI Labs Limited.

There are many positive user reviews on the internet, so I assume it’s a legit and trusted website.


Pros and Cons


  • More interactive and fun than the traditional surveys – it’s like having a conversation!
  • Earn points right after answering each question – You can stop responding at any time, and you won’t lose your credits.
  • Unlike most survey sites, there are no pre-qualification questions.


  • Low earnings.
  • Like many survey and reward sites, Pollpass has the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time and at their convenience.
  • There is no referral program – You can’t earn commissions for inviting other people.


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Registering with Pollpass is free and straightforward. You can sign up using your Google, Facebook or email account.

Although Pollpass still doesn’t have an app available, you can answer questions and collect points from your mobile.


Profiling Questions

After registration, Pollpass bot will start engaging with you straight away, asking basic questions about your gender, marital status, location, education, income, etc.

This information will be used to match you will surveys that require specific requirements.

For example, a marketing study may only be interested in hearing the opinions of women between 20-30 years old.

The good news is, you will get paid for answering these initial questions!


Earning Credits

Just like Paidviewpoint, Pollpass will give you credits after answering each question, and you won’t get screened out.

This is very important because most survey sites collect a lot of information from you and then say you are not a good fit. They make you waste a lot of your time and energy!

With Pollpass, you will earn 9-10 credits per question, which equals to $0.009 – $0.01 (1000 credits = $1).

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Therefore, you will reach $1 after approximately 100 questions, which probably take 10-15 minutes.

This is how the “conversion” looks like:

pollpass chat


Cash Out

You will redeem your credits for PayPal or Amazon vouchers when you reach a minimum of 3000 credits, which is worth $3.

The minimum used to be 5000 credits, but they lowered that requirement as you can see in the screenshot below:



How Much Money Can You Make?

Some people are able to reach $5 pretty fast!

Questions are abundant in the beginning but unfortunately, they start to dry out after the first or second cashout. That’s when you must wait for more questions to come.

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Unfortunately, Pollpass won’t send you an email when new questions are available, so you have to check every day.


What Other People Are Saying?

Some people claimed they had problems with their accounts, but I believe those were isolated cases.

From my research, most members seem to have a great experience with Pollpass, although they wish they had more questions to earn more.


Conclusion – Is Pollpass a Scam?

Pollpass is an interesting survey site that pays you to chat with the Pollpass bot and share your opinions. It’s definitely not a scam!

In my opinion, the best thing about Pollpass is that there are no pre-qualification questions. It’s good to know you will get paid for answering all the questions without the risk of getting screened-out.

However, the company can terminate your account at their sole discretion. I suppose this not a common practice, but there are no guarantees you will get paid.

Another excellent reward site you can use to earn more pocket money is called Prizerebel. You can make money not only with surveys but also offers, videos, and other simple tasks.

Verdict: Legit


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So, have you tried Pollpass? What do you think about it? Feel free to share your thoughts below! 🙂

Stay safe and peace out!

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