Is CB Passive Income 3.0 a Scam? Enough of Confusion!

is CB Passive Income 3.0 a scamImagine if you had an entirely automated system to make money online! That’s what Patric Chan is promising to you. So, is CB Passive Income 3.0 a Scam or legit?

Find out the truth withing my review below.

As you will see, Patric’s system doesn’t live up to its promises. If you want to learn about the strategy I am using to make $500/month (and growing), check out my #1 recommendation.


CB Passive Income 3.0 Review

  •  Product Name: CB Passive Income 3.0
  • Website:
  • Price : $37 ( monthly payment) or $97 (one time payment) 
  • Business Type: Internet Marketing
  • Owner: Patric Chan
  • Recommended? NO
  • [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”] 2.2/5


What is CB Passive Income? 

CB Passive Income 3.0 is a product aimed at generating an income mainly through email marketing.

The owner, Patric Chan, uses the principles of affiliate marketing, which is a legit and great method to make money online.

However, the way he is promoting his product makes people believe he created an innovative way to succeed online without too much effort.

Unfortunately, many people buy into this idea and end up very frustrated once they realize it’s not as easy as they thought it would be. Even worse, they end up losing faith in internet marketing altogether.



How Does it Work?

Patric states that he has created a unique software that generates a unique link (affiliate link). When someone clicks this link, it directs the person to what he calls a secret web page, which in fact is a simple subscription page.

This page, also known as a squeeze page or opt-in page, is used to entice people by providing a marketing software, training courses and reports for free.

This is an example of Patric’s secret page:

The Squeeze Page

By submitting an email account in this squeeze page, your subscribers will have access the gift entitled Operation Quick Money.

It includes a very basic training on how to earn money online and the “valuable” software (a simple APP) named APP Offer Finder. This APP searches for profitable Clickbank affiliate programs.

The Clickbank Produt Finder

The system will then keep sending reports and promotional emails of ClickBank products (including CB Passive Income) with your affiliate link attached to your subscribers.

If someone clicks it and buys a product, you earn 50% commission on the sale.


Only One Simple Task  

Patric says that building an online business on your own from scratch is tough and time-consuming. Thus, he is trying to convince people that his system does all the heavy lifting!

The reason why he does that is simply to make you buy his affiliate marketing system. Here is a list of all the things Patric says you won’t need to do:

Screenshot - you don't need to do anything except for one simple task

The squeeze pages, free “gifts” and the recurring emails (email marketing) will all be done for you.

But, there will be only one simple, straightforward, elementary task for you to accomplish.

Your task is to promote the squeeze page to build a list of subscribers. Wait a minute, this is not so simple as he wants you to believe!

He doesn’t provide any information as to how you are supposed to do that. He only says he will give training on how to get traffic.


Who Works for Whom? 

A website is a strong foundation for any online business. When you provide valuable and helpful content, you can attract visitors from all over the world and build trust.

Now, in Patric’s system, the website creation is neglected in the first moment when he is selling the idea of easy money for you. At the beginning of his talk, it looked like everything would be taken care of.

Take a look at this statement:

And you don’t need to do any work at all, because I AM WORKING FOR YOU, for free.
It’s like having me create content for you, do all of the marketing for you and continue to think of ways how you can make even MORE money.

According to him, there would be no need to write content and even learn internet marketing.

However, the training itself is focused on the same internet marketing techniques he said you wouldn’t need.

In fact, one of the bonuses of The CB Passive Income License Program 3.0 is actually training on search engine optimization for your website.

Now, read the statement below:

Imagine if I have just 10 additional students who can create a new passive income system for me to use too – I’ve just added another 10 new income streams, without doing any work at all.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as “work for you” system in internet marketing. YOU are the one who has to work hard to earn YOUR passive income.


The Training 

The training includes video tutorials and ebooks that cover some techniques used in internet marketing. The training taps into the following topics:

  • Video Marketing (Youtube)
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Google +, Tweeter)
  • Forum marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search engine optimization (use of keywords and Google ranking factors)
  • Paid Advertising
  • Other methods such as guest blogging, viral reports, StumbleUpon and Squidoo.

There is a lot of training inside, but they are quite basic. The lack of instant support is also another negative point. You can only request it by email, and there is no community to provide instant help or feedback.


The Price

There are two options:

  1. The monthly option – $37
  2. The one-time investment option – $97

There is an option to try the system for $1. You can try it for 14 days, and after that, you will be automatically be charged $37 monthly.


My Final Opinion 

CB Passive Income tries to grab the attention of newbies by promising an easy job. The system consists of squeeze pages, training, and an APP given as a freebie to attract subscribers.

The problem is that the owner neglects the hard work involved in getting significant traffic.

Finally, I just would like to highlight that there is no easy road to success. However, if you feel comfortable writing helpful articles for your website, you will be able to get traffic and make sales.

It is only a matter of time and perseverance.

Verdict: Not Recommended 

My #1 Recommendation

If you want to build an online business, I suggest you check out my No.1 recommended platform.

They will give you in-depth training, excellent support and all the tools you need without charging you an arm and a leg.

In fact, they have a free account that allows you to take a peek at the member’s area and see how everything works without spending a dime.

I was a complete newbie 2 years ago, but after watching all the lessons and taking massive action, I built a website that is now generating over $900/mo in affiliate commissions.

Click the link below if you want to learn more about it.

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Do you have any experience with CB Passive Income? What do you think about Patric’s so-called automated system? You can leave your comments or any questions below! Thanks for reading this review! I hope it was helpful.

Your Friend,


PS. This review is based on my own opinion and experiences with the product.

21 thoughts on “Is CB Passive Income 3.0 a Scam? Enough of Confusion!”

  1. Hi Stefan,

    There is no such thing as easy money or overnight millionaire schemes, nobody works for free and no, you can’t get everything for nothing.

    Take Care,

    1. Hi EvaMany, There is no easy road to success! One must fight like a warrior to achieve incredible results in any endeavor.

  2. As soon as people realize they are not making any money with a system like this they immediately blame the entire process of affiliate marketing when in reality affiliate marketing is a great way to make money if you put the work into it. Thanks for posting this review.

    1. Thanks James! I really hope people become more aware of programs that don’t offer a realistic approach to internet marketing. You are right and I think the process of writing reviews is really important to open people’s eyes to those bad programs and to offer decent alternatives. It it wasn’t for those reviews I would have lost some much money that I don’t even wanna think. Thanks for your comment

  3. Great review! From your review I know another “get rich quick” program to avoid. I absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate and have had some great success with it. I agree with you that there is no easy road to success and it’s a shame that some try to convince people otherwise. Thanks for the review!

    1. The best value for money is found with wealthy affiliate, that is for sure. And what is the beast is that you can try it for free. thanks for your commentStefan

  4. Thanks AlanYes! When I first started looking for ways to earn money online, I was really skeptical to dive deeper into this whole new world of internet marketing. So I never tried something with true potential. I only tried online surveys because they are free to join. The problem is that by doing online surveys, I was wasting too much time for pennies, and this situation disheartened me… I don’t consider CB Passive income a Scam. The problem is that the owner is not clear about the process of driving traffic to the squeeze pages. In my opinion, one task is not near enough to build a successful online business.

  5. Love the name of this site!

    Hi Stefan,

    I thoroughly and completely enjoyed reading your honest review of Patric Chan’s passive income 3.0. There is a lot more to online marketing that what he is promoting and saying.

  6. Hi Stefan,

    Great review you have really nailed this. I saw this product a while ago and he reminded me of a typical guru.

    They make it all sound so easy and push button and all you have to do is get traffic… that’s the hardest part! You’ll be stuck using traffic exchanges or solo ads and all that other bottom of the barrel crap or be paying to promote this system.

    1. Being successful as an internet marketer requires strong commitment. You have to spend many hours dedicated to your website and your visitors on a daily basis. Trust is really important to build over time, both for readers and Google.

      Every serious internet marketer knows that creating content is crucial, and relying on paid traffic is now smart for beginners. It is not possible to buy these ready-made formulas and expect the money to come out of nowhere.

  7. Hi Alexey. there is simply no shortcut. Traffic is not that simple to get. in fact, this is one of the biggest challenges for every internet marketer. There is no point having an autoresponder, crafted emails and other shallow content if nobody find all those stuff in the first place. In order to get a decent traffic, one must build a trustworthy website and offer loads of valuable and unique content. Therefore, it takes time and strong commitment.

  8. Hi Stefan

    I do not see the use of cloning someone else’s system to make money online because you do not learn anything.

    It is just not worth it.

  9. Hi Stefan, nice to meet you! Found your site via WA!
    So, you were reviewing this CB Passive Income, ok, I’ll take note and don’t fall for them!
    As taught in WA, if we found something “too good to be true”, most probably it’s a SCAM! But, as there are still so many greedy people out there who thought that they don’t even need to work their “butt” to get “rich”, these kind of syndicate will not perish!
    Anyway, great, detailed and convincing review! Good job! 😀

    1. Hi VicThere are many people out there who still believe it is possible to money without work on the internet. It is true that the internet offers the possibility for anyone to make real money at home, but the competition is high and you have to stand out. The only sensible way is to offer high-quality content on a consistent basis and be rewarded by Google with high rankings. I after writing 40 thourough articles and achieving some great positions on the first page of Google, I can see now that my traffic is much higher than before. How did I achieve these positions? I did my research and I wrote these articles with passion! If I want to make money online, one must consider this as a proper job and as such, they need to work hard for it! It really pays off! Thanks for your comment !

  10. Hi Chris, the process of making money online is not complicated but it requires commitment and it takes time.

  11. Hi Tim! You’re welcome! Check my previous articles. I have reviewed many programs already but nothing compares to this training in affiliate marketing. It has helped me create a high traffic website, earn awesome commissions, and network with thousands of other successful internet marketers.All the bestStefan

  12. Thanks for this in deth review on CB Passive income – I’d heard whispers about it but I was unsure of it’s content overall. I do find the pricing structure a little strange – why pay $37 a month if you can get the whole deal for one payment of just under a hundred – have I got this bit right or have I confused it all?

  13. I use the pssive income system. I am making money off it. I thought it had some valuabe training in it. I also tried wealthy affiliate. It had a 7 day trial that i shot through. Wa sets you up with a website that runs wordpress. After your trial your kind of forced to pay a high monthy price for nothing… Plus have to pay monthly hosring and domain name. Wa training is geared towards seo witch takes a long time to learn. You end up waisting hours and hours writting articlesand get no traffic with seo. You need too know that unless you had a website for years… You wont compete with sites that have been established. I think training was incomplete. Also… After throwing in the towell with site rubix website you will have a hard time cuz it has no cpanes… You will get no help about moving your site. Wa is a trap.

    1. You don’t need to pay extra for hosting as WA’s hosting is included in the membership. The only thing extra you need to pay is your domain name, which is only around $10/YEAR.

      High monthly price for nothing? What about:

      -High-quality hosting?
      -24/7 community/technical support?
      -Weekly live webinar?
      -Hundreds of tutorials on everything you can imagine regarding WordPress, SEO, and online business?

      Search around, and you will find 99.9% of customer satisfaction.

      Now, you can’t blame Wealthy Affiliate because you didn’t get good results with your business. WA gives you all the relevant knowledge and tools to achieve success and there are many successful stories. It’s definitely not a trap.

      You’re right, WA is geared towards SEO, and it does take time! However, it’s the safest strategy to build and grow a long-term business.

      There is a huge demand for information on the internet and the competition doesn’t matter much if you build a website rich in quality content. It takes time to gain trust from Google, and WA is clear about it from the beginning.

      It’s hard to rank when your site is not well established, that’s correct! So, you NEED to get it well established to start getting traffic and sales.

      Still, I prefer this method because I know it’s safe and sustainable.

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