1. Great review – I tried surveys in the past and got bombarded with emails – I suggest opening up a throw away account for email if you are going to do surveys! Congrats on hitting your $1000 a month goal – that is awesome!

  2. Hey Stefan,

    I had no idea what Oh My Dosh was about. Thanks for all interesting info.

    This may be a good opportunity for teenagers that are always looking for some bucks to spend with their friends.

    But honestly, for adults, I believe that instead of spending precious time to earn very little money, one should look for ways to learn a new skill set that will lead to a higher income.

    The #1 recommendation you mentioned is probably something on this terms.

    Thanks again.

  3. Great review, I live in the US so I have ever seen this site here. We do have things that pay you to take online surveys but you have to qualify for each survey first. Then some can take quite a long time and you end up not making hardly any money for your time.

  4. Awesome,i live in nigeria i’ve been looking for somthing like this but i see i found one, about this wealthyaffliate i seem not to supoort my loction?

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